The Bloodline System - Chapter 965: Marry Me!

Chapter 965: Marry Me!

Chapter 965: Marry Me!

At the moment she was asking Gustav to join her for lunch since he had not taken a break since he arrived here.

They all had their rooms but unlike the officers, the scientists had resting time and could even leave the bureau whenever they wanted to.

She was disheartened seeing that Tantrum was on this floor every time she came by in the last three days even though he had told her not to worry about it.

Gustav eventually took a break and decided to join her for lunch.

-"Ah seven is taking a break?"

-"He only surveys one floor why does he get to take a break?"

Some of the other teammates were not so satisfied after hearing Number seven was given access to take a thirty minutes break.

Someone from the control room would be taking his place in the meantime.

Some of them had taken one break or the other during the last three days but they felt it was justified since they had to surveil two floors meanwhile Gustav only had to surveil one.

Number five didn't care about their tantrums and gave seven the break regardless.


"Tell me, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?" Amira questioned as they had lunch.

"Mostly reading," Gustav responded before taking a bite at the dish before them.

"You read? What types of books?" She seemed quite surprised as Gustav mentioned this.

"Novels, science, history, martial arts, astronomy... practically everything," Gustav answered.

Amira usually knew the MBO as a combatant force so she had a kind of mentality that they only cared about strength. She didn't believe Gustav was into knowledge so she began to ask him questions.

"Who is the most decorated fictional author to date?" She questioned.

"21st Century, TimVic,"

"Who created a cure for cancer?"

"Scientist Nevaland Chase,"

"Complete this scientific term 'An acting body can only be...'

She kept throwing questions at Gustav from all fields, ranging from science to literature to history and others.

Gustav answered every single question with ease making her look more astonished by the second.

"Don't forget your meal," Gustav reminded her after noticing she had stopped eating and kept staring at him with a look of disbelief.

"Marry me," She voiced out subconsciously.

"Huh?" Gustav exclaimed.

"*cough cough* sorry about that," Her face turned beet red as she coughed repeatedly before grabbing a gla.s.s of juice by the side and downing it.

"Hnmm," Gustav nodded and continued eating.

"I'm just so shocked that you're so knowledgeable... And not just a muscle head with a handsome look," She said with a fawning look.

Gustav looked unmoved in reality but internally he was smiling because things were going exactly as planned.

"I know a lot more than you think. If my family wasn't led by a Commander from the MBO I would be a scientist by now," Gustav voiced out as he drank from a cup with a calm look.

"Looks like you're not in the MBO by choice, I know how that feels. I also wanted to be something different myself but my mother dragged me into this line of work because of my high intelligence," Amira voiced out with a relatable tone.

"So what did you wanna be then?" Gustav asked.

"I actually wanted to join the MBO but I was born with a C grade bloodline and my parents love compet.i.tion. They didn't think I could become the best with a C grade bloodline so I should have been a scientist since with my IQ I could do pretty well in the science world so long as I was taught properly," Amira voiced out lengthily.

"Don't be mistaken I do love my job as a scientist and already have a few accolades to show for it but sometimes I wonder how things would have become if I had joined the MBO," She added.

"I wonder how things would have become if I had been a scientist too," Gustav voiced out with a tone of defeat.

Both of them kept eating in silence for a bit before Gustav suddenly spoke...

"I have an idea," He voiced out.

"Huh, what is it?" Amira asked with a look of curiosity.

"We could..." Gustav suddenly stopped talking at this point.

"We could what?" She asked.

"Time's up, I need to get back to my post," Gustav voiced out while standing to his feet.

"Oh, when can we do this again?" She asked.

"I don't know when I'll be given the chance to take a break again so I'm not sure," Gustav said while walking away.

Amira had a look of longing on her face as she watched Officer Tantrum walk away.

'Maybe I could ask mum to pull some strings so I can steal him away again,' She said internally.


"Take over watching outside in the meantime. The others are not satisfied so they want you to get a bigger duty post,"

Number five said as she arrived on the floor Gustav was patrolling.

"Oh, you want me to scour the perimeter?" Gustav asked.

"Yeah," She confirmed.

"For how long?" He questioned.

"For the rest of the week. Don't worry I'll give you a smaller area to survey when our team surveillance area changes next week," She said with an expression of rea.s.surance thinking Number seven was asking this because he didn't want to be given a larger area to survey.

She had no idea Gustav was wailing internally as this switch potentially could ruin his plans.

Gustav had no choice but to accept the switch and exited the floor.

In a few minutes, Gustav was flying outside the building.

Some thrusters were shooting out of his back and his feet, giving him the ability to fly without having to make use of his powers.

The area outside he was meant to cover was from the 246th to the 257th floor which was a little over a hundred feet in height but a radius covering over three thousand feet.

Each floor was just that large. There were other Officers a hundred feet higher and below also surveying their own area.