The Bloodline System - Chapter 1003 Gustav Vs Gisodinym

Chapter 1003 Gustav Vs Gisodinym

Chapter 1003 Gustav Vs Gisodinym

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters.


It felt the urge to kneel like it was in the presence

of a superior being, however it fought back with its own Yarki.

The wave of golden energy blasted forth from its chest area again trying to battle with that of Gustav's.

However, the instant Gustav activated his Yarki, he regained the ability to move. He let go of the atomic sword and slowly elevated as he stared down at the creature.

'How is he able to move?' Gradier Xanatus wondered internally with a look of shock.

This was the same as the other female officer as well as the many officers on the battlefield that could spot him.

'Someone is moving?'

'How is he unaffected?'

'What was that energy he just released?'

'What did he just do?'

Such thoughts ran through the minds of many officers as their eyes were locked in Gustav's direction.

Gustav's yarki was not taking full effect due to Gisodinym's yarki clas.h.i.+ng with it. Both Yarki's were currently fighting for supremacy however one effect that was prevalent was everyone still standing with the inability to move.

The domineering wave of Gustav's yarki made everyone's feet buckle as they found they falling to the ground on their knees.

The infected and the officers were all affected by this but the burning effect was currently not taking place.

"Let them go," Gustav voiced in a low but very strong tone.

The Gisodinym found itself slowly releasing its grip around Gradier Xanatus and the other lady subconsciously.

It made a loud growling sound as the diamond item in its chest area glowed intensely and suddenly shot out a golden beam of destruction.

Gustav raised both his arms and crossed them to block the beam that had suddenly blasted forward.

Iro silk grew out of his body and made a covering around him just in time.


He had not expected this and was shot thousands of feet backwards upon collision as the iro silk surrounding him shattered to pieces instantly.

Gustav slammed into the east side of wall, creating a ma.s.sive hole within.

The power of his Yarki weakened after this. .h.i.t and the Gisodinym regained complete control of itself.

'It is able to attack with its Yarki?' Gustav said internally as he slowly picked himself out of the hole.

It was as if he had not just taken ma.s.sive damage. His entire body was drenched in blood and his bones were making loud cracking noises as he slowly pulled himself out.

("Gisodinym is at the Parallel stage of cosmic Superiority,") The system revealed.

'That is why it has more Cosmic Superiority related abilities...' Gustav felt it made sense now.

However what didn't make sense was how Gustav's Yarki was still causing Gisodinym to nearly submit even when Gisodinym was supposed to be at a higher level.

Gustav injuries had began to heal despite how grievous they were but the Gisodinym was not interested in giving him time to heal up completely.


It had shot out another golden beam.

Gustav wanted to move out of the way but he knew that if he did that, the wall would be destroyed along with everyone standing on it in this particular area.


Slapping his hand on the wall, Iro silk suddenly spread out from the point of impact to every other part of the wall.

As if Gustav wasn't satisfied with this, his body temperature suddenly dropped instantly and thick frost spread across the wall acting as another protective barrier.


The Jiko Hakai Katana appeared in his grasp in the next instant. He tightened his hands around it and swung in a vertical format.


A large reddish arc cut across the air, carrying destructive power with it as it headed in the direction of the incoming golden beam.

Despite its size being similar to a mountain, the golden beam was at least ten times more larger than it was.


Both destructive attacks met each other mid way which caused a phenomenon where tiny rifts were formed in mid air for a bit.

The reddish arc contended well with the golden beam and even managed to get rid of it to a certain extent but the beam was too powerful.

Despite reducing in power it kept shooting forward with intense speed.


At this point Gustav flew upwards.


The golden beam slammed into the protective layers Gustav had created before the wall and tore through them.

It was finally stopped by the main wall after it had lost more than eighty percent of its power, however it still managed to blast a hole in the wall.

Gustav flew forward, causing Gisodinym to target him. This way the next attack would not be directed at the wall.

The diamond shape item embedded in its chest glowed up once more as it fired more beams at Gustav.

Swwooosshh! Swwooosshh! Swwooosshh! FWWOOOSs.h.!.+

Fortunately Gustav wasn't taken by surprise this time so he was able to dodge every single attack despite its immense size.

As he flew in the direction of the Gisodinym once more, he let out more energy from his Yarki.


The waves spread from him once more causing Gisodinym to quickly let out its energy from Yarki as well.


Both energies clashed once more and began pus.h.i.+ng against one another.

Everyone in the vicinity felt immensely uncomfortable as the two domineering and irregular energies clashed.

The Gisodinym pushed forward as it flung Gradier Xanatus and the other female officer away. It had realised at this point that Gustav was the true threat so it was willing to do whatever it took to get rid of Gustav.

It swung its ma.s.sive hand forward in a bid to swat Gustav downwards. The jiko hakai katana in Gustav's grasp swung out at the same time.


A ma.s.sive cut was left on the arm of the creature as Gustav flew to the side to dodge the attack. He was still way faster than the creature and so long as it was using physical attacks Gustav was sure he would be able to dodge unless he ran out of energy or was preoccupied with something else.