The Bloodline System - Chapter 993: Taking Ultimate Combination Up The Notch

Chapter 993: Taking Ultimate Combination Up The Notch

Chapter 993: Taking Ultimate Combination Up The Notch

Truly there was someone here but this person was currently invisible and had their presence completely erased.

This was such high grade erasure of presence that even someone of Red Shadow's calibre could only sense when the attack was close to hitting him.

He couldn't see the attack or the culprit however he was very sure there was someone here with him.

'Looks like I didn't need to go to him... He came to me instead,' Red Shadow thought as he leapt backwards.


Another explosion rang out where he was standing a while ago and he began to dash around the place with speed.

"You made a grave mistake coming to me before doing what you had to do," Red Shadow voiced out as he kept running in circles speedily at the top of this mountain.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions kept ringing out as he charged across the place.

Red Shadow suddenly stopped after a few more explosions and stood in place while closing his eyes.

There was no response when he spoke earlier which meant whoever was here didn't want to expose their current position by saying anything.

As Red Shadow stood there without making another move, there was no attack for a bit.

Then all of a sudden...

He felt a bone chilling attack only an inch away from making contact.

He suddenly opened his eyes in this same instant which was gleaming with Red ominous light. A portal suddenly appeared behind him as he turned around.

The attack was swallowed up and in that same moment...

"There..." He muttered as he bolted forward with immense speed.


His fist slammed into an invisible force, causing a loud sound of collision to ring out.

A small flicker of light appeared in mid air, as it seemed to be moving in a arc.

Red Shadow leapt in the direction of the flicker which was travelling off the mountain.


-Luchan City

The front of the walls surrounding Luchan City was littered with the corpses of the infected as the battle between the MBO officers here and the Infected was still very heated.

Lots of infected had been destroyed during this time but this wasn't without casualties on the end of the MBO as well.

Some really strong mixedbloods infected made things difficult and to add to all these there were mixedbreed infected here as well.

Currently there were many MBO officers on ground and in the air as well.

The ones who could use long range attacks stayed on the walls while the ones with abilities that could only be used properly in melee combat were on the ground fending off the infected.

Gustav was currently half naked with his chest and multiple parts his body exposed due to this battle.

He was covered

in ashy goo and even with that he still charged forward ripping, slicing and destroying one infected after the other in a very speedy manner.

No matter how many they killed it seemed like the infected were never ending. He would destroy many only to find himself getting surrounded by another group in a manner of seconds.

Now the issue wasn't with strength but with Endurance. Would the MBO officers be able to hold out till every single infected were wiped out before they ran out of energy?

Gustav couldn't count how many infected he had killed at this moment.

All of a sudden...

Twwhiii! Twwwhiii! Twwhhiii! Thwwiii!

Numerous sounds of flapping wings reverberated across the vicinity. With the high volume, one could tell that the sound of wings flapping was coming from multiple sources.

Every single officer all across the walls looked up as they were overcame with a feeling of dread.

Up above a ma.s.sive h.o.a.rd of infected mixedbreed could be seen flying towards the wall.

It was currently around five in the morning and the moon was still out yet the sheer numbers of the infected mixedbreeds casted numerous shadows across the land.

The sky was completely covered up due to their ma.s.sive numbers.

Each of these mixedbreeds were the size of a truck and they had armor like brownish covering on most parts of their bodies with ma.s.sive eagle like wings.

Their facial structure was like that of jackals but more menacing with sharpened teeth and bloodred eyes.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

"Over fifty thousand..." Gustav was instantly able to count the numbers of these infected mixedbreeds in the sky after activating G.o.d Eyes.

With the amount here Gustav knew that without taking things up the notch the barrier would be broken in no time and the city would be overrun.

[Combination Has Been Activated]

[Bloodwolf + Mutated Boar + Demonic Bunny + Savrina Serpent + Flames Death Ace...]

Gustav activated Ultimate Combination at this point, mixing up more than six mixedbreeds at a time.

His body transformed rapidly as an unbearable and powerful aura that made him unapproachable spread out from him.

The infected all around were unable to approach for some time. Not because they didn't want to but because they just couldn't.

All within a particular radius from Gustav were trapped in place by the powerful aura.

Silver scales had appeared on Gustav's body as he grew out six pair of horns on his forehead. He reached a height of twelve feet as he grew bulkier and muscular all at the same time.

His eyes were gleaming with multicolored lights due to the multiple streams of abilities he had access to that had also been boosted.

A radiating scarlet glow appeared at the tip of his middle horn as the energy coming from his frame caused the vicinity to tremble.

Gustav had never combined so many transformations at the same time. It was so intense that he felt he might have overdone it.

[-5,000 EP]

The amount of Energy points gone in one transformation left him speechless. This Ultimate Combination wasn't one he could keep for long or he would be drained of energy.

However the situation demanded he took things up several notches or this would spell the end for the city.

Gustav looked up with a menacing glare at this point, spotting the thousands of mixedbreeds in the sky closing in on the wall.

"Tremble!" He stated with a deep tone.