The Bloodline System - Chapter 999 Red Shadow's Defeat

Chapter 999 Red Shadow's Defeat

Chapter 999 Red Shadow's Defeat

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


It was bigger than three human beings placed side by side due to the creature's ma.s.siveness.

Four thick vine like tails could be seen protruding from its rear as well and to top it all off, it was more than four thousand feet tall.

The wall surrounding the city was only three thousand feet tall yet this creature was over a thousand feet taller.

This already spelled doom for Luchan City. With the amount of energy Red Shadow felt from it, he was sure no one would be able to defeat it amongst the officers unless with joint effort.

The problem was, with the millions of other infected also approaching the city, dividing forces to take care of this creature as well as the infected would be ineffective.

It would only last for a bit before everyone was either annihilated or the city was forcefully penetrated.

Red Shadow decided he would do all he could to keep the creature in place and damage it.

At this point one of the ma.s.sive thick vine like tails of the creature was stabbing towards its head area where Red Shadow was situated.

The Shadows he had sent out earlier has mixed with the Shadow of the creature and were up to a thousand in number.

"Freeze!" Red Shadow voiced out just when the vine like tails was close to making contact.


The Shadow of the creature suddenly turned red and it found itself unable to move an inch.


The creature made an incomprehensible sound as it lost control of its body movement.

Finding itself trapped in place it struggled to move but to no avail.

Red Shadow who stood atop his head had a struggling expression as he bound his hands before leaping forward.

He had only managed to stop the creature from moving for a few seconds yet he was already sweating so much as it happened to be a c.u.mbersome task.

Red Shadow landed on the nose of the creature and began to gather immense energy as his entire body lit up with a red glow.


He yelled out as he drew his left arm back to the limit before, throwing his fist forward at one of the four left eyes of the creature.


A loud sound of collision reverberated across the place as Red Shadow's fist pierced through one of the gigantic left eye of the creature.

Although the energy surrounding him dimmed a little his arm was still glowing intensely as he pulled it out of the creature's eye.


Ashy goo poured out of its eyed intensely as the creature cried out in pain once more.

"SSSKKRRXXHHHEEECCCHH!" This time it's voive was at least hundred times louder than before ad the entire environment quaked intensely due to it.

The grounds began to split apart as the creature struggled intensely to free itself from Red Shadow's restrain while it's one of its left eye bled a fountain.

However, Red Shadow was still not done, despite sweating crazily, he punched forward multiple more times to make sure he ruined more of the eyes of the creature.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Squishy and popping sounds rang out as he managed to get the rest of the three left eyes which at this point were completely ruined.

Gradier Xanatus's glow had dimmed by a whole lot at this point and he was sweating buckets. His entire outfit was drenched in salty liquid.

Gradier Xanatus was not ready to give in yet despite nearly expending his bloodline energy completely.

He reached towards the right and was about to get down in destroying the rest of the creature's eyes....

"Kyjjjaarrrrrhhhhhll!" The creature suddenly yelled out again as its entire body vibrated intensely.

Red Shadow's eyes widened as one of the tails of creature suddenly arrived by his side.

It was too late for him to dodge but he managed to create a portal...


The thick vine like tail with crystallized features slammed into the back of the creature's head where Red Shadow had directed the portal to.

However Red Shadow was unaware that he wasn't in the green yet...

Before he knew it another tail had appeared behind him.


This one slammed directly onto his back, causing him to collide with the thick face of the creature.

Red Shadow felt like he was. .h.i.t with the full moving force of multiple mountains joined together.

To make matters worse he was low on energy so the protective aura always surrounding him had thinned out a whole lot.

Bone cracking sounds rang out and Red Shadow found himself slowly losing consciousness as he fell.

Before his eyes closed up completely, he felt his figure grabbed by another crystallized tail of the creature.


He figure was flung to the back and slammed into a mountain hundreds of feet away.

The gigantic mixedbreed infected that had managed to regain control of his body wasn't done with the insect that had just damaged his left eye.

It picked Red Shadow up again and slammed him into the ground multiple times with his tail. It still wasn't done with him and flung him into the air before repeated swinging out all of its four tails.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Red Shadow's unconscious body was being smacked from place to place in mid air by the ruthless infected mixedbreed.

Bone cracking sounds just kept ringing out as blood oozed out of Red Shadow's orifices in the process of being smacked around.

The creature decided it had had enough dealing with the ant that made it furious and proceeded to raise one of its hand to give the finis.h.i.+ng attack.

It's muscular arm rose up above Red Shadow's unconscious body that was falling from the air and it proceeded smacked downwards with his hand like it was dealing with a mosquito.

It's ma.s.sive palm descended with speed and intensity to the extent that before it even collided with the ground, the grounds had already split open from the sheer force.


He slammed Red Shadow's unconscious body into the ground with its gigantic palm, causing the earth to split apart across a radius of close to a hundred miles.