The Bloodline System - Chapter 100 - Intimidating Contender

Chapter 100 - Intimidating Contender

Chapter 100 - Intimidating Contender

The students of Cheryl high had their eyes slightly widened.

'How does he know about this?'

They thought that no one would be able to answer this question since it had to do with both history and biology.

The only person that they felt wary about was Holland and they believed that even he wouldn't be able to answer such a question related to biology dated back by that long.


Another loud beeping reverberated across the hall.

-"He got it wrong!"

-"As expected of someone who didn't answer a single question in the first half,"

The beeping sounded like Gustav got the question wrong but immediately they noticed that was on the screen their eyes widened.

-"Perfect graded explanation?"

On the screen, Gustav's answer to the question was graded as perfect.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

-"How is this possible?"

-"He explained the answer perfectly?"

The students were in shock except for the Echelon Academy students.

The students of Cheryl high school didn't doubt the perfect graded answer since their explanation wasn't as detailed as that. They knew that if everyone failed to get the right answer and they gave the answer themselves, it wouldn't have been as explanatory as that.

Gustav had taken his seat at this point.

It was time for the next school to ask their question.

Gustav had already grabbed everyone's attention so they all watched with looks of interest. They wanted to know if what he pulled off earlier was just dumb luck.

The next school which was eagle wings high took the stage.

One of their female participants with dark gold hair stood in the middle of the stage and voiced out her question.

"My question will be based on the anatomy of mixed-breeds," The female student said before proceeding to ask her question.

"Mixed-breeds also have bloodlines yet they're in form of beasts, what differences are there between a mixed-breed bloodline and a mixed-blood bloodline,"

After asking the question the screen graded it to be okay for answering.


Immediately after it was graded finished the answer display button had been tapped again.

According to the display screen up, two students' fingers could be seen on the display panel in front of them.

They were Holland and Gustav. They tapped before any one of the students could.

They had tapped so fast that no one knew who tapped first.

Everyone stared intensely at the stage waiting for the screen to display who touched the answer button first.

-"Holland definitely tapped it first!"

-"Haha, there's no way he tapped before Holland!"

Everyone believed Holland tapped before Gustav.

All of a sudden Gustav stood up and walked to the middle of the stage.

The students of Atrihea city high school were surprised to see Gustav stand up.

-"What's he doing?

-"The person who tapped it first hasn't been displayed, why is he walking up to the stage?"

-"What a cocky dumbass, I'm sure Holland will be displayed as the first person to... Eh..?"

Everyone stared at the screen in surprise which displayed that Gustav was the first to tap the answer button.

They were speechless at the current development.

"There are several differences between the bloodline of mixed-breeds and mixed-bloods," Gustav started explaining as he placed his left hand in his pocket and used his right hand to demonstrate.

"One of them is the fact that mixed-bloods mostly have bloodlines that enables them to retain their human form and also at times give abilities that don't require transformation while mixed-breeds have bloodlines that tend relate with their forms and grants abilities that are generally different from most mixed-bloods," Gustav paused for a second and walked to the front of Eagle wings, high school participants.

He stared into the eyes of the female who asked the question before he continued speaking.

The girl couldn't understand why she couldn't take her eyes off Gustav.

Practically every girl in the hall was staring at Gustav with a gaze filled with interest.

The way he walked around while giving explanations with his cool expression and good-looking face mixed with graceful movements made them feel a certain kind of subconscious attraction to him.

"Reasons for this is based on how mixed-bloods have unsaturated bloodlines within their bodies and have to channel their bloodlines for increment. The mixed-breeds have a saturated amount of bloodline within their bodies from the moment of their birth..."

Gustav kept explaining for another five minutes before concluding.

He had made extensive research on mixed-breeds since he started killing them which was why he was able to give so much information at the moment.

One of the things that bugged him when researching this was, 'If mixed-bloods managed to increase the concentration of the bloodlines in their bodies to the point where every vessel, vein, and artery had their bloodline flowing through it, would transformation take place like the mixed-breeds? Would mixed-bloods transform to become beasts and be unable to go back to their initial state?'

The reason why this bugged him so much was, mixed-breeds didn't have normal blood flowing through their body, unlike mixed-bloods who had, human and Slarkovs blood flowing through them, simultaneously.

After Gustav finished his explanation the entire hall became silent again.

The screen displayed a perfect explanation and another five marks were added to Echelon Academy.

The shocked looks on the faces of other students and the principals of other schools made Principal Erwin's face light up.

'If he was this knowledgeable in the first place why didn't he say a thing in the first half?' Everyone had similar thoughts. They were in awe due to his performance.

'Like Holland wasn't enough now we have to compete with another monster,' The other participants stared at Gustav with looks of intimidation.

Holland kept staring at Gustav but Gustav didn't even spare him a glance almost like he was saying, 'You're not on my level,'

The event continued after that and the next school came up to present their question.


Just like before, Gustav had tapped the button before anyone else again and walked to the stage to answer.

The crowd was once again left with shocked faces as Gustav gave another perfect explanation while answering this question.

Echelon Academy was the fourth in line to ask a question which meant it was their turn now.

Draco wanted to stand up but Gustav held on to his left shoulder from the side.

"I said leave it to me," Gustav muttered and proceeded to stand up before Draco could reply.

"I will be asking a question based on historical records of the Slarkovs descent," Gustav said while walking to the middle of the stage.