The Bloodline System - Chapter 998 Doom Arrives

Chapter 998 Doom Arrives

Chapter 998 Doom Arrives


A loud blast suddenly resounded across the area as the speaker stopped making sound.

Red Shadow had gotten hold of the person who was responsible but the deed was already done.

Currently the millions of infected on the surface had began to move according to the command they had been given.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Numerous feet trampling upon the ground reverberated across the vicinity as these infected charged forward.

The ceiling of the underground area trembled repeatedly as dust drizzled down.

Within a s.p.a.ce with multiple technological equipment and holographic screens allover, Red Shadow held onto the neck of a lady with silver colored hair.

She was also in technological suit but underground she didn't wear her helmet since this s.p.a.ce was untainted till Red Shadow broke through it.


The underground area trembled intensely as a loud crash was heard from underneath.

Red Shadow didn't need to see before he knew that the creature that was being kept here was getting out of the underground area.

Red Shadow could feel indescribable and domineering energy from the creature as well as its gigantic size.

"Stop this right now and ask them to come back here!" Red Shadow voiced out as his eyes turned menacingly red.

"I'm afraid I cannot do that," She responded.


Red Shadow tightened his hand around her neck causing some sounds to ring out as her trachea nearly collapsed from the inside.

"It wasn't a request," Red Shadow stated.

"...They won't... lis...ten... un...til... they... com...pleted the task re...quired of them..." She said while grimacing in pain.

Red Shadow had heard this before so he knew she wasn't completely telling a lie or telling a lie at all.

"Still do it before they all get away!" He stated with a sharp tone before letting her go.

She landed on her feet and dropped to her knees as she coughed repeatedly.

Looking up, she spotted Red Shadow's menacing glare and quickly jumped to her feet.

The technological suit almost covering her entire figure completely, expanded.

It covered up her neck and reached her chin area before stopping.

"COME BACK!" Her voice travelled far and wide across the vicinity as she spoke with a calm tone.

Gradier Xanatus sent his senses out and to his expected disappointment, there was no response from the infected charging towards Luchan city.

"Again," He knew it would be of no use but he was holding onto a last string of hope that the millions of infected would listen and Luchan City would be saved.

"COME BACK HERE! DESIST FROM OVERRUNING THE CITY!" She yelled out once more but to no avail.

Red Shadow's eyes were laced with disappointment and frustration as he sent out a fist.

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The silver haired lady got sent flying and slammed into the wall before pa.s.sing out. Red Shadow proceeded to grab her and sped out of the tunnel.

On his way out he spotted a ma.s.sive hole that had spread across the ceiling within the tunnel way.

Red Shadow leapt out through it and could already spot the millions of infected heading towards Luchan City from the back as they even trampled upon one another.

A dark and gigantic figure towering so tall that it reached the sky could be spotted as well.

"s.h.i.+t!" Red Shadow couldn't help but just curse as he spotted this.

It turned out he had been fooled by BJ and the others. They mentioned only one person was left but it was actually two. A male and a female.

Red Shadow was unable to sense the last person amongst the culprits due to her staying underground.

The person he was fighting earlier who he thought to be the last person and also the person who would give the command was just the one survelling the environment just incase.

He had managed to delay Red Shadow and gave his partner just enough time to make the commands.

Now there was nothing that could be done to stop these infected with a mixture of Mixedbreeds, Mixedbloods, humans and Slarkovs.

They may have caught the culprits but right now the situation was like winning the battle while losing the war.

Red Shadow proceeded to drop the last lady with her partner and bound her in place as well.

Red Shadow was unbothered about transporting them at the moment. He could come get them later since there was no escaping his shadow restraints especially when they were all Slakovs.

'I need to at least deal with the big one before it gets to the wall,' Red Shadow said internally as he created a portal in front of him.


As the flower shaped portal opened he moved in and it closed behind him.

Thousands of feet ahead a red portal appeared far above the sky.

Red Shadow figure phased out of it and began to fall across the sky.

His body was falling towards the head of a towering tall beast like creature with ashy skin.

'Thousand rending Red Shadow seal...' Red Shadow voiced loudly as a ma.s.sive red silhouette appeared behind him while he fell.

Zwwhii! Zwhhi! Zwwhhii! Zwhhii!

Red shadows began to phase out of the silhouettes in the hundreds.

As these Shadows phased out they mixed with the Shadow of the ma.s.sive creature.


Red Shadow landed on the head of the creature with his fist slamming onto its crown.

The creature made a low growl that showed it was a little disturbed by the attack but not so much.

The creature's head had similarities with that of a bald lion. It's head had curvy horns protruding from every side which made it look like the creature was wearing a crown.

It had golden and dark eyes which were up to eight in number with a ma.s.sive muscular body standing on two legs like a man but extremely furry.

It had ashy furs allover with a diamond shaped object embedded into its chest area.

The diamond shaped object embedded into its chest area was the only part of its body with a different color besides its eyes.