The Bloodline System - Chapter 967: The Situation In Gildian City

Chapter 967: The Situation In Gildian City

Chapter 967: The Situation In Gildian City

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


Gustav proceeded to place this item on his forehead and in the next instant he disappeared.

[Cognitive Concealment Has Been Activated]

His presence also completely disappeared in the next instant completing masking his existence.

[Hover Has Been Activated]


Gustav flew upwards with intense speed, crossing more than two hundred floors in an instant.

Besides the winds that were generated from his flight speed, there was nothing else in the vicinity to be seen since he was currently invisible.


Gustav arrived at the west area, outside the 627th floor and paused his ascent.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

G.o.d Eyes was so so high level at the moment that even the preventive measures put in place to stop anyone from snooping, was unable to stop G.o.d Eyes.

Gustav's sight phased through the icy like walls, peering right through multiple walls and hallways within.

He arrived at a particular part of the floor and began looking around. There were a few workers moving about but none of them were aware of the invisible eyes watching.

'Time Jumps confiscated research area...'

'DNA separation...'

'Bloodline implantation...'

'Multiple s.e.x organ creation...'

Gustav said internally as he looked across some rooms on this floor where reseach had been confiscated.

There were so many categories and he wanted to find the one related to Scientist Zil's research so it would make it easier to find when he finally managed to infiltrate this floor.

("Ten seconds left,")

The system reminded him that he only had ten seconds left of invisibility.

Gustav didn't want to make use of another invisibility tool since he had them in limited amount right now so he had to make sure he found what he was looking for within these ten seconds.

Gustav's eyes finally closed in on an area that was labelled 'Interdimensional travel/Displacement'.

There was no need for a more obvious sign than that for him to figure out that this was the area he was looking for.

'There's at six hundred and thirty two confiscated research research in this category,' Gustav was instantly able to calculate the number of confiscated reseach in this vicinity.

There were floating tabloid looking items everywhere with labels on them. Gustav just had to look at the labels to find out which one exactly contained scientist Zil's research.

-"Number Seven report,"

Gustav could hear a call from their team leader the same moment he found the area.



The system was also counting down in his mind the amount of time left till the visibility deactivated.

'Found it,' Gustav also said internally at the same time.

'Southwest corner... 123th section...' Gustav took note of these things before he turned around.


He flew down with immense speed and arrived back at the same spot he was earlier.



The countdown reached zero and Gustav reappeared. He also deactivated Cognitive Concealment at this point causing his presence to return.

-"Number Seven report,"

He heard Number five call in once again after not receiving a response for about five seconds.

"Number seven reporting... clear. The entire environment is cool and calm,"

They would have to report every one hour about the situation of the area they were surveiling. So it was Gustav turn to give his report after the others had given theirs.

There was usually nothing so this had been the same repeated response for a very long time.

-"I wish something would just happen,"

Number one voiced out with a bored tone on their communication channel with a bored tone causing everyone to start laughing.

'Be careful of what you wish for,' Gustav said internally.


-Gildian City

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sounds of flesh ripping and multiple collisions rang out as a battle played out in a particular area.

A ma.s.sive blue illumination surrounded the right arm of a man in uniform as he threw his fist forward causing a shockwaves to spread across the vicinity.


Tens of ash skinned looking humans got blasted backwards as the ground caved in and the demolished building behind got even more wrecked than earlier.

On the other side a star shaped glowing red opening swept forward with intense speed and energy, clearing a wave of the ash skinned looking humans in front.

Red footprints appeared all over the place as the man who was masked dashed forward and grabbed hold of a normal looking man who was trying to escape with a box like item in his grasp.

The entire vicinity was filled with a purplish fog and desecrated buildings. Tons and tons of collapsed buildings could be seen and it was obvious that this city was no longer in use.

"Let's go!" Red Shadow yelled out as he turned around and dashed forward again.


A bunch of these ashy skinned humans, landed exactly where he was standing initially as an ashy fog spread out.

Gradier Xanatus who was about a hundred feet towards the left, leapt away from his position towards Red Shadow.

Bunch of ma.s.sive ashy hands slammed upon the place he was standing earlier and hundreds of ashy skinned humans could be seen charging towards the direction he leapt in.

Red Shadow opened a flower shaped portal in front and jumped in. Gradier Xanatus jumped in after him and it closed up before any of the ash skinned humans got to it.


Sounds of screeching rang out as they arrived at the initial position of the a.s.sailants and were unable to spot them again.

They all had bloodshot eyes as they charged forward with intensity all having one unique look or the other.

Some were ma.s.sive, others were slim and had differences in abilities except for their skin color which happened to be the same.

Hundreds of these creatures with similar skin color could be seen teeming across the vicinity.

They all stared in one direction within this purplish fog enshrouded decimated city and began to charge forward in unison.



"Now you have nowhere to run," Red Shadow voiced out as he slammed the man in his grasp against the ground the instant the appeared in another location.