The Bloodline System - Chapter 962: Arriving At The Bureau

Chapter 962: Arriving At The Bureau

Chapter 962: Arriving At The Bureau

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


-"Ahh let me savor the picture of my savior one last time then,"

This was the dialogue of two male officers chatting opposite Gustav.

Gustav saw the other officer open a picture file on his gadget and surprisingly Gustav picture appeared on the screen of the gadget.

His next action nearly made Gustav puke.


The officer planted a saliva filled kiss on the screen of the gadget right on Gustav's lips on the picture.

"Number two, what the h.e.l.l are you doing?" Number three yelled from the side.

"What? I'm in love with officer Crimson, or am I not allowed to?" Number two said with a slightly girly voice.

Gustav felt the urge to throw up once more but he held it in.

"Number seven you want some?" Number two asked while showing Gustav a picture of Gustav.

"Nah I'm good," Gustav responded.

"I was never gonna share him with you anyways," Number two stated with a hmph.

'...oookkaayy,' Gustav said internally with a slightly awkward look.

"Don't mind Number two he's been that way since he arrived here," Number five voiced out with a feminine tone from the side.

The person sitting beside Gustav was the only lady on the team.

"Hmm I see," Gustav responded.

"Seven this is your first time serving at the Bureau right?" She asked.

"Yeah it is," Gustav responded.

"Then you can always come to me for help," She said with a smile.

Everyone here was older than Gustav so he could tell Number five was trying to play the role of a big sister at this moment.

"Sure, I'll bother you when I need help," Gustav responded.

The flight was scheduled to be around two hours since they were in quite a speedy aircraft.

It turned out a team of MBO mixedbloods were being swapped out for this particular team. Usually there were around ten teams of officers tasked with the security of the bureau and now that a team was being swapped out, this team would be taking care of the previous team duties.

These rounds were usually swapped every six months so it would take another six months before this team would be swapped again.

Gustav had stole the ident.i.ty of another officer he currently held in captive unbeknownst to them.

This officer had been in the MBO for about a year so he was still relatively new compared to the others but then his rank was the same as the others because he had climber up pretty fast even though it couldn't be compared to Gustav's speed.

Everyone here was a Kilo ranked except for the officer whose ident.i.ty was stolen by Gustav so it was convenient enough for Gustav to use his ident.i.ty.

The original Officer Tantrum was out cold and Gustav knew he only had limited time before he regained consciousness.

He had to be done and out of here before the time came for him to regain consciousness.

A timer was set in Gustav's dimensional bracelet that would instantly teleport him out of there when it was time for Officer Tantrum to regain consciousness.

The main objective was to retrieve Scientist Zil's files without any suspicions.


About two hours later they an area within the ocean was spotted where waves were not being generated. This part of the ocean was quite calm and in a few they had spotted a ma.s.sive cave in within the ocean with an outstanding circular shaped structure in the middle.

The structure at the top resembled ice that was shaped like an onion. It was really large and the airplane slowly descended as it arrived in that area.

Mixedbloods could be seen flying around the place and one of them paused in mid air a few feet away from the aircraft.

~"Confirming Aircraft Serial code,"~

A call was coming in from the Mixedblood in front and the pilot answered with the expected Aircraft code.

They were given clearance for landing and an invisible opening appeared on the forcefield surrounding the structure.


They landed on the west side where a small private hanger was exposed. Two MBO officers were already awaiting them and stood in place as they got off the aircraft.

"Officer Mila," Both officers saluted with a look of respect the moment they all filed out of the aircraft.

It turned out that Officer Mila was the main officer in charge of the MBO officers securing the bureau. She nodded at the officers and they led them to the small stairway that led to the top floor on the bureau.

Gustav and the others arrived at a hallway top floor and followed the officers who were initially waiting for them at the roof.

The entire place was made of icy like walls so even the walls were translucent along with the floors. They pa.s.sed by some people working here who were clad in whitish outfit.

Every person working in the Bureau of Cities Reseach Centre was a scientist or relayed with science and technology in one way or the other.

The white uniform was their outfit so besides people in white the only other color that could be seen in the bureau was that of the MBO.

The two officers lead all seven of them to a particular place within the top floor that was exclusive to the MBO officers only.

When they got into this place, the found out it was the operating room for cameras all across the bureau.

There were lots of holographic screen lined up in mid air that displayed scenes from every single floor within the bureau. The bureau apparently was as big as as an MBO tower.

There were over a thousand floors and there were other screens displaying different angles outside the structure which also showed how the waves outside were falling in without making contact with the building.

The only reason the Bureau wasn't reaching the s.p.a.ce like any of the MBO towers despite being as large was because it was erected in the middle of the ocean.

The ocean was quite deep itself.