The Bloodline System - Chapter 1002 Gisodinym Uses A Familiar Ability

Chapter 1002 Gisodinym Uses A Familiar Ability

Chapter 1002 Gisodinym Uses A Familiar Ability

Swwhiiii! Shwwhhiii! Swhhiii! Swwwhhii!!

The four tails of the creature came swinging at them in the next instant and with both of them being preoccupied with what they were doing, there was no way to stop this.

Suddenly a muscular lady in orange patterned MBO uniform appeared from above.


She screamed out as she unleashed two fists covered my ma.s.sive metallic gauntlets while falling from the air.


She slammed into the first tail and propelled herself up with a metallic board that just appeared in mid air.

Bang! Bang! Bam!

She moved extremely quickly, leaping from place to place as she punched the tails of the Gisodinym away.

It sounded like metal was colliding with another metal as her smooth black metallic gauntlets slammed into Gisodinym tails.

After the crisis had been averted, Gustav's body ttransformed into that of a mixture between the Demonic Bunny and the mutated Boar.

This wasn't with the power of combination as Gustav could combine two of his transformations without having to use them.

His arms budged intensely as his muscles expanded. He forcefully pushed the atomic sword deeper into the creature as he also expanded it.

"Kyaaaahhhhhhhh!" He yelled out as he pushed forward while Gradier Xanatus restrained the second arm and the officer that had just arrived dealt with the tails.

Gustav was increasing the atomic sword size to the extent that it had already stabbed more than halfway through the joint area of Gisodinym and it would completely cut through in a little more time.

Gisodinym growled with a loud voice as he got tired of these disturbances while also feeling that this bunch were about to deal great damage like the insect earlier.

The ma.s.sive diamond shaped golden colored item embedded in its chest area suddenly glowed up.

"It's about to use it... Disengage!" Gradier Xanatus yelled out.

"I'm almost there!" Gustav shouted out in response as he kept pus.h.i.+ng.

"Disengage right now!" Gradier Xanatus yelled out but still didn't let go of the creature's arm because he knew Gustav would be affected.

Gustav could sense a familiar energy as the ma.s.sive diamond shaped item embedded in the chest of the creature glowed up but he couldn't put his thumb on the exact source of this familiarity.

Suddenly a spectrum of energy travelled from the edges to the middle of the ma.s.sive diamond energy and in the next instant...

Thewwooosshh! Drriiiinnnnnnznznn!

A golden wave travelled forth from the creature, spreading across the surroundings.




This wave travelled across the entire vicinity, surrounding even the army of infected and the MBO officers all battling on the wall as well as the ground.

"I can't move!" The lady who was about to throw a fist earlier voiced as she stood on a mettalic board.

Gradier Xanatus also paused in place, "I told you to disengage..."

"You mentioned this power... How come it affects even everyone on the battlefield?" Gustav voiced out as he also froze in place unable to keep pus.h.i.+ng the atomic sword forward.

His hand hung on the hilt of the atomic blade as his body just froze in place while every other person on the battlefield ranging from the infected to even the MBO officers paused in place as well.

"Why do you think the creature is way dangerous than its supposed to be? This is just one of its overwhelming power," Gradier Xanatus voiced in response.

He had wanted them to get far enough so they wouldn't be affected by this power when it was activated.

'This is... Cosmic Superiority,' Gustav eyes widened as he realized why he felt this energy was familiar.

("Yes it is,") The system answered from within.

'How?' Gustav said internally with a surprised look.

("Who said only Mixedbloods or other supernatural aliens were capable of achieving cosmic Superiority? Even beasts can achieve it if they're blessed and chosen by the cosmos,") The system replied.


Gradier Xanatus made a loud groaning sound as Gisodinym grabbed hold of him. Bone cracking sounds began to ring out as he squeezed Gradier Xanatus in his ma.s.sive hand.

It proceeded to grab hold of the other officer with its other hand as well while Gustav was still hanging from the ma.s.sive atomic sword still embedded in its shoulder.

It seemed to have decided to ignore Gustav in the meantime while wanting to deal with these two first and leave Gustav for last.

Within the city they were wondering why the everywhere had gone silent.

They had no idea it was due to this ma.s.sive mixedbreed putting everyone including the millions of infected into a frozen state.

Gustav had a conflicted expression as he watched the creature slowly crus.h.i.+ng both of them in its hand.

He was unable to move, channel his bloodline or even use any ability in this state just like the others. There was only one thought crossing his mind right now and that was the only option he had.

He had initially decided he was never going to make use of his Cosmic Superiority since this was not only a battlefield filled with thousands of officers but they would also be affected by it if he was to use it.

However there seemed to be no other option at the moment as Gradier Xanatus would meet his end if Gustav decided not to act at this moment.

He now understood why Gisodinym was feared and Gradier Xanatus saw it as an impossible mission to win...

"Let's see whose Cosmic Superiority is more powerful..." Gustav muttered as he closed his eyes.



A mixture of pinkish and reddish energy blasted forth from his frame the instant he opened his eyes.

A crossed shaped glow could be seen in his pupils as the powerful energy blasted forth from his frame causing Gisodinym to step back back in disbelief.

Not only was Gustav's Yarki abnormal it had effects that Gisodinym's Yarki didn't have.

Gisodinym could feel a weird urge building up from within which caused it's knees to nearly buckle.

It felt the urge to kneel like it was in the presence of a superior being, however it fought back with its own Yarki.