The Bloodline System - Chapter 966: Dimensional Travel Unavailable

Chapter 966: Dimensional Travel Unavailable

Chapter 966: Dimensional Travel Unavailable

This whole situation had caught Gustav off guard since he was supposed to remain on the 257th floor and keep in contact with Amira to achieve his objective.

If he was made to stay here till the end of the week it would be messing with the plan since the real officer Tantrum would have regained consciousness by then.

Gustav had kept him in a spatial prison but eventually, the spatial prison would lose power if he wasn't there to enforce it which would lead to Tantrum breaking out.

He could access it from anywhere but he couldn't just disappear at any time he wanted to for a long period of time.

He just knew he had to find a way to maneuver this whole situation in his favour.

While Gustav flew around the premises of the bureau he inspected the entire environment. The outside was dimly lit and the oceanic waves falling in were only a few feet away from making contact with the structure. With this amount of depth, the waves should be making contact but when Gustav moved closer to the waves to inspect the weird phenomenon he noticed something.

He tried to touch the waves and noticed that his palm was being repelled by an invisible force.

This force was responsible for not making the waves collide with the structure.

Gustav activated G.o.d Eyes and looked down. At the bottom as well there was not a single drop of water to be seen.

The ground was dry, it was like the waves were being led somewhere else and couldn't penetrate the circle where the bureau was erected.

'This is quite amazing,' Gustav said internally.

'But this energy seems familiar... isn't it...'

("Dimensional and anti-Dimensional energy mixed together,") The system completed his sentence.

'Yeah... that's why it felt so strange and I couldn't identify it at first... how are they able to make use of both of them in the same place?' Gustav was astounded.

("There are brilliant minds here exposed to scientific research not available to the public so it's to be expected that you will see confusing things here,") The system stated.

It turns out the bureau was gatekeeping not only scientific research but technology as well.

'This might also be a problem...' Gustav said internally while still placing his hand on the force that separate their area from the waves falling in.


'This is the purest and highest form of these opposite energies I have ever encountered...' As Gustav got to this point the system could already tell what he was thinking about.

("The level seven Dimensional bracelet has never been affected by Dimensional disruptors... you think it would affect now?") The system asked.

'Only one way to find out,' Gustav said internally as he prepared to make use of it.

-"Hey Newbie, you're not supposed to be there,"

A voice came in from the communication channel.

"Huh?" Gustav exclaimed.

-"The sensors in the control room go off whenever there is contact with the Dimensional barrier... It has been going off repeatedly. We understand you're new but stay away from the barrier,"

"Yes, sire,"

The call ended at this point and Gustav moved away from the barrier.

He continued flying around the building as he came up with different plans.

Turned out the officers in the control room didn't think it could have been an intruder since they were immediately able to tell that the person a.s.signed there was causing the issue.

This made Gustav wonder just how long it had been since the bureau actually had any issue of infiltration or getting attacked.

-"Man this is always boring. n.o.body ever attacks the bureau,"

-"It's been centuries since the last attack which failed woefully because at the time Sir Jack was the one a.s.signed to protect the bureau,"

-"I read about that too, daum he overpowered all the opponents who were aliens that had sneaked into earth with one of our s.p.a.cecraft,"

-"Since then no one had ever tried it which makes things awfully boring,"

-"You all, that doesn't mean you should slack off,"

These were the responses of the others when Gustav asked his question through the team channel.

Even though the Officers were still on the alert, Gustav could tell that they were still pretty laid back. Which meant they wouldn't notice if he disappeared for a little bit.

A few seconds of disappearance was okay but Gustav wouldn't risk anything beyond that.

As this thought came to mind, Gustav activated the dimensional bracelet. He needed to be sure, that dimensional travel was possible at this moment.



Gustav stared at the notification on the dimensional bracelet with an 'I knew it' look.

He thought this might happen from the moment he figured out about the dimensional and anti dimensional field surrounding the entire vicinity.

This was the first time the dimensional bracelet was inefficient under the coverage of a dimensional disruptor.

If the dimensional bracelet had worked he would have returned here in the next instant but atlas the situation had taken a turn for the worse.

'Leaving here might be a bit of a ha.s.sle but it turns out I can still mark this location as a checkpoint,' Gustav was a bit surprised after he noticed this but he deciphered it in the next instant.

'So that's it... Then I just need to make changes to the plans,' Gustav said internally.

'Getting out of here might be c.u.mbersome without bringing about suspicions but it's definitely possible... Might have to cause a ruckus tho,' Gustav thought as multiple plans began to formulate in his head.

("Not a bad plan but don't forget, our main issue is still getting close enough to where the files are stored,") The system reminded.

'Hmm, being outside might not be as bad as I thought... A few seconds' disappearance might go unnoticed so I can do this,' Gustav thought as he brought out a thumb nail-sized circular item.

Gustav proceeded to place this item on his forehead and in the next instant he disappeared.

[Cognitive Concealment Has Been Activated]