The Bloodline System - Chapter 1001: Battle With Gisodinym

Chapter 1001: Battle With Gisodinym

Chapter 1001: Battle With Gisodinym

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Gustav was still able to move to the side in mid air as he landed on the creature's arm and began sprinting across it.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]

The creature was aware of the presence on his arm and proceeded to wave its second gigantic hand, trying to swat Gustav like a fly.

Gustav leapt upwards at this time as a gigantic milky colored sword appeared in his grasp.

He stabbed the sword forward as his body flew towards the forehead area of the creature.

At this same instant one of the creature's crystallized vine like tail swung towards Gustav from the right.

It looked like it was too fast and was already centimetres away from making contact with Gustav when he spotted it.


Before it could make contact, Gradier Xanatus appeared beside Gustav's with his palm straightened and swung out.


Gradier Xanatus's palm that was covered with a blueish glow, slammed into the vine causing a mettalic clang to ring out.

"You may be faster but I have better reaction speed," Gradier Xanatus voiced out after repelling the tail.

"I had it," Gustav stated as the gigantic twenty feet atomic sword stabbed into the forehead of the Gisodinym.

The creature made a low grunt as the atomic blade only managed to pierce its forehead for about half a feet.

For a creature as large as this, that was barely a flesh wound. Gustav was astonished at the resistance of this creature's body.

It was so tough that atomic disintegration found it hard to get rid of its skin even when he used enough force with the blad.


The creature's hand came cras.h.i.+ng forward with the intention of slapping Gustav off its face again.

Gustav swung forward and placed both feet on the Gisodinym's face before pus.h.i.+ng backwards with force.

A small flesh ripping sound rang out as his body flew backwards while he pulled the atomic sword out of its forehead.

Ashy goo oozed out of the small wound for a bit while Gustav managed to dodge swing of the creature's hand.

He paused after dodging and swung out his arm once more with intensity. The blade cleaved through the creature's wrist area but only cut in lightly.

The creature made another loud noise as it swung its arm around while Gustav's atomic blade was still stuck in its st.u.r.dy skin.

Gustav let go of the atomic sword to avoid being swung away while the Atomic sword disintegrated into light particles.

However he had underestimated the strength of the creature.


Even after letting go, the wind generated from the swing of Gisodinym's palm was so fierce, Gustav found himself getting tossed across the place by a force that was twenty times worse than a tornado.

Gradier Xanatus was currently behind the creature and at the moment his hand was swinging towards its neck area.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

His palm which was still gleaming with blue light slammed multiple times into the neck of the creature causing loud sounds of collision to ring out.

Gisodinym was about to take opportunity of the winds tossing Gustav around and send a critical attack towards him when Gradier Xanatus's attacks. .h.i.t.

While it only felt like a pebble kept hitting him at his neck area, it was nevertheless disturbing.

Gisodinym made a loud growl as it reached out to grab Gradier Xanatus who managed to escape its swing by a hair length.

Gustav managed to stabilise himself at this point but Gradier Xanatus was in danger.

Multiple of Gisodinym's tail was headeds towards him from all sides and Gradier Xanatus wasn't quick enough.

Bam! Bam!

He managed to react in time and slam his palm into three of them, repelling them. However the fourth one was only inches from slamming into him from above when Gustav arrived before him.


The atomic blade in his hand slammed heavily into the tail cutting halfway through before sending flying in the opposite direction.

"Yes, I'm still faster and so is my reaction speed," Gustav voiced out causing Gradier Xanatus to chuckle.

"We might not be able to beat it but stalling it is possible," Gradier Xanatus voiced out as the thrusters beneath his feet blasted out intensely causing him to fly towards the left with speed.

The ma.s.sive arm of the creature had appeared in between both of them in the next instant.

"Stall it for what? If we cannot beat it, we might as well have lost the battle," Gustav voiced out as he flew forward.

"Stall it for long enough till the world government makes a decision about the fate of this city," Gradier Xanatus answered as he brought his fist down upon the hand of the creature.


The creature's arm swayed downwards from the hit and Gustav proceeded to stab another gigantic atomic sword into Gisodinym's shoulder. He positioned it so well, it stabbed more than three feet deep into the joint area.

Gustav still didn't let go of the blade even after he sensed the second hand of the creature swatting towards him.

"Hyaaaahhhhhh!" He screamed out as he increased the size of the atomic sword while it was still embedded in the shoulder area of the creature.


The atomic sword grew from twenty feet long and three feet wide to sixty feet long and seven feet wide.

At this point it had stabbed more than ten feet deep into the creature's body which made it easier since it was already embedded into its body.

However at this same moment the other hand arrived behind Gustav.


Gradier Xanatus arrived in time and managed to stop it from going further as Gustav kept increasing the length of the atomic blade.

Gustav's hand trembled intensely as he expended lots of energy while still pus.h.i.+ng further.

Gradier Xanatus that had managed to stop the hand of the creature in the meantime was also trembling even while mustering all the energy he could.

"Are you there?" Gradier Xanatus asked while a groan escaped from his lips.

"Almost..." Gustav answered as sweat dribbled down his forehead.