The Bloodline System - Chapter 960: Red Shadow's Frustration

Chapter 960: Red Shadow's Frustration

Chapter 960: Red Shadow's Frustration


"You didn't inform anyone because you didn't trust that the information couldn't be compromised since Yung Jo has p.a.w.ns everywhere," Grand commander s.h.i.+on voiced out with a tone of understanding.

"Yes, at the time I decided it was better no one else knew except me," Gustav responded.

"That was indeed a good decision," Commander s.h.i.+on knew at the time he would have felt differently or reacted differently to an MBO officer making such a decision but since it happened to work out and Gustav was able to save them all, he couldn't doubt Gustav's call of judgement.

"Are you going to accept the world leaders offer?" He proceeded to ask.

"Hehe you seem quite worried about that old man," Gustav could already tell that this was the main reason Grand commander s.h.i.+on wanted to discuss with him.

"Indeed I am. The world government is trying to rope you in using the benefits this offers to rope you in so you stay in the office which would, in turn, hinder your potential to become more powerful and they would be able to keep you under control," Great commander s.h.i.+on stated.

"And the MBO also wants me on their side so I can fight all their battles for them and become the next champion of the earth... all in all, everyone wishes to keep me under control, y'all are just using different means," Gustav said with an unbothered expression.

Great commander s.h.i.+on was speechless for a while but then a smile appeared on his face.

"Looks like you're quite self-aware... I keep forgetting that you have outwitted several smart enemies in the past so you're not stupid in the slightest," He said with a slight look of admiration.

"Um okay, old man,"

"So what will you do?"

Gustav paused for a bit as they arrived at one of the entry points of the hall.

"I'll pick the best possible option that favours me. I only care about myself,"


In a flash, a few weeks had gone by since the reward ceremony and the whole hype had begun to slowly die down. Although Gustav was still a worldwide known phenomenon regardless.

Gustav was currently within the MBO tower sitting in his room as he went through some plans.

"Now everything is set, I just need to head there tomorrow," Gustav voiced out as he stared at the holographic projection of a particular place.

This place was surrounded by a body of water, erected within a ma.s.sive hole in the ocean that never got filled up with water.

The structure was a circular shaped one with lots of floors since it extended from the bottom of the ocean to the top.

There were security protocols put in place that surrounded the entire vicinity where this structure was situated and even Mixedbloods flying around.

The security was just as tight as the location where the world leaders were based if not even tighter.

This place was called the Bureau Of Cities Research Center.

It was a place containing every single research-related file that had been conducted on earth. If it didn't have the original it would have a copy unless such research was conducted privately and never registered with the government.

It held knowledge dating back multiple centuries and even those that were hidden from the general public. Some research was also being conducted here as some of the best inventions had come from the bureau.

They had the power to confiscate any research they found dangerous just like how they did with Scientist Zil.

Gustav was now ready to infiltrate the place in search of the rest of Scientist ZiL's research to retrieve it and he wasn't doing this the legal way.

Scientist Zil had mentioned to him that he should never include him in this as it might bring danger to him and his family.

The research was supposed to be dead and buried and he had been warned not to tell anybody about it so if Gustav decided to make use of his current prestige to get the research back legally he felt he might be endangering Sir Zil.

Gustav wasn't the kind of person to repay good with evil recalling everything Scientist Zil had done for him so he decided the best possible way would be infiltration.

Besides the system also gave him that quest so he didn't really have a choice. He just needed to make sure n.o.body ever found out.

With the place being extremely tight in security things would be difficult but Gustav had already made plans on how to get in.

"Two hours more," Gustav muttered after checking the time.

Prrrggg! Prrrggg!

He heard a ringing sound in his head and proceeded to bring out his phone from the storage device.


After picking up the call, the holographic projection of a person in a mask appeared above the phone.

"Red Shadow," Gustav voiced out while raising his eyebrows.

"Look, I didn't want to disturb you again but those idiots won't listen to me," Red Shadow voiced out from the other end.

"Did you tell them in detail about your discovery and show proof?" Gustav asked.

"I did... and those guys just sent a team over to gather the ones I found before taking them back. They don't see the larger picture despite me telling them over and over again.

They say there is no conspiracy and working together with my organisation on a mission was only a one-time thing," Red Shadow voiced out with a tone of frustration.

"They're not jumping on the case?" Gustav asked.

"No, they're not. They don't share in my delusion apparently. No offence Gustav but the MBO is quite dumb to me. You guys need to purge the chain of command," Red Shadow responded with a stare of pity.

"Well... I can't say you're wrong but you gotta try to convince them or work it on your own," Gustav stated.

"Can't you come help out? You're not as stupid as them, I'm sure you see the irregularities too," Red Shadow proposed.

"I told you before, I have something important to attend to. As much as I would like to help, I can't right now," Gustav said while shaking his head.



"I can connect you to someone who might be able to a.s.sist,"