The Bloodline System - Chapter 978: Power Of The Major Rank

Chapter 978: Power Of The Major Rank

Chapter 978: Power Of The Major Rank

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


Gustav turned around and spotted the man in a high-ranking uniform headed toward him.

"Grand general Sourkrart," Gustav muttered with a low tone.

The others parted ways for Grand General Sourkrart as he made his way towards Gustav.

"Where have you been?" He questioned.

"Busy," Gustav responded with a cryptic tone.

"The higher ups have a mission for you," General Sourkrat revealed without questioning further about what Gustav had been up to.

"Does it have to do with the current situation of Luchan City?" Gustav inquired.

"No its on..." Before Grand General Sourkrat could complete his sentence Gustav cut him off.

"Send someone else," Gustav stated before turning around to face the officer behind the counter.

Everyone eyes slightly widened in astonishment but upon recalling that this was Gustav they weren't so surprised. No normal officer would tell off a General, talk more of a grand general.

Gustav had already began receiving information on the current state of Luchan City as he ignored Grand General Sourkrat behind.

"It's an important mission with high priority," Grand General Sourkrat voiced from behind.

"So is this," Gustav responded from in front.

"Or do you wish for the city to be lost forever?" Gustav questioned.

"The officers there are handling it. Everything will be taken care of in due time," Grand General Sourkrart said.

"It won't. It might be too late if I don't head there as soon as possible so whatever mission you wanted to send me on, pick someone else," Gustav voiced out before turning around to leave.

Grand general Sourkrat had a slightly suspicious look as he stared at Gustav walking away.

Gustav was now at the Major rank in the MBO so he pretty much could send himself on a mission now if he wanted to.

However in cases where higher ups still wanted to send him on a particular mission he would still have to comply but Gustav didn't care about that.

He had decided to completely ignore whatever mission the MBO initially wanted to send him on and deal with the current Luchan City predicament instead.

Grand General Sourkrat couldn't really do anything in this aspect. Gustav's was the rebellious type like his teacher and not one that could be controlled easily like Jack.

Jack still had respect for the higher ups and would not outrightly refuse a mission unless he had a very standard reason for it, of which he would explain properly.

However Gustav didn't really care about that and General Sourkrat could tell it wouldn't be wise to force Gustav to embark on a mission he didn't want.

Back then when the higher ups did the same to miss Aimee, she ended up failing the missions. It wasn't that she couldn't successfully complete them but she didn't want to and she didn't care that it would affect her rank.

The MBO would take most of the blame anyways and it would be a bad dent in their powerful image. Grand general Sourkrat didn't doubt that someone like Gustav who had the same person as his teacher would be any different.

Who knows if he might even sabotage the mission and make things worse.

Grand general Sourkrat sighed before walking away to replan the whole mission with a whole different squad.

'What about those other skilled cadets? I should give them this opportunity...' He thought as he walked away.


Gustav arrived on one of the floors in the MBO where all sorts of Aircraft were parked. This wasn't one of the s.p.a.cecraft floors so it wasn't in s.p.a.ce but it looked just as large.

Gustav approached one of the pilots here and voiced out.

"To Luchan City,"

"Officer Crimson, I'm afraid I would need clearance first," The pilot voiced out.

"I am clearing you with my authority as a Major," Gustav voiced out as he brought out his badge.

The pilot's eyes widened slightly as he placed his hand on his chest and saluted with a look of respect.

"Yes sir," He voiced out before moving towards one of the aircraft.

Only a few people knew that Gustav had been promoted to the major rank. It wasn't done in public. The MBO higher ups had called him to decorate him with the new rank in private.

If he was still at the captain rank he wouldn't have been able to do this.

Gustav followed after him and boarded the aircraft. In a few seconds they got access to leave the building and flew out through the spatial opening at the edge.


Within a area with a ground full of reddish looking cubes an armor like vest could be seen floating in the middle as it sent out occasional weird discharge of energy.

The skies had a ma.s.sive bodies of water flowing to and fro like waves with weird looking creatures could swimming in it.

The entire environment was extremely strange and greenish winds could be seen blowing about from time to time.

It was obvious that this wasn't earth but it was unknown where this strange place was located.

Endric could be seen moving slowly taking one step after the other on this ground of reddish cubes that covered a radius of several thousand meters.

His aim was obviously the floating vest in the middle of this area but it was proving extremely difficult to get there.

The energy being discharged from the vest made it difficult to take steps forward the closer one got.

It was already difficult to transverse the normal cubes ground since one legs would be sinking into them with every step taken but now it was worse due to the energy this vest discharged.

Currently Endric had managed to close in the distance between him and the Vest in the last five days where he arrived within the area of red cubes.

The creatures swimming in the body of water above had tried to eat him multiple times as he moved forward but he had managed to protect himself despite getting slower with every Advancement.

Right now he was only about a hundred feet away from the vest and his entire body was soaked in blood from the sole of his feet to his head.