The Bloodline System - Chapter 971: Copying The Data

Chapter 971: Copying The Data

Chapter 971: Copying The Data

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


"No we don't," Gustav stated with a strong tone.

"Oh," A wry smile appeared on Amira's face as she let go of the cloth and bit her lower lip in embarra.s.sment.

"Just don't do anything funny when you have my body," Gustav didn't know why he felt the need to say this.

"You too don't do anything funny with my body,' She rebelled.

"I am an upright man," Gustav said with a righteous tone.

"I am an upright woman too... but..." Her face turned red as she began to picture some steamy scene in her mind.

"You don't look very upright right now," Gustav stated with a suspicious tone.

"Shut up," She said as she snapped out of her thoughts.

"Let's do it," Her face turned determined as she moved closer to Gustav.

"Hnmm," Gustav nodded and reached out to place his hand on her face.

"Tell me if you start to feel unbearable pain," Gustav said as he activated an ability.

[Flesh Warping Has Been Activated]

Wriggling sounds echoed in the room in the next instant with Amira gritting her teeth with a slight look of discomfort.


Many minutes later the same two people as earlier stood in the room but unlike before, the male had a female outfit and the female was wearing an MBO uniform.

"It's done, go check a mirror," The lady voiced out.

"Your face, or rather my face... you have my face already," The man voiced out with a look of disbelief.

These two were obviously Amira and Gustav who now had each others ident.i.ties.

Amira quickly moved towards the mirror to check her looks and noticed she had Officer Tantrum's exact body features.

A smile appeared on her face meanwhile Gustav stood behind her.

"We just need to switch clothing now," Gustav voiced out with a girly tone.

Gustav had made use of Flesh Warping to make Amira look like Tantrum while Gustav had made use of shape-s.h.i.+fting to look like her.

It was relatively easy to turn himself to her but he had struggled with turning Amira to Tantrum. This was the first time he was using Flesh Warping to turn a live human into someone else.

He had only used it on corpses and to blast a live human to pieces so this one wasn't easy. However Gustav was able to pull it off because he had built experience using Flesh Warping regardless. Amira was lucky she wasn't blasted to pieces.

After exchanging clothes they both gave each other final warnings and proceeded to leave the room after deciding to meet here in the next twenty three hours.

Gustav had everything Amira possessed at the moment. Key cards, money... practically everything in her storage device while Amira had everything Tantrum possessed in his storage device as well.

Gustav wasted no time in moving towards the teleportation elevator at the end of this room. He maintained Amira usual jolly expression.

He instantly took the elevator to the 627th floor.


He arrived there in a second and used a key card to gain access to the floor.

Since this floor had limited access, only one or two scientists could be seen moving about the corridor. When they spotted Gustav, they greeted respectfully with smiles.

Gustav greeted back and even engaged in small talks with them like Amira would before progressing further.

Gustav knew exactly where he was going so he wasted no time in heading towards the southwest corner.

In a few he had arrived there and was now in a very large hall s.p.a.ce with rows and columns of floating looking tabloids. Since it was still midnight there was practically no one around here.

Scientists were always working on one thing or the other but they also needed rest so only a few of them would be seen moving about at midnight but since this floor wasn't accessible to everyone in the first place, n.o.body could be seen in this part of the floor.

Gustav's eyes were focused on a particular part of this s.p.a.ce as he walked through the midst of these multiple floating data with different labels.

'Why does the bureau confiscate so many research'?' Gustav wondered as he noted the different categories and names of these confiscated research that sounded like inventions that could really be useful.

Gustav understood that some research might spell instability and may be dangerous for the public if allowed to continue but what about cases like Scientist Zil.

'What exactly is their motive for confiscating something that could potentially save the world?' Gustav questioned internally because it didn't make sense to him.

They should be funding his research so he could find out more about this subject but they did the opposite.

Gustav was intellectual enough to know that Scientist Zil wasn't the only person this had happened to so he was sure not every reseach here was dangerous or unstable. The government was just trying to stop it from being furthered.

'I'll dig into that later when I have the time,' Gustav decided as he arrived in front of a section.

'Interdimensional travel/Displacement'

Gustav walked in the midst of this category as his eyes swept across the place. He knew exactly where he was going but he was taking note of these other reseachs that had been confiscated.

He noticed that the name of some had a kind of semblance to that of Scientist Zil's but still seemed quite different.

He suddenly paused his footsteps as he noticed one by the five places to the right.

'Warp demolator theory'

Gustav eyes were locked on this particular one because it was named after a term that had been mentioned in Scientist Zil's reseach.

'Looks like there are others who might have the same or similar knowledge about this matter with Scientist Zil,' Gustav said internally before he kept moving along.

In a few seconds he arrived in front of the one he had been searching for.

'Planetary Placement Dimensional Theory'

Gustav stared at the floating tabloid shaped item in front with the glowing label above it.

'System are you ready?' Gustav asked.

("Way ahead of you... I have began copying the data already,")The system responded.