Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough

State: Ongoing

Author: PurpleSpring

Tags: #adventure #action #slice_of_life #martial_arts


Within a¬†quiet and majestic pavilion, Xuan Hao slowly opened his eyes bewildered, time passed and he¬†had quietly come to¬†terms with his situation. He¬†had transmigrated into a¬†fantasy world as¬†an¬†elder of¬†the Flying Sword Sect.He¬†was even an¬†expert at¬†the Nascent Soul Realm, who had the power to¬†easily destory an¬†entire city with a¬†wave of¬†his hand.Most importantly, he¬†had a¬†system, but it¬†kept wanting him to¬†train up¬†disciples.¬ęWhat¬†now! I¬†already trained up¬†a¬†few Celestial Immortals, what more do¬†you want out of¬†me? Can‚Äôt you just give me¬†some random cultivation method that magically allows my¬†disciples to¬†become immortals within a¬†few weeks?¬Ľ[Have 4 disciples achieve godhood][Reward: Cultivation Increase of¬†1 major realm]¬ę‚Ķ¬Ľ

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