The Bloodline System - Chapter 992: The Upcoming Danger

Chapter 992: The Upcoming Danger

Chapter 992: The Upcoming Danger

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


According to the four they caught, there were millions of infected in the same area as the last one waiting to be given instructions but that wasn't even the worst part.

There was something else too...

The group had opened up about trying to revive and ancient mixedbreed that was plenty times powerful than a Kilo ranked Mixedblood.

Usually Mixedbreeds would be way stronger than Mixedbloods even if their level was similar in terms of how one would categorise Mixedblood strength.

This was an ancient Mixedbreed that had died centuries ago and it was very powerful when it was alive. Almost at its prime.

No one would go out of their way to preserve the corpse of a mixedbreed like the way Humans, Mixedbloods and Slarkovs were preserved so it was a wonder how the corpse of this ancient Mixedbreed wasn't disintegrated yet.

The group explained the creature was really powerful when it was alive so it would still take about a hundred more years before it's corpse could be disintegrated.

Red Shadow didn't know much about the creature they were talking about but Gradier Xanatus knew just how much of a danger such a creature would be when it was reawakened and turned against them.

It taking order from the last one of them would spell the end for Luchan City.

This was the most crucial aspect and Red Shadow was hoping he'd arrive in time before any instructions were pa.s.sed down.

The millions of infected already stored at a part of Gildian City waiting to be given orders were also a ma.s.sive threat but Gradier Xanatus knew that with his rank he could ask for more reinforcements.

The MBO would be willing to send more for his sake but with the ancient Mixedbreed being added to the fray, the amount of reinforcements they would need to take it down will not be able to arrive on time before the city was run over.

Gradier Xanatus leaped repeatedly across the air as he carried the three culprits back with a worried expression.

'The best option would be to call more in the moment I arrive back,' Gradier Xanatus decided he would call for more reinforcements the instant he arrived back at the wall.

Another thing was bothering him about this whoe thing.

'How do they have mechanical suits that can work even within the toxic city... even the MBO barely has any,' He wondered internally as one more thought appeared in his mind.

'...And how are they all Slarkovs... not even one Mixedblood or human... the last one was also a Slarkov,' Gradier Xanatus didn't understand why but he felt there were bigger things at play here than they could see in the meantime.


Red Shadow who had tossed BJ into the portal earlier was speeding across a path that seemed quite elevated. &nbs



A reddish blur could be seen as he made his way down this elevated path.

A small mountain could be seen up ahead and he could sense presences from beyond the mountain.

Usually he would slow down so as not to alert the enemy but time wasn't on their hands at this point so his thought was to jump in first and think of the situation afterwards.


He leapt across the air while still carry BJ.

"Are we here?" Red Shadow questioned.

"Yes, just right beyond the mountain," BJ answered with a look of fear.

"Good," Red Shadow muttered as he landed on the small mountain.

He proceeded to look forward at this instance and could see an expanse of land up front.

Everywhere would look deserted which was normal but this particular location looked fresh compared to the rest.

The area was quite silent and dark but Red Shadow eyes instantly spotted what he was here for.

In this expanse of land a large army of infected could be seen lined up in front. Their ash colored skin was quite clear from the top of this mountain along with their red bloodshot eyes but unlike the others, they weren't making any move.

They just stood there without making a sound.

Red Shadow slowly stepped forward as he observed the entire vicinity.

'Traps...' Red Shadow said internally as he noticed something after stepping forward to a point.

'Won't be wise to alert the enemy until I spot them,' He said Internally as he looked around.

No matter where he looked, all he could see were tons and tons of Infected scattered around.

He could even spot Mixedbreeds amongst their ranks.

'This is definitely more than a million infected,' He said Internally.

The situation was quite dangerous as he couldn't find the last culprit who had been given this task.

"Where is he?" Red Shadow asked BJ who was kneeling beside him.

"He should be somewhere on the east... there's a small hatch that leads underground," BJ responded.

Red Shadow turned to stare at the east, taking note of the area he was supposed to head in. BJ was still tied beside him but he knew bringing him along would be a stupid decision as it would slow him down so he decided to confine BJ to this mountain.

Red Shadows phased out of his shadow and proceeded to clinch onto BJ's Shadow leaving him unable to speak or move.

'That should do it,' Red Shadow said internally before turning to stare at the east side again.


His body suddenly blurred as he disappeared from his standing point in the next instant.



An explosion rang out in his initial position and Red Shadow had appeared about fifty feet towards the left.

"That was close..." He muttered as he squinted his eyes.

He couldn't see or sense the presence of anyone but without a doubt he sensed something at the last second which was why he bolted to the side.

He suddenly sensed danger on his left and charged forward again.


Another explosion rang out causing rocks to be blasted to smithereens.

'There's someone here...' Red Shadow honed his senses to the max as this thought appeared in his mind.