The Bloodline System - Chapter 991: Separate Tasks

Chapter 991: Separate Tasks

Chapter 991: Separate Tasks

A red figure was pulled out of BJ's body and in the next instant, BJ's body fell limply like he had pa.s.sed out.

The Red figure in Red Shadow's grasp was an exact replica of BJ except for the fact that it was reddish.

It looked like it was made out of pure energy and wasn't physical but Red Shadow was able to hold onto this figure with ease.

The eyes of this Red Figure was widened as he stared at Red Shadow lifting him above the ground.

"I know you lots don't really care about death," Red Shadow voiced out to the reddish figure as he recalled one of them they caught earlier who committed suicide.

"I won't give you death no... I'll just condemn you to a state where you have to follow me around for eternity in a state of existence and inexistence all together," Red Shadow's voice was getting deeper and scarier as he voiced this out.

It was currently around three in the midnight and the moon s.h.i.+ning down had Red Shadow's Shadow displayed on the left side of the ground.

However, even his Shadow was currently Red. Gradier Xanatus had no idea what was happening at the moment but he could sense a dreadful energy from Red Shadow.

'Is he using an ability that he normally doesn't make use of?' Gradier Xanatus wondered internally.

While he was a little concerned, he believed Red Shadow could handle this so he stood at the sidelines ready to pop in if things ever went out of hand.

"Alright enough of the explanations, do you really want to have a taste of what I mean?" Red Shadow stated as eyes began to appear within his Shadow that had turned red.

All of these eyes looker tormented and they had no idea what exactly was going to happen if Red Shadow went through with what he was talking about but they knew it wouldn't be anything pretty or interesting.

"Please, please," The Red replica of BJ began begging.

He was in a kind of spiritual energy form so he could sense the dread way more than others. He could hear the other souls crying out from Red Shadow's Shadow so he knew whatever torment they were facing wasn't something he would like to experience.

"I'll give you one last chance," Red Shadow voiced out as he stepped forward and put the red figure back into BJ's body.

In the next instant, BJ opened his eyes and let out a loud breath as his expression turned into one of panic.

Red Shadow's glowing eyes calmed and his shadow returned to normal as he spoke once more.

"Now let's try this again... Who are you lots and what is your objective?"


About thirty minutes later Gradier Xanatus and Red Shadow could be seen standing in front of this tied up bunch with looks of contemplations.

"Are you saying the last one amongst all

of you is currently undergoing that task?" Gradier Xanatus inquired.

"Yes and by now he should be done or almost done so whatever you try to do right now won't change anything... Luchan City will fall!" BJ said with a strong tone of warning.

"How do you locate the cemetaries? And which cemetery is the other person performing this task?" Red Shadow asked.

"Even if we tell you how it doesn't matter, you can't get there to stop him in time," One of them voiced out.

"I will not ask again," Red Shadow voiced out as his eyes glowed red ominously.

"It's in our suit... It's not hampered by the toxicity of the environment," Diora voiced out.

She proceeded to explain how it worked and how they could use the suit to head over to where the last one was.

Red Shadow and Gradier Xanatus stared at each other after hearing this.

"I'll take one of them with me, will you take care of the others?" Red Shadow stated.

"I'll get the others to Luchan City and circle back with one of their armors... put an end to this if you get there on time," Gradier Xanatus voiced out.

Both of them had an understanding that only one person had to go from this point and since Red Shadow was obviously the quicker one of the duo this role automatically fell on his shoulders.

Red Shadow proceeded to grab hold of BJ and pulled him from the ropes.

"You're coming with me," He voiced out before opening a cross shaped red portal and throwing him in.

Red Shadow jumped in immediately afterwards and the portal closed up.

"Activate Confinement," Gradier Xanatus stated while tapping onto a watch on his wrist.


Solid glowing pink bars appeared around the other three, surrounded them and formed a small cell with them within.

Gradier Xanatus went on to grab hold of the bars and lifted it with all three of them inside.


He leapt across the air in the next instant, heading in the direction of Luchan City.

As he headed back he recalled what these four had disclosed.

It turned out they were a group sent here by an unknown force with the objective of infecting every single corpse in Gildian City with the new ashy infection variant.

They were initially six. One had committed suicide, they caught four and the last one was busy with a separate task that would definitely cause the destruction of Luchan City.

They were able to give set instructions to the infected and once those instructions had been given, they couldn't be taken back.

Right now the infected trying to run over the city were given this primary instruction. Even th

ough they had caught some of the culprits, the set of instructions couldn't be reversed.

Red Shadow had to make sure he stopped the last one before the instruction could be given or it would spell the end.

According to the four they caught, there were millions of infected in the same area as the last one waiting to be given instructions but that wasn't even the worst part.

There was something else too...


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