The Bloodline System - Chapter 970: Switching Identities

Chapter 970: Switching Identities

Chapter 970: Switching Ident.i.ties

"We didn't get to finish our previous conversation... Can you join me for lunch again today?" She asked.

"I have to work... but maybe in an hour," Gustav responded.

"That will be great. I'll be expecting you on this floor cafeteria in an hour," She said before walking away with a face full of smiles.

Gustav could tell that Amira was already starting to crush on Officer Tantrum since she went this far just to get him here.

This was the best outcome for Gustav as he could push his next plan forward and get this over with.


"So you were saying something the other time," Amira voiced out with a cutlery in her grasp.

"Hmm? Remind me," Gustav said before taking a small bite of food.

"You said you had an idea..." She responded with a look of curiosity.

"I don't recall," Gustav stated before gobbling on another piece of meat.

"Oh come on don't play dumb now," She said with a look of curiosity and desire.

She was hoping whatever Gustav had in mind would help them get closer because she was really starting to like him.

This made her curiosity even more heightened.

"Oh that? It's nothing pfft," Gustav laughed a little as he took a gla.s.s of juice.

"Please don't hold back, tell me what you had in mind," She didn't seem like she was ready to back down anytime soon.

Internally Gustav was glad but on the surface he acted like it was gonna be bothersome.

"Okay okay," He finally gave in while putting down the cutleries in his hands.

"Remember we talked about how I wished to be a scientist and how you wished to be a part of the MBO but we both didn't get what we wanted because of our family?" Gustav asked.

"Yes I do," She replied.

"Good... what if I told you that there was a way for us to make that happen temporarily," Gustav voiced with a low tone while moving his face forward for her to hear him clearly.

"A way for me to become a part of the MBO or a way for you to become a scientist?" She questioned.

"Both... but only temporarily though," Gustav clarified.

"How is that even possible?" Amira was starting to think Gustav was joking or something.

"It is... There is a way we can switch roles for a brief period of time. You get to experience life as an MBO officer during this time and I get to experience life as a Scientist. Its a win win for both of us and when we're had our fun we can switch back. No one will ever know," Gustav explained in a low tone.

"I'm still missing the part of how this is even going to be a possibility in the first place," Amira voiced out with a disbelieving look.

Gustav smiled before responding, "Just meet me in my room at 12 midnight if you're interested. I'll explain more if you show up,"

After saying this, he stood to his feet and headed out of the cafeteria.

Amira sat in place with a bewildered and contemplative look as she digested everything Gustav had said here today.

'Can he truly make it happen?' This was the thought that mostly ran through her mind as she sat there.

Gustav went on to continue his work, surveiling the floor for the rest of the day.


In a flash midnight had arrived and Gustav took another break saying he was headed for the bathroom to clean himself up. He just gave a little excuse about someone spilling something on him.

Instead Gustav headed to his room which was on the 724th floor. Half of this particular floor was the area of accommodation for MBO officers.

Gustav was able to avoid the eyed of the officers around here and head for his room. Since it was his room, he got instant access once he arrived before it and went in to sit.

All he had to do now was wait. He was hoping Amira would take the bait but if she didn't, he would have to initiate plan b since only tomorrow was left.

Kom! Kom! Kom!

Gustav heaved a sigh of relief as he heard the knock on his door. He opened it and a beautiful slim lady walked in.

"I'm interested," Amira voiced out the instant she got in.

"Obviously, if not you wouldn't be here," Gustav said with a smile.

"How exactly how we even going to make this work? What if we get figured out? My mom would really be disappointed and you might get fired," She began prancing about the room as she voiced out.

"Relax okay," Gustav said as he placed his hands on her shoulders to stop her from moving about.

"Listen to me..." He began explaining.


About thirty minutes later, Amira was questioning Gustav about a few things with a relatively calmer expression.

"So I don't have to do much?"

"Nothing ever happens around here and you should know since you've been here for way longer than I have,"

"Hmm, that's quite easy,"

"Of course, you get to move about in an MBO uniform possess technogical tools you can use on a whim and radio communication with a team. You could even fly while surveiling outside a perk unavailable to scientists,"

"If this works, it's gonna be fun,"

Amira and Gustav conversed with excited expressions.

"Do I get access to every floor with your ident.i.ty?' Gustav asked.

"Of course you do. But most times I'm seen on the 257th floor and you also gotta avoid my mother because I already avoid her a lot so it would be suspicious if you didn't," She advised Gustav on things not to do while using her ident.i.ty.

"Alright it's time," Gustav said after they had both given each other enough advice about the new ident.i.ty they would be taking.

Amira placed her hand on the hem of her tank top, trying to pull it off.

"What are you doing?" Gustav asked her.

"We don't need to get naked for it to work?" She inquired.