The Bloodline System - Chapter 1000 Last Line Of Defense

Chapter 1000 Last Line Of Defense

Chapter 1000 Last Line Of Defense

After it had finished doing that, the creature proceeded to continue moving.

It was unfazed by how it had further destroyed the environment and began walking forward after dealing with the supposed troublesome insect.

It was unknown whether Red Shadow was alive or not. A gigantic pit had been formed where the earth had caved in.

Gbam! Gbam! Gbam!

The creature continued on its way towards the wall with the other millions of infected surrounding it.

They all seemed like ants compared to it, despite the fact that some infected were rather ma.s.sive since they were mixedbreeds as well.

The disturbance with Red Shadow had caused some of them to get stomped to meatpaste by the ma.s.sive creature but with its low level intelligence it was unconcerned about friendly fire.

The main aim still remained overruning Luchan City and destroying everything that stood in its way.


-The Present

"This city is done for," Gustav voiced out as he looked up ahead.

Gradier Xanatus made a low hissing sound as he spread out his senses as well.

"Do you see Red Shadow?" Gradier Xanatus questioned.

"No..." Gustav voiced out with a worried tone.

"...But I do see holes where the left eyes of the creature were located," Gustav added.

"He must have engaged the creature..." Gradier Xanatus stated as he began gathering energy.

"Let's hope he escaped somewhere after dealing that level of damage on the Gisodinym," Gradier Xanatus added as his eyes turned light blue.

The Gisodinym was the name of this creature when it still lived centuries back.

It was a guardian of Gildian City back then and was on the side of the residents but right now it could only listen to the command it had been given.

Based on what Gustav had heard about it, he knew it was almost on the level of Tabitha who was trapped in the underground dungeons of the MBO camp.

This creature would be capable of destroying the entire city itself yet it was being accompanied by an army of millions.

Gustav had a bad feeling welling from within but they both knew that going to look for Red Shadow at the moment when they were one of the most powerful forces on the battlefield would reduce the MBO chances of winning against this h.o.a.rde when their odds were already very low.

"I'll inform the others of the impending danger and request for more reinforcements," Gradier Xanatus voiced out as he flew downwards towards the wall.

Gustav also flew downwards as well but he headed towards a particular direction of the wall quickly.


He landed in front of a chocolate skinned officer with white curly hair.

"I need your help," Gustav voiced out.

"Huh?" Officer Fola exclaimed with a look of curiosity.

"Remember Red Shadow... the masked man with Gradier Xanatus when this whole thing began?" Gustav inquired.

"Yes I do... why?" Officer Fola asked.

"I want you to find him..." Gustav stated before he began explaining a few things to Fola about what was coming and what he a.s.sumed had happened so far.

"You think he might need help or may be trapped behind the millions of infected heading here?" Officer Fola exclaimed with a slightly disturbed expression.

"Yes, I'll be battling the infected so I won't have the chance to look for him..." Gustav answered.

"I'll do but how will I get past the tall creature?" Officer Fola said with a look of decisiveness and contemplation at the same time.

"I'll keep it busy... also..." Gustav voiced out as he moved closer to Fola and placed his hand on his left shoulder.

"Can I trust you?" Gustav questioned.

Fola had a curious look as he had heard that.

"Yeah sure..."

"Hnm, that's not very convincing but should you leak what I'm about to do to anyone I'll send you to the after life," Gustav threatened.

"Huh?" Fola eyes widened as he muttered.

[Bloodline Transfer Has Been Activated]

"Are you ready to defend this wall to the very end!"


"Go out there and send them to h.e.l.l!"


Loud battle cries rang out as the current number of MBO officers on the ground charged forward at the incoming h.o.a.rde infected after Gradier Xanatus's briefing.

He had told them about the incoming wave that was way more than the numbers that had appeared earlier.

He didn't give them the exact amount because he didn't want to weaken their moral. Only himself, Red Shadow and Gustav knew the full information about what they were currently facing.

There were up to twenty thousand MBO officers here presently with more than ten thousand Mixedblood mechanical bot from the HMR warfare department manned by experienced officers.

There were also more than twenty thousand A.I bots that had been sent as reinforcements.

This made the total force of the MBO officers here increase by a whole lot but this was an army of 60,000+ going against one of over six million all enhanced with a very powerful mixedbreed also on their side.

The odds were not in their favor at all.

Gradier Xanatus had once more requested for the city to be evacuated before engaging in the battle but the higher ups were still debating on it.

They were the last defense this city had and Gradier Xanatus decided they would try their best to prevent the infected from getting through even though it was looking like an impossible task.


Gustav was way faster than Gradier Xanatus so he had already gone past a lot of the infected from above.

Ma.s.sive bat like wings had sprouted out of his back as he flew forward with speed and arrived in front of the ma.s.sive creature.

Ashy goo was still pouring out of the left side of the Gisodinym's face. Now that Gustav was closer, he could sense the energy of the creature better and knew that defeating this creature was not something he could do alone.

It swung its hand at Gustav the moment he spotted the insect like being flying in front of it.

Gustav was still able to move to the side in mid air as he landed on the creature's arm and began running across it.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]