The Bloodline System - Chapter 99 - Leave It To Me

Chapter 99 - Leave It To Me

Chapter 99 - Leave It To Me

Gustav paused in his tracks and turned around to stare at Principal Erwin.

"Why are you doing this? Echelon Academy is also your school... Do you wish for it to go under?" Principal Erwin asked with a conflicted stare.

"Haha, That's the funniest question I've ever heard... Principal Erwin must be a comedian, do you really think I care about this school?" Gustav laughed lightly while asking.

'The school can be burned down for all I care,'

It shouldn't be new to everyone that he hated the school after everything they had put him through yet Principal Erwin was asking like he wasn't aware of any of that.

"Please Gustav you can't let the reputation of the school sink," One of the teachers begged.

The other teachers also had a pleading look on their faces.

"The school will be grateful," the vice-principal added.

Gustav chuckled and turned around, "I don't care if you all lose your jobs... After all, you never did a thing when I was being bullied by your beloved students,"

He started walking away once again.

[Hidden Quest Completed]

[A new random quest has been issued]

Gustav paused after walking several feet away after seeing the notifications.

'Hmm? Completing a hidden quest and receiving a random quest at the same time,'

Gustav checked out the information under both notifications and a grin appeared on his face.

'Had a feeling it would be something like this,' Gustav turned around and started heading back towards the principal and the teachers.

Their moppy looks changed into hopeful ones after seeing Gustav approaching them.

"Principal Erwin remember making a deal with miss Aimee?" Gustav asked.

Principal Erwin nodded slightly with a knowing look.

"Good now, you're gonna have a separate deal with me if you truly want me to participate," Gustav said and proceeded to sit while crossing his leg

The Principal had the rest of the staff had looks of confusion upon hearing that.

"Not just you but all the rest of the teacher too... All of you are involved," Gustav smiled while speaking.


Just like that one hour had gone by again and it was time for the exchange of knowledge to resume.

The hall was crowded once again.

The participants from each school walked towards the stage again, Gustav included.

After his discussion with the teachers ended earlier, he walked around the school and visited a few places in the environment.

One of them was their library

He was fond of Atrihea's high school library for a few reasons. One of them was there weren't any restricted sessions in the libraries, unlike Echelon Academy.

One thing he noticed during that short period of observation was their library mostly had historical information about their city but when it came to historical information about the world as a whole, Echelon Academy had more detailed books.

Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

The crowd was still cheering for Atrihea city high school participants.

They got to the stage and took their seats.

Gustav also took his seat in his initial sitting position.

The principal of Atrihea city high walked towards the stage once again and said a few words before giving them the go-ahead for the resumption of the event.

As expected the first school that would be asking a question again was Cheryl High.

"From now on, leave it to me!" Gustav said with a confident expression while staring at Maltida and Draco.

Both of them stared back at him with a confused expression.

They were about to ask what he meant when the female student from Cheryl starting voicing out her question.

"Cancer used to be a very dangerous disease to humans back in the old days, explain how they came into existence and how they were cured?" The female student stated and took her seat when she was done. She had a pretty confident look on her face.

It was obvious that she had used that one hour to prepare herself.

They waited for about three seconds before the screen above lit up with a green mark that symbolized the question wasn't above high school level difficulty.


Immediately the green light appeared a student had tapped the red light on the panel in front of them.

Everyone felt it must have been the genius Holland again since this was the fastest speed anyone used in tapping the red display button for answering questions.

To everyone's surprise, the screen displayed Gustav's appearance and his name.

-"Isn't he the same guy that didn't bother trying to answer a single question during the first half?"

-"I can tell that his answer is gonna be full of rubbish,"

The crowd of students didn't believe that someone who didn't answer a single question earlier would be able to answer any right now.

Only the students of Echelon Academy actually had looks of bewilderment.

'Is finally going to be serious?' Matilda wondered while staring at Gustav who was now in a standing position.

Gustav walked to the middle of the stage and stared at the crowd with a non-challant expression before he started speaking.

"Cancer didn't need to come into existence... It was already in humans since the day of their birth. The reason why it went I noticed was because it was always asleep... Practically dead until a force triggered it," Gustav paused for a while before continuing.

"Once it was triggered by this force that is when it awakens in the human body and became discoverable through Scientific experiments... Different kinds of things can trigger cancer it just varies from person to person... It may be an intense workout, frequent usage of dirty outfits, unknown consumption of chemicals and so many others," Gustav was practically like a teacher as he explained.

He moved to the front of Cheryl high students and placed his left arm in his pocket before continuing his explanation.

"The cancer cure wasn't later needed since humans achieved partial evolution causing their internal body structure to slightly change... This caused cancer to totally disappear from the human race in the year 2059! No cure was created in the first place since humans didn't have the capacity to pull that off, their salvation came from the partial evolution," Gustav concluded with this.