The Bloodline System - Chapter 981: Protecting Luchan City

Chapter 981: Protecting Luchan City

Chapter 981: Protecting Luchan City

The officer then went on to explain everything that had happened here within the last few days that were explained to him by the officer at the counter within the MBO tower.

Gustav already knew about the whole thing being a conspiracy and how they found one of the people who was most likely responsible who ended up committing suicide to cover up the deeds.

It was also known that there are others involved who are most likely infected people and controlling them as well.

What Gustav had no idea about was the situation of Gradier Xanatus and Red Shadow who had both jumped off the walls and headed towards Gildian City.

Gustav was a bit surprised that they would infiltrate the city on legs which meant they would have to go through thousands of infected.

This way was risky since they could get infected themselves.

"Oh so they also wanted to cut down the numbers of the infected in the process," Gustav figured out their motive.

While they could not use any transport to get into the city due to its contagious state, they could still get a jet that could travel very high above the decimated city and drop from above.

If they had done this they wouldn't have been able to cut down on the numbers of infected.

"Which direction did they head in?" Gustav asked.

"The west well area," The officer replied.

Gustav turned to face the west at this point as his eyes zoomed in on the wall that was hundreds of miles away.

[Lightning Blitz Has Been Activated]


Gustav streaked across the air like a lightning bolt appeared over a hundred miles away from his intially position.

He activated the ability two more times and in just two seconds, he arrived atop the west side of the wall.

The officer who was standing at his initial position had a look of awe after Gustav had disappeared from this place.

He had expected they would use a hover car to get there but he just got a call on the communication channel that someone had just arrived on the west side of the wall.

With the vehicle it would still take them around five minutes to get there but Gustav had gotten there in only two seconds.

"Officer Crimson," The Officers who were initially alerted when a light bolt suddenly turned into someone now became calm when they saw that it was Gustav.

The barrier surrounding the city could be left easily but getting back in was the problem. Now that Gustav was outside the barrier, he could forget about going back in the meantime.

On Gustav sides, multiple officers could be seen standing in place as their eyes were focused on the ground ahead.

"They're not attacking at the moment," He muttered underneath his breath.

"We just finished dealing with a set an hour ago and even lost some of our men," One of the officers said to Gustav while pointing at some dents on the wall.

"Any patterns?" Gustav asked.

"Besides the fact that they sometimes come in h.o.a.rdes every one to two or three hours sometimes, I don't see any," The officer responded.

"That in itself is a pattern," Gustav muttered.

"And they all vary in abilities with some being st.u.r.dier than others..." The officer began explaining again.

'Tell me something I don't already know,' Gustav said internally.

They didn't really have any new information for him since Gustav already knew these things. What he wanted to know now was where all these infected where coming from.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

Gustav's eyes zoomed across the forestry region beyond the wall, scaling past hundreds and thousands of destroyed infected corpses scattered across the place.

"You guys didn't find a way to disintegrate the corpses?" Gustav voiced out with a tone of urgency he looked across the place with G.o.d Eyes.

The amount of ashy corpses he had seen shook him a little.

"No Officer Crimson, the bodies no longer move after receiving a specific amount of damage," The officer beside him voiced out.

"You fools!" Gustav stated causing the officer to be taken aback.

"Unless their bodies are completely destroyed they will always come back. The only reason the corpses might not have regained life at the moment must be because the culprits want you guys to lose your guards. They will most likely control them to regain life based on the time that favours whatever they're plotting," Gustav voiced out lengthily.

The others in the vicinity had awestruck expressions as they stared the corpses scattered all over down below.

Gustav felt the culprits must be planning to take them by surprise and bring these ones back to life at the same moment they sent another ma.s.sive h.o.a.rde here.

Gustav's eyes suddenly widened in realization as he thought of something.

"Corpses..." He muttered underneath his breath.

"Officer Crimson?" The officers by the side called out his name with a tone of urgency but Gustav was currently lost in his own state of realisation.

"They're making use of the corpses in Gildian City... they're infecting corpses," Gustav's expression was that of realisation as he figured this out.

"Officer Crimson!" One of the officers called out again, causing Gustav to be pulled out of his reverie.

Gustav could feel the trembling of the wall at this point and looked up ahead.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

His sight phased past the trees and as he spotted another h.o.a.rde of infected headed towards the wall.

This time they seemed to be coming from every direction.


The corpses that had been taken down initially began to vibrate as well.

The ones on the wall who were able to spot this realised that Gustav was accurate with his words earlier.

As Gustav retracted his vision he voiced out, "There's no less than Two hundred thousand of them heading this way,"

Their eyes all widened in shock as they heard that.

"Two hundred thousand?"

"Are you sure you're not mistaken?"

"We're only around ten thousand on this wall,"

Voices of panic could he heard all around.