The Bloodline System - Chapter 956: Watching Gustav's Moment Of Glory From The Sidelines

Chapter 956: Watching Gustav's Moment Of Glory From The Sidelines

Chapter 956: Watching Gustav's Moment Of Glory From The Sidelines

This was usually the way Gradier Xanatus would pat Gustav on the shoulder and now Gustav was doing the same to him.

"Someone who has no experience should not give out advice on the female gender," Gradier Xanatus chuckled as he voiced out.

"Who says I don't have experience?" Gustav asked rhetorically before throwing a knowing smirk at Gradier Xanatus as he walked forward.

"Hey hey hey, what do you mean by that?" Gradier Xanatus asked as he tried to catch up.

He was a man over thirty years of age and yet this kid was claiming to have more experience than him in the women's department.


Minutes later they were in a vehicle together headed to Plankton City hall while convoys followed them from behind.

The MBO tower was located in the middle of Plankton City but Plankton City Hall was located in the southwest area.

It only took a few minutes of driving before they arrived on the premises. The entire place was swarming with reporters and people with expensive clothing.

Luxurious cars of different types were parked across the vicinity and the ma.s.sive Hall could be seen a few feet ahead.

It was circular like a football stadium but was designed with a l.u.s.trous green and red colour in this slightly exalted area of Plankton City.

The instant they got down from the vehicle they were in, a crowd of reporters had already gathered around them.

The MBO officers in the convoys got out of their vehicles and s.h.i.+elded Gustav and the others from the reporters crowding them.

Cheers! Cheers!

Loud cheers were coming from outside the premises where people who hadn't been invited were positioned. They had spotted Gustav amid the officers guarding him.

Gustav moved with Gradier Xanatus and his subordinates into the ma.s.sive Hall.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

Their presence caused the entire hall to be noisy as the important guests from far and wide all discussed Gustav.

Despite a lot of them being quite prestigious all across the world, Gustav's presence still caused them to stare in his direction with gazes of admiration.

They moved towards the front and took their seat right in front of the east side of the hall. That particular area was meant for MBO officers and behind, one could see a full curtain of people in MBO uniforms seated.

The ceremony was going to begin in the next five minutes so Gustav had arrived just in time. In the front seat, a few grand generals sat beside him while other MBO officers based on rank sat behind.

Every MBO officer present in the city was allowed to be in the ceremony so this particular line and the next were all occupied by MBO officers.

The hall was large enough to contain no less than fifty thousand people but since only a few people were invited there would still be lots of s.p.a.ces around.

Besides the MBO officers only around a hundred people present here were invited.

Two out of the four grand commanders and two out of the seven world leaders had arrived way earlier than Gustav and were seated in an exalted position in the east area.

Gustav already recognised one of the grand commanders to be Great commander s.h.i.+on who he had met at the first base while the second grand Commander was someone he hadn't seen before.

The two world leaders were both dressed up in white robes that had a symbol behind them. Just one of these four people showing up to an event could cause the entire place to turn upside down, talk more of four of them being present.

The two world leaders were referred to as Leader Seven and Leader Five.

According to some talks within the background,world leader one might still show up.

The ceremony began after a few minutes with one of the world leaders speaking on the podium.

"The world was in a state of emergency and nearly suffered a catastrophic situation due to the ploy of one of our own..."

Multiple floating cameras circulated across the place as the event was broadcasted live to the world.

People who were watching from different places could see the screens occasionally change areas being displayed and when it showed Gustav sitting amongst the MBO members there would cheer not just across the city but the world too.

At the same time footage of the city where Yung Jo had spread terror from was being displayed. This made the whole event look even more iconic as people witnessed the gravity of the situation with multiple MBO officers dying and how Gustav saved the day.


Within a mental asylum with multiple people in white uniforms positioned in different spots, a middle-aged woman with short brown hair could be seen seated in front.

She stared at the holographic screen with immense interest.

"That's my son! That's my son!" She yelled out whenever the screen displayed Gustav.

"Shut up wrench, let us watch," A man sitting beside her voiced out.

"You useless old man I will tell my son to get rid of you," She voiced out in response.

-"You worthless piece of s.h.i.+t if he was your son what are you doing stuck in a dump like this?"

-"That's the earth's saviour he can't be a.s.sociated with sc.u.m like you,"

-"Aisshh this woman must be more delusional than I am,"

The others in the vicinity all bashed the middle-aged-looking woman with short brown hair who happened to be Gustav's mother.

Tears began to roll down her face as she argued, "I birthed him! He is an ingrate!"

"Shut it... if we had treated him right we wouldn't be here. We both failed him so we do not deserve to call him our son," Another middle-aged man with dirty blonde hair voiced put from the side.

Both of Gustav's parents had been placed in this asylum for around a year.

They were placed here for suspicions of having mental issues since they treated Gustav wrong and despite their improvements, they still hadn't been released.