The Bloodline System - Chapter 972: Gathering Even More Data

Chapter 972: Gathering Even More Data

Chapter 972: Gathering Even More Data

'Good,' Gustav said internally as he stood in place waiting for the system to copy the data completely.

According to the system, despite the large amount of data computed within, it would only take a minute.

("Data successfully copied,")

The system gave him feedback before long, causing Gustav's eyes to lit up with a gratified look.

'Is there room to copy one more?' Gustav asked as he turned to stare in a particular direction.

("The Warp Demolator Theory?") The system already knew what Gustav had in mind.

'Yeah,' Gustav responded internally.

("There are at least four more reseach in this category with lots of similarities to Scientist Zil research... should I just copy them all?") The system inquired.

'Yes, we need every bit of information we can get. Who knows if any of them might end up being useful,' Gustav said internally.

("Alright then I will co...") While the system was speaking, Gustav sensed someone coming from up ahead.

He moved to the side and spotted another Scientist coming from up ahead. Gustav knew not to react suspiciously so he acted like he was inspecting the data in front of him.

"Young miss Amira?" The person coming from up ahead voiced out as he closed in the distance.

He had curly hair and looked no older than thirty with a slightly tanned skin.

'She's really popular amongst these guys...' Gustav nearly facepalmed.

It seemed like Amira could not go anywhere without being recognised by the others around here.

"Hey Arjun," Gustav voiced out with a soft tone as he waved and smiled.

"It's truly you... I'm surprised to see you on this floor," Scientist Arjun stated.

Gustav was able to tell his name because he saw right through the scientist's pocket where his name tag was kept.

Amira did mention to him that she was rarely ever seen on other floors which was the reason for Scientist Arjun surprised expression.

"Haha I just came here to check out some interesting dimensional research," Gustav responded with a light chuckle.

"Oh I remember this one. Your mother was adamant on us making more research on it after we confiscated it," Scientist Arjun stated with a reminiscing tone.

"Hmm? She was?" Gustav voiced out.

"Yes, so we ended up conducting investigations based on the findings of the scientist who originally started the research," Scientist Arjun responded.

"So how did it go? Did you guys end up finding out more?" Gustav inquired with a look of curiosity.

"It's still undergoing in another private research facility. The information gathered is not enough which is why its taking so long for anything substantial to be discovered but I don't know why your mother is so adamant on not leaving this particular topic alone," Scientist Arjun revealed.

"I take after her in that aspect. Once I am interested in a subject I don't back down till I uncover everything I need to," Gustav said with a smile.

"Truly that is a trait of your mother's haha," Scientist Arjun voiced out before walking away.

"Nice chatting with you young miss. Should you need any help don't hesitate to come ask," He voice trailed off the further away he got.

The short dialogue had left Gustav with a lot of thoughts.

He wasn't surprised that there were other private facilities owned by the government where they conducted some experiments based on some of the research here.

He just didn't think they were doing anything about this particular one.

From the looks of things they still wanted to sweep the theories to one side but Amira's mother still wanted them to keep researching about this.

'I might need to have a discussion with her mom,' Gustav thought as he moved closer to the next data he wanted the system to copy.


Within an area with green colored winds blowing about, a 5'9 kid could be seen moving forward.

The skies were made of waves. It was a ma.s.sive body of water and weird looking creatures could be seen swimming in it.

While the ground was made of weird looking cubes that made walking a bit difficult.

Up ahead within a swirling wave of green wind,

armor like vest could be seen floating.

The cubes surrounding that vicinity were all red in color and the armor like vest kept sending out a weird discharge of energy.

The more the curly black haired kid closed in on the area of the vest the intense the energy became.

"It's worse than I expected," Endric voiced out as he slowly moved forward.

With every step his foot sank into the cubes, making it a big difficulty to tread forward faster.

However Endric was not looking to be fast, he knew he had to tread softly so this speed was not a problem for him.

As he reached a proximity of nine hundred feet from the vest, be could see the vicinity clearer.

The red cubes on the ground surrounding that area were not originally red.

The stench permeating the green colored air was one that Endric was already familiar with.

"Blood," He muttered underneath his breath as he stepped into the circle of red cubes on the ground surrounding the vest.

His boots were already getting sticky from the blood soaked cube area as he took steps forward.

The most insane part about all this was that the area of cubes drenched in blood surrounded a radius of more than three thousand feet.

Which would make one wonder just how many people or creatures died here.

But the most baffling part was, there were no bodies in the vicinity or any signs of corpses. The whole place was just drenched in blood from an unknown source.

However, Endric was about to find out why this whole place was drenched in blood.


Endric had only taken three steps forward on this blood soaked cubes ground when loud screeches were heard from above.

"Ugh!" He groaned in pain as the sound reverberated loudly across the vicinity.

The Instant Endric looked up, his eyes widened in shock.