The Bloodline System - Chapter 98 - Persistent Principal

Chapter 98 - Persistent Principal

Chapter 98 - Persistent Principal

A male student stood up this time to ask the next question.

To his disappointment, his question was quickly answered by Holland again.

As the event went on, other schools were getting more and more intimidated by Holland's intelligence and knowledge.

Out of seven questions, he had already answered three during this time.

Echelon Academy was finally able to get up to fifteen points after Maltida answered another question.

She had given the correct answers to two questions in total while Draco had only answered on correctly. As for Gustav he only watched the entire scenario.

Principal Erwin was already sweating in his seat as he watched the event play out


An hour went by and every school had taken turns two times.

On the ranking board, Atrihea city high school was in the lead.


1. Atrihea city high school » 90 points

2. Cheryl High school » 30 points

3. Briar Bullet High schools » 30 points

4. Black Rock schools » 25 points

5. Eagle wings school » 25 points

6. Ascension Academy » 20 points

7. Echelon Academy » 20 points

8. Salvation Academy » 10 points

9. Mount Eve high » 5 points

10. Caldruis Eva high » 5 points

11. Reflection Academy ». 5 points

12. Rose High school » 5 points


A loud beep resounded in the hall after Atrihea city high school finished explaining the question they had just asked.

The principal of Atrihea city high school walked to the podium and announced a time-out.

"The first half of today's exchange of knowledge has come to an end... There will be a one-hour break for students to go get a breath of fresh air," The principal had a smile on his face as he spoke.

"You're free to move around the environs. There will be no form of restriction, enjoy your stay," The principal left the podium after concluding with this.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

The students started leaving the hall in groups.

Talks about the first half of the event escaped their lips as they walked out.

Everyone was still astonished about how Atrihea city high school dominated the top spot on the ranking and it was mostly thanks to Holland.

Holland had answered questions so well that the screen above mostly glowed purple which signaled that his explanation was excellent.

The other competitors could also come up with questions that no one would be able to answer but they had to consider the difficulty level. If it was above the high school level, it will be automatically canceled.

Also if they decided to ask a question that would be extremely difficult to answer and everyone got it wrong, they would have to give and explain the answer to that question.

The thought of asking questions that they didn't know the answer to died down because of that. No one was willing to embarrass themselves by asking a difficult question that no one would be able to answer and end up being unable to answer it also.

The students mostly talked about how Holland was amazing.

Echelon Academy students were cursing Gustav internally and externally. They wondered why he didn't answer a single question throughout the first half.

Gustav didn't even mind the stares of his classmates. He put his hands in his pockets and walked out of the hall.

It wasn't like this was the first time he was receiving such stares. When he was hailed as trash with a low-grade bloodline he received such stares. Now that he was living up to their expectations of truly being trash, they still stared at him like that.


When he got out of the hall he heard a voice call out his name.

He immediately recognized it to be principal Erwin's voice.

Gustav turned around to see principal Erwin and some of his school teachers also coming out of the hall.

The other students headed out gave Gustav a glance before continuing on their travels.

They remembered that he didn't answer a single question while being up there and wondered why the school would pick such a useless person.

"Come with us please," Principal Erwin politely requested.

Gustav raised an eyebrow with a look of suspicion before walking towards them.

They headed towards a particular part of the hall and sat on some of the chairs there.

"Why didn't you answer any questions, Gustav?" Principal Erwin asked immediately after they took their seats.

"Why should I?" Gustav answered with a question of his own while shrugging.

Principal; "..."

Vice-principal; "..."

Teachers; "..."

They were rendered speechless by his non-challant answer.

"Is something the matter?" Gustav asked with a look of confusion after seeing their looks.

"Gustav, you know this is an event and you're participating, so you should know that you're meant to support," Principal Erwin said with a look of frustration.

"You asked me to participate which I did... I don't remember you mentioning anything about answering questions. Being on that stage already means I'm participating," Gustav replied.

"What?" The principal and the teachers voiced out in surprise.

"You... You must be joking... You should know that..." Before principal Erwin could complete his statement Gustav interrupted him.

"You already made the deal with her didn't you?" He said while staring at the principal, "Did you mention the part where I had to answer questions?"

The principal's eyes widened slightly in realization.

"You only mentioned that you needed me to participate and I am doing that... I don't have to answer any questions for that," Gustav smiled with a mischievous look and stood up.

The principal's face squeezed up as he stared at Gustav leaving. His face looked like it had aged a few more years.

The reputation of Echelon Academy school would take a huge dip if the exchange of knowledge ended this way which could result in him getting fired.

The school had always been lax when it came to the affairs of mixed-bloods in the school which was why falling grades of subjects like mathematics and English didn't affect them.

This was practically why all of them didn't bother studying these subjects enough.

The ones who did were Slarkovs and human students who he didn't bring along for this exchange event.

It was impossible to ask for those students to be brought here right now which was why they could only ask from Gustav.

"Wait," Principal Erwin called out to Gustav again.