The Bloodline System - Chapter 959: Meeting An Old Friend

Chapter 959: Meeting An Old Friend

Chapter 959: Meeting An Old Friend

During the other times when the ceremony was seeming a bit boring to Gustav, he checked his DMs on social media and noticed something interesting and decided he would act on that later.

At this point, prestigious people from all over were flocking around him and making small talk as they held up cups of wine. Although the ceremony had ended, this was the part everyone liked the most except Gustav.

-"Officer Crimson I a.s.sure you, if you take my daughter's hand in marriage you can have seventy percent of my wealth to yourself,"

-"Officer Crimson do give me a call later okay?"

-"Officer Crimson I would like to propose a partners.h.i.+p with your Crimson Hunting Agency,"

-"Officer Crimson would you tutor my son? He has an A grade bloodline and is a big fan of yours,"

-"Your accomplishments are truly outstanding and I would like to offer you shares in my company,"

All sorts of invitations and proposals were thrown around as these people tried to get in Gustav's good graces.

Some were worldwide known business tyc.o.o.ns and some were mayors or into politics. The staggering amount of socially influential people trying to make acquaintances with Gustav was on another level.

Gustav had managed to escape from their midst after all the incessant babbling had nearly driven him insane.

"We meet again, Gustav Crimson," A smooth feminine voice was heard from behind him.

Gustav paused his foot and turned around to

stare at the owner of this familiar voice.

It was a young and beautiful looking pet.i.te lady with purple-coloured hair packed in a bang.

Her skin looked absolutely dazzling and she was clad in a red and golden coloured short gown that portrayed her attractive curves.

"G.o.ddess Yusha," Gustav voiced out with a smile.

"I thought you were already gone," He added.

"How can I leave without saying hi to our handsome hero and saviour," Yusha responded as she closed the gap between them and wrapped her hands around Gustav.

She laid her head on his chest for a few seconds as they hugged before disengaging.

"You sang amazingly today," Gustav stated.

"Haha thanks, you always look das.h.i.+ng... too bad I can't see you as much as I'd like to," She said with a slightly disheartened expression.

This was the lady known as G.o.ddess Yusha who was a superstar singer known worldwide. She had been singing from a very young age and met Gustav at a party about two years back where they danced together.

That was the first time Gustav was ever dancing with any girl so it was a special moment for him especially when she initiated the whole thing and even proclaimed to like him.

They had since exchanged contact and they would chat once in a while.

Gustav was never really a social media person so he wasn't always keeping in touch with her while she mostly messaged him despite not having a lot of time because of her busy schedule.

This was the second time they were meeting in person since Yusha had been called to perform here.

"I take it everything is going well since I still see you on billboards with new here and there," Gustav voiced out.

"Yeah yeah remember the song I created because I got inspired by your story?" Yusha asked.

"Yeah I do, what about it?" Gustav asked.

"It went on to win a couple of awards for me and was also top one trending on the worldwide music billboards for a long time," Yusha said with a look of adoration.

Gustav didn't really understand how this whole music thing worked but he knew that was a good thing so he congratulated her and they spoke for a few more minutes about other things.

Occasional giggles could be heard from their direction and one could tell that both of them had great chemistry.

"Young miss Yusha, we have to go," A man in a black suit voiced out from behind as he approached them.

"I guess I'll see you again... one day, Gustav," She said with a smile.

Gustav nodded as she turned around to leave with the man.

After moving a few steps forward she paused and turned around. Gustav thought she forgot something but then he spotted a rectangular-shaped paper in her hand.

"My concert is in three months," She said while pa.s.sing the paper to Gustav.

"You're inviting me?" Gustav asked as he received the paper which happened to be a ticket.

"Yes, the details are all there and this is a ticket you can use to bring others in with you if you're not coming alone," Yusha explained.

"Yusha... I'm not sure..." Gustav was cut short before he completed his sentence.

"Please Gustav, I want you to come. I will be very happy if I see you at the frontlines cheering for me," She said with a pleading tone while holding his hands.

"Also, don't you need to take a break from all these missions you undergo in the MBO? Please say yes you'll come," Yusha added while making cute pleading puppy eyes.

"Uh... okay I'll come," Gustav finally gave in and she jumped into his embrace from excitement.

"It's in three months right?" He asked for confirmation.

"Yes three months," She said while disengaging.

At this point, she was smiling sheepishly and turned around while waving.

"I'll see you then," She voiced out before storming out of the hall with the man who came for her earlier.

Gustav stared at the ticket for a few more seconds before putting it away.

"This youngster sure has it easy attracting the opposite s.e.x," A slightly raspy voice was heard from behind, causing Gustav to turn around.

"Grand general s.h.i.+on," Gustav voiced out as he spotted the person who had just spoken.

This man had white and grey hair with a rhombus-shaped green crystal in the middle of his forehead.

His entire existence was oozing with a powerful and mythical aura.

"Take a walk with me," Grand general s.h.i.+on proposed.

Gustav nodded and followed right beside him as they discussed.