The Bloodline System - Chapter 979: Acquiring The Vest

Chapter 979: Acquiring The Vest

Chapter 979: Acquiring The Vest

Endric breathed in and out profusely as he paused for a bit.

'According to my calculations, moving another step forward should cause another of these creatures to swoop down from above and try to eat me,' Endric a.n.a.lysed internally.

'They get larger with every Advancement... I might not be able to overcome this one with the amount of energy I would have to spend to move forward and block it at the same time,'

At this point Endric had decided, moving forward would be more detrimental than rewarding so he paused at his current position.

His eyes lit up with a silver and blueish glow as he streched his hand forward.

Zhwwwiihhh! Zhwwwiihhh! Zwwwiihhh!

Invisible figures with the exact body structure with that of Endric, phased out of his body and speedily began charging forward.

There were about seven of them and they were all unaffected by the weird energy the vest was discharging, however it looked like they couldn't escape the senses of the creatures swimming in the body of water in the skies.

Fwwhiii! Fwwhiii! Fwwhii!

Multiple skysc.r.a.per sized creatures dived down from above with wide opened mouths full of sharp teeth each the size of a truck.

They were all aiming for the seven invisible s.p.a.ce clones, Endric had just sent forth.

Since these clones were not affected by the discharge of energy, they were still able to move fast and about three of them outran some of the creatures.

The other got devoured in an instant before the creatures moved back upwards. The others that were still das.h.i.+ng forward were being chased by other creatures but the distance between them and the vest was only about a hundred feet so they managed to make it.

The instant the first one to arrive before the vest jumped to grab it, the vest discharged a greenish energy that blasted across the vicinity.


The first clone got hit and disappeared instantly while one of the other two hid behind the other one who ended up taking the rest of the blast damage.

Endric had already streched his hand in front of him so the moment the outburst of energy reached his side, it got blocked by his Telekinetic barrier.

Now only one was left out of all the clones and this particular one was commanded to grab the vest at this moment.

At the same instant the clone leapt to grab the vest floating in mid air, another gigantic creature was was descending with immense speed.

Now it was a battle of who would get to the vest first.

Fortunately, the s.p.a.ce clone hand made contact with the small energy barrier surrounding the vest before the creature got to it.

Endric sent some energy forth, causing the clone palm to phase through the barrier surrounding the vest upon contact.

Just as it made contact with the vest, the creature arrived downwards and swallowed the entire vicinity up.

Original the vest would be unaffected by this and would still remain in the same spot despite the creature haven swallowed the entire vicinity up but this time when it began to ascend the vest was nowhere to be found along with Endric's clone.


-"Gildian City

Within an enshrouded layer of purplish fog two figures could be seen standing in a particular area.

This area had lots of holes on the ground all shaped in a rectangular format. This area was covering to less than a thousand feet of s.p.a.ce and all these holes looked freshly dug out with more than ten thousand of them here.

"This explain things," Red Shadow voiced out as he stared at the holes.

"They have been infecting corpses," Gradier Xanatus said with a look of understanding.

The high numbers they had been facing all these time were all dead infected that had somehow risen from the grave due to the ashy infection.

One would have been able to tell that these were initially corpses but in this age, corpses could be well preserved to the point they wouldn't even look dead. They would just look like they were asleep.

If these infected had looked rotten with very bad flesh and hollow eyes one would have known they were initially corpses but that was not the case since corpses were now well preserved.

The only similarity between infected and corpses was their ashy looking skin but one could not attribute that to corpses since even living people that had been infected would look that way.

"The numbers of people who died in Gildian City on that fateful day were numbers in tens of millions," Gradier Xanatus said with a contemplative look.

"And so far we've only dealt with around one hundred thousand of them... The number of people living in Luchan city is not even up to half of the people that have died in Gildian City..." Red Shadow voiced out as well as both of them stared at each other.

"They're looking to revive all the dead with the ashy infection... The numbers will be more than enough to over run Luchan City and over power the officers on the wall," Gradier Xanatus said with a low tone.

"That's if they have not already revived them..." Red Shadow voiced out.

"They keep sending thousands in batches like they want to keep us preoccupied with those ones. They haven't revived them all yet we have to head to every single cemetery within Gildian City and find the culprits before they achieve their goals," Gradier Xanatus stated.

"The GPS and Communication devices don't work this deep in the city... How do we find the location of the Cemetaries?" Red Shadow asked.

Gradier Xanatus didn't answer, instead he moved towards a particular footstep on the ground.

"You also have a traceback ability right?" He inquired.


"We're arriving at Luchas City sir,"

Gustav heard the pilot voice out from the control area of the aircraft.

"Good, are we clear for landing yet?" Gustav asked.

"Yes, they must believe we're coming with reinforcements," The pilot answered with a slightly disturbed tone as the aircraft began to lower.

'Well... I am the reinforcement,'