The Bloodline System - Chapter 980: Handing The Cure Over

Chapter 980: Handing The Cure Over

Chapter 980: Handing The Cure Over

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


"Yes, they must believe we're coming with reinforcements," The pilot answered with a slightly disturbed tone as the aircraft began to lower.

'Well... I am the reinforcement,' Gustav said internally as he stared at the holographic display of the city view from above.

Most of the streets were empty but there was a certain part in the city that was swarming with people trying evacuate.

The aircraft landed in a particular part of the city where the MBO officers were being deployed.

Upon getting off, the officers around noticed that only Gustav was getting off the aircraft.

"Its just a single person?" One of them voiced with a tone of confusion.

-"We requested for more reinforcements, how could only one person be sent?" Another one voiced out from the side.

"Who is even the person that..." While another one was voicing out they spotted Gustav's face properly.

"Officer Crimson?" They all voiced with surprised tones as they spotted him.

Gustav didn't even act like he heard all of their complaints earlier and just walked towards the entrance of the building the officers had been getting deployed from.

'Did the higher ups send him here?' This was the thought on their minds as they followed after Gustav.

"The scientists on this case... where are they?" Gustav asked.

One of them responded and led the way.


Minutes later Gustav was standing in a small laboratory room that looked like it was created in limited timing.

"So you're saying this is a cure for the normal ashy infection?" A middle aged looking woman with white scaly face held onto the sample Gustav handed to her with a look of disbelief.

"Yeah. Its left to you guys to use this and create a new cure that would work against these new psycho infected," Gustav responded.

"How do we know its authentic? We have to test it out first," She voiced with a doubtful tone.

"You can do that if there is a normal infected around here," Gustav stated.

"There is none, we'll have to bring this back to the underwater research facility and test it properly to be sure it can be cleared for human use first," She said while placing the sample on the laboratory table.

"Sure if you have enough time for that. From what I've heard, the number of infected keeps increasing by the minute and who knows when the entire city would be overrun," Gustav said while turning around to leave.

"You can foolishly decide to take so much time to clarify its authenticity or you can trust someone who has saved the world before and start working on another cure as soon as you can," Gustav began walking away at this point.

The eyebrows of the scientist in charge furrowed after she heard this. A look of hesitance could be seen on her face.

"The choice is yours," Gustav's voice trailed off as he got out.

The lead scientist stood in place for a few minutes unsure of what to do while the other scientists around stared at her waiting for her decision.

"We will begin working on making a cure that will affect the bloodshot infected right away," She voiced out as her face lit up with a look of decisiveness.


Gustav arrived outside the building and towards the left he could see a ma.s.sive gate where lots of citizens were standing in front of.

This was several hundred feet towards the left and these citizens were looking to leave the city but things were quite difficult.

Even those who had been allowed beyond the gated were still there waiting. Evacuation was an almost impossible task due to the sensitivity of the situation.

Other cities we're not willing to open their borders to people from the city due to the infection scare.

So far everyone knew the ashy infection could be pa.s.sed from just contact alone.

Gustav could count no less than a hundred thousand people waiting around to get evacuated and so far not even a single aircraft had left here unless it was from the MBO.

Aircrafts had mostly been coming in, carrying troops with them and medical supplies.

There was also a ma.s.sive citadel where people had also gathered in which was said to be impenetrable for those who were unsure of if the MBO could protect the borders from being Infiltrated by the infected.

This citadel was created especially for emergency situations and would sink underground if the situation got out of hand to protect people better.

However the citadel was completely filled and mostly important people were allowed in.

Those who were unable to get in before it filled up were trying their best to get evacuated which was also an impossible task currently.

"That wall is strong," Gustav eyes were currently gleaming with a red and golden color as he stared at the walls surrounding the city.

He already knew it was created by a mixedblood but then he noticed the st.u.r.diness was very close to that of the Iro Silk.

However it was better structured since it was hard to use the iro silk to form a straight wall. It would always be spiky and people would not be able to stand on it like this.

The city also had a barrier surrounding it within the walls so the security protocols put in place was really top notch.

Officers standing on the walls could not even get back into the city unless they broke through the barrier or asked for permission for a part of the veil to be lifted.

"Officer Crimson are you joining them at the top of the wall?"

An officer suddenly voiced out from the side.

"I just might," Gustav responded.

"Please we need your a.s.sistance. The officers could use as much help as they can get," The officer voiced out.

"Sure, not a problem," Gustav nodded slightly as he stated.

"Before I do that, has anyone seen Gradier Xanatus?" Gustav asked.

"Major Gradier Xanatus has left the protection of the walls in our hands till he gets back," The officer responded.

Gustav's face shone with a bit of confusion as he heard that.

"Get back from where?" Gustav inquired.