The Bloodline System - Chapter 961: Travelling To The Bureau

Chapter 961: Travelling To The Bureau

Chapter 961: Travelling To The Bureau


"I can connect you to someone who might be able to a.s.sist," Gustav stated.

Through the mask, Red Shadow's face lit up with a hopeful look as he asked, "Who?"


A few minutes later Gustav had gotten off the call with Red Shadow after giving him the contact details of who he wanted to link him up with.

It turned out that Red Shadow had been in contact with Gustav for the past week about a particular situation.

The agency Red Shadow worked with had a mission for him where someone had asked them to investigate the increasing numbers of ashy-infected people lately in a particular city.

According to the reports it had been taken care of by the MBO at the time but then the infected mindless people kept coming back.

At first, they came in groups of ten and then it kept increasing even though the MBO would usually take care of the situation quickly before it got out of hand.

However, it was starting to look like a pattern and the person who gave the mission to the agency Red Shadow worked with felt they weren't safe anymore within the city walls because these infected people kept coming back.

Red Shadow inspected several and it was proven that the city had been neutralized of ashy infected people several times and they had ways of scanning across the city for any infected people before it graduated to a stage of insanity.

This meant the infected ones that had already gone insane were coming from somewhere else.

Red Shadow upon investigating for some time needed backup and informed the MBO that there might be a conspiracy somewhere.

The infected would usually turn mindless after some time which would in turn make it look like they were brain dead.

However after it graduated to a stage where their infection could no longer be contained, the infected would turn bloodl.u.s.t. They would still be mindless and unreasonable but they would be out for blood.

These were usually the ones that appeared in that particular city and it had been happening for some time.

Red Shadow was sure that something was up somewhere but he needed to work with others.

After seeing how unreasonable the MBO was, he asked Gustav for help with it but Gustav was busy trying to make plans to complete his quest.

Gustav just sent him to some officers with a plea and they didn't join him in investigating as he expected.

They still doubted that Red Shadow was on to something. If Gustav was directly involved it wouldn't be that way but because Red Shadow was from a private Mixedblood agency, they didn't take him seriously.

Gustav wanted to focus on completing his quest before he gave this situation a thought.

Right now Red Shadow had called to complain again and this time Gustav connected him with Gradier Xanatus who was now a Major Gradier.

Gradier Xanatus was now higher in rank so definitely he could use his power to pull some strings and a.s.sist Red Shadow.


Two hours went by in a flash and Gustav stood to his feet and moved to the mirror.

Currently, he was clad in a brownish uniform with the MBO emblem on his right chest pocket.

Wriggling sounds rang out as his face changed colour and his body turned a bit slimmer with slightly pale skin.

Gustav now looked like a completely different person. He smiled as he tapped on his dimensional bracelet.

'Time to go,' Gustav said internally as he picked a location.


He appeared within private airs.p.a.ce in the next few moments.

His sudden appearance was a bit eye-catching as some of the other officers waiting around here stared in his direction.

This private airs.p.a.ce was secluded from the other parts of this airport. Right in front of it, one could see an MBO emblem.

In this air s.p.a.ce, about six other officers were waiting by the side and it looked like Gustav was the last to arrive.

They were all clad in brown uniforms like him but they all looked older than he was.

"Yo, looks like this young officer is also being added to the ranks," One of them voiced to the person beside him.

Gustav moved to the side and stood a few feet away from the aircraft that was currently booting.

They all waited by the side for about two minutes before a high-ranking MBO officer arrived in their midst.

"Officers, we will be leaving now. I'm sure you all know the drill but introductions will be needed for better cooperation at the Bureau," This high-ranking female officer voiced out as she turned to stare at the first person on the left.

"You start first," She stated.

"I am Officer Gonzales,"

She turned towards the next person who in turn voiced out his name next.

"...Officer Shepherd,"

"...Officer Noah,"

"...Officer Nicole,"

"...Officer Uzumaki,"

"...Officer Cheng,"

When it was finally Gustav's turn, he voiced out his fake name as well, "Officer Tantrum,"


Some of them burst into laughter as they heard that.

"Did you throw tantrums as a kid or what? Hahaha," One of them voiced out while laughing loudly.

The high-ranking female officer gave them a stern glare that caused the place to quieten in the next instant.

Their smiles faded as they took on a look of respect.

"I am Officer Mila and to make things easier I'll just call you all by numbers," She said while raising her hand to point.

"Number one,"

"Number two..."

She gave them numbers according to how they had introduced themselves and Gustav ended up with the number seven.

Afterwards they moved into the plane, strapping themselves in as they prepared for flight.

Some of the officers were already making connections and talking to each other.

Amongst all seven, only one was a female officer while the others were just males.

-"I think we still get the chance to use gadgets right?"

-"No, this is our last chance to use gadgets since we will be busy with surveillance and security when we arrive there,"