The Bloodline System - Chapter 964: Red Shadow And Gradier Xanatus Collaboration

Chapter 964: Red Shadow And Gradier Xanatus Collaboration

Chapter 964: Red Shadow And Gradier Xanatus Collaboration

They only needed to bear this for around six months before they were swapped with a new team so they didn't see it as a problem.

Their pay was astronomically increased during this time frame as well. Even though they didn't like getting transferred here, they appreciated the high pay.

Hours into the whole thing, Gustav had already scanned every single floor in the bureau with G.o.d Eyes.

He had taken note of every vent, pipe and intricate workings of the bureau. The next step was to put his plans into motion.

'The files are in data not in papers,' Gustav said internally.

("Well we already prepared for this didn't we?") The system replied in his mind.

'Yeah, are you ready to fill it with different data?' Gustav asked.

("This makes things easier, I only need to do an exchange of data. Nothing will be suspected in the slightest, you just need to get me close enough without making contact,") The system voiced.

'How close?' Gustav asked.

("One foot,") The system responded.

Gustav; "..." 'Practically the same as making contact,'

("Just get there...") The system stated.

'Yeah, the problem isn't getting there... It's leaving here to there without anyone noticing I'm gone or seeing me on the floor that is restricted to MBO officers,' Gustav voiced internally.

("Make use of those intelligent points Gustav,") The system said with a tone of ridicule.

Gustav; "..." 'Puta,'

'I know what to do, it's just going to take some time,'

("Well we still have around five days before he regains consciousness so chop chop be quick,")


-Luchas City

"This was the last scene it went down," A masked man voiced out to a man in Red Colored MBO uniform.

"It's been too long, I can't use my Rewind to see where they came from," The man in the MBO uniform voiced out in response as they looked around.

Currently, they were on the outskirts of a small forest area. Behind them was a small forest while in front of them was the sh.o.r.e of a river.

The sun was already setting and the beautiful river displayed the reflection of its wonderful glow.

There was a big spot up ahead with an ash-coloured stain but besides that, the entire area looked okay.

"I suspected it was from Gildian City but now I'm not so sure," The masked man voiced out.

"Gildian ruined City? Why would you think so?" The man in a Red-coloured uniform with an MBO emblem asked.

"Initially the infected were coming from the west but now I don't think so anymore because this is the south... they came in from the south with borders with Xianting City," The masked man explained.

"Red Shadow, you might be onto something," The officer stated with a contemplative look.

"What do you mean, Officer Xanatus?" Red Shadow asked.

"Gildian is a ruined and unpopulated city with some toxic gases in the air but it's still possible to stay there for some time If one has the right equipment or... if they are powerful enough," Gradier Xanatus began to speak while farrowing his eyebrows.

Gildian City was located on the west side of the city they were currently in. Which was Luchan City.

"If this is a kind of conspiracy whoever is involved might have noticed that things were starting to get suspicious and change their mode of doing things," Gradier Xanatus added.

"But a lot of things still don't make sense... what is the end game with this?" Red Shadow said with a look of confusion.

"That's what we need to find out... but one thing we can be sure of is, it's nothing good so we have to stop it before it actually comes to fruition," Gradier Xanatus responded.

"So we're going to Gildian City again then?" Red Shadow asked.

"Again?" Gradier Xanatus questioned.

"Last time it was with the young miss when we were on that last operation," Red Shadow explained.

"Oh the young miss," A smile appeared on Gradier Xanatus's face as he voiced out.

It turned out Red Shadow and Miss Aimee had gone there in the last year since it was linked to their previous mission together.

"I hope she's okay wherever she is," Red Shadow's face could not be seen at the moment but he was smiling under the mask as well.

"She'll be fine. It's her after all," Gradier Xanatus said as he turned to move towards the hover car behind.

"Yeah I'm sure," Red Shadow responded as he followed after him.


-The Bureau Of Cities Research Center

-"I'll wait for sure if you want me to,"

"No don't worry I still need to work,"

-"You could just take a toilet break and join me,"

"Maybe next time,"

-"Oh come on don't be like this. You won't die if you go out with me you know?"

"...Okay then I'll take a break,"

-"Yes, I'll be waiting in the centre cafeteria,"

Gustav's discussion with a young female scientist ended this way.

It had already been three days and during his time here Gustav had been getting friendly with some scientists.

Three of them in particular just to fish for information he might have missed and due to the information he had received, he made friends with one more...

Amira Tabitha...

This young scientist happened to be the daughter of a well-known female scientist who worked in the bureau. She was amongst the top researchers here, high up the hierarchy.

Of course, Gustav's reason for getting close to her was related to his plans.

Gustav didn't have to really act while using Tantrum's ident.i.ty because no one here knew him in the first place so he couldn't arouse suspicions with his personality unless he did something out of hand.

Amira Tabitha who was obviously swooned by Tantrum's charms mixed with Gustav's suaveness had been getting really friendly with him.

They would occasionally have brief discussions every time Gustav walked by the area she was walking. From there she had taken a liking to him despite the short period they had known each other.

At the moment she was asking Gustav to join her for lunch since he had not taken a break since he arrived here.