The Bloodline System - Chapter 97 - Opponent Sighted

Chapter 97 - Opponent Sighted

Chapter 97 - Opponent Sighted

Gustav just sat with a look of disinterest as the event carried on.

The next school participants went on to ask their questions.

Atrihea city high had the number 12 on their panel so they were the last school in line for asking questions.

When it finally got to their turn a slim-looking white-haired male stood up and stated that his question was going to be based on spacecraft before poising a question.

"The Slarkovs spacecraft that landed about two thousand years ago, functioned with what type of engine?" He asked while pushing his glasses up.


The students stared in confusion after hearing that question.

It was a question based on old technology, which no one paid much attention to these days.

The question was displayed on the large screen and according to evaluation, It wasn't above high school level difficulty.

After a few seconds of silence, one of the schools tapped the answer button and stood up.

"A Hyperthrerlamic Endrophibic madget series, Said to..." Before he could answer completely a loud beep resounded in the environment.

This was a sign that the answer was wrong.

The student sat down with a crestfallen look after hearing that.

After a few seconds, Salvation Academy tapped the answer display button. One of their female students stood up to answer, only for her to also miss it.

After this, another school tried answering the question which led to the same outcome.

They were all getting it wrong!

This happened seven times in a row. About seven schools had tried answering in ten minutes but ended up missing the question.

Five more minutes had passed and not a single school tapped the answer display button during that time frame.

The male student had a small grin on his face and pushed his glasses up again causing a kind of profound reflection of light to bounce off the frame.

The students had looks of contemplation as they thought hard about the answer.

Gustav stared at the students around like they were clowns.

A few minutes ago they all had looks of haughtiness on their faces like they had knowledge on everything that existed in the universe but now their pride had been shattered by a question he considered to be simple.

"Hey, Gustav why aren't you trying to answer any question?" Maltida asked Gustav who was slouching on his seat with his legs crossed.

"Why should I?" Gustav replied with an unbothered expression.

"Erm, because you're here and not in the audience?" Draco replied from the first seat before Maltida could.

He was starting to get pissed at Gustav's non-challancy towards the event.

"I didn't ask to be here," Gustav leaned his jaw on his fist as he slouched even more.

"You..." Draco pointed at Gustav with a look of anger.

The other students on the stage were wondering why they would be arguing instead of thinking of an answer to the question.

"You know the answer to the question right?" Maltida asked While staring at Gustav.

"I guess we'll never know," Gustav answered with a slight yawn.

Draco was incensed upon hearing that.

"You little piece of shit! Do you really not plan on answering any questions all through?" Draco said with a look of anguish.

He could understand why the Principal would decide to pick Gustav. No student in class three could say they had more knowledge than Gustav on topics like science, history, and the likes. This was also one of the reasons why he was bullied. Although he was seen as trash due to his bloodline, he still had academic intelligence which outstripped that of every student in class 3. Some of the students that bullied him were jealous about the fact that trash was better than them at something.

They just couldn't stand it that the so-called trash could do something that they couldn't.

Gustav didn't bother answering Draco. His look of disinterest was answer enough as it is.

Maltida also noticed that with this Gustav's new attitude there was nothing they could do to convince him.

The other students on the stage stared at Echelon Academy's team with a look of pity.

'They just had to bring a liability along,' This was the thoughts in their minds.

When the five minutes mark hit, a beep resounded in the hall meaning, all of the students had failed to answer the question so the student who posed the question would have to answer it.

The male student with the glasses moved to the middle of the stage with a smug smile and started explaining the type of engines used by the Slarkovs for their spacecraft in the old days.

"The engine of the old age Slarkovs spacecraft was constructed from a mixture of three fundamental properties Which uses a midan crystal as fuel..."

The explanation went on for about ten minutes.

While the student was voicing out the explanation outwardly, Gustav was answering inwardly.

After the student was done with the explanation, the screen lit up with a purple mark which meant the explanation was graded excellent.

All this time the others had only been getting green ticks when they answered a question but his answer to the question happened to be better explained.

Cheer! Cheer! Cheer!

-"As expected of Holland!

-"Such brilliant explanation from Holland!

-"He's the most knowledgeable here, after all, the students from other schools won't be able to hold a candle to him,"

From the side of the hall where Atrihea city high school students were positioned, cheers could be heard.

Some of them praised the student who had just finished explaining.

This same student had managed to answer seven questions out of nineteen prior to this.

He looked like the typical wimp with his glasses and tiny build which was why he wasn't noticed at the start. The other students practically didn't notice his presence until he started answering questions correctly and managed to score thirty-five points for Atrihea city high school. Now they were feeling intimidated and saw him as a great opponent.

Holland went back to his seat after explaining, and the event continued.

It was Cheryl highschool's turn again.