The Bloodline System - Chapter 963: Difficulty Level Increased

Chapter 963: Difficulty Level Increased

Chapter 963: Difficulty Level Increased

Lots of people moving about in white outfits could be seen with some placing some information into holographic computers.

Multiple libraries made some information available in general. They had books on paper and also some circular objects that stored information.

These floated in mid-air with tons of different categories all visible and outlined to make things easier.

There were also lots of laboratories within the bureau.

Different scientific research was being put to test because one of the works of the Bureau was to test out some new inventions they found suspicious and make sure it was safe before they would be allowed for public distribution or get access to be shown to the world.

The guards began explaining to the seven which area their team would have to cover for the next week before they swapped with another team.

It had been explained initially before they were brought here how despite the bureau having up to a thousand floors, they still managed to keep the place secure with just seventy MBO officers.

The MBO didn't want to send too many here which was why they sent officers who had reached this rank in the MBO because they knew they were more effective.

Gustav already knew about the bureau being this ma.s.sive which was why he took so much time to make plans.

With it having over a thousand floors, Scientist Zil's research could be hidden anywhere.

He had spent his time trying to find out exactly where it was located but there was barely any information coming out of this place so Gustav didn't know much.

He only knew the floor which he had to go to find research that was confiscated during the same time frame as Sir Zil's.

This was the highest he was able to figure out without drawing suspicions to himself and he had decided he would use it to the best of his capabilities.

He had successfully Infiltrated, the next step was getting the research without arousing any suspicions or anyone figuring it out.

Gustav wasn't really listening to the Officers who were giving the brief info about the bureau, instead, he was looking around at the thousands of holographic screens in mid-air and the number of MBO officers seated in this control room.

However, even with this, Gustav could hear them clearly and still focus on the other places his eyes were searching at the same time.

His eyes closed in on one of the screens at the left corner, 'That's the west side of floor 627...' Gustav said internally.

'The other screens show the different areas on floor 627...' Gustav thought as he looked at the other screens lined up.

'There's a conference room on that same floor so I guess it's one of the labelled no-go areas in the bureau,'

The Guards had mentioned that some places were off limits for them and it was particularly the floors that had conference rooms.

It looked like the government didn't want the MBO or anyone snooping in on their confidential scientific-related plans.

They used the conference room every week and there were times when a higher-up from the government would have important meetings with them relating to some new plans that would affect the public.

The entire building was government property after all.

'Things might get a little tougher since I have to infiltrate a building off access to the officers,' Gustav thought.

After some time, they were shown the area they were meant to cover as the new team.

Number five was given team leader and she held onto the device that could be used to contact all ten teams simultaneous if anything ever happened.

The others were given communication access within the team so they would be able to report any suspicious findings in their own area where they were supposed to watch.

After a few more minutes the team headed to the teleportation elevator that took them down to the 246th floor.

They were meant to cover from the 246th floor down to the 257th floor.

Five of them would be covering two floors and one person would be covering the last floor while the last person would have to cover the outer perimeter of the number of floors they were given.

Number five went on to give each person their a.s.signed floors and when it got to Gustav's turn, he was given the 257th floor.

He was the only given one floor to cover while Number 25 herself covered the outer perimeter.

Her bloodline didn't grant her the power to fly but the MBO had given them gadgets that made them capable of flight so it wasn't a problem.

Everyone moved to their a.s.signed places and began their duties.

When Gustav arrived on this floor he moved about like he was supposed to watch every nook and cranny of the floor with multiple workers in white moving about the place.

However while this was going on, Gustav was making plans to infiltrate the floor he needed to.

One would wonder how they would ever get a chance to take a break with the entire number of floors they were supposed to survey but amongst the number of teams, there was a backup team that would step in after a week for each team.

MBO officers at this rank and level of strength could stay up to a month without taking food so they were required to be watchful for a week.

However, they were still allowed breakfast, lunch and dinner along with toilet breaks during the one week and someone from the control room would be subst.i.tuted until they were done.

The MBO officers in the control room weren't amongst the team of seven.

They were a separate force and they were never swapped like the others.

The only thing they weren't allowed during that timeframe was sleep. Mixedbloods were quite powerful at this level so all of these things weren't a problem.

Even if they didn't get to sleep it wouldn't be a problem.