The Bloodline System - Chapter 955: Learning About The Captain Rank

Chapter 955: Learning About The Captain Rank

Chapter 955: Learning About The Captain Rank

Gustav understood what he was talking about and voiced out, "Since I am already at this rank that means I can have an entire squad of thirty MBO officers who would answer to me alone,"

"Yes but you would still have to answer to higher ranked officers and whatever they do, their flops and wins will all be on you. If they misbehave you take the fall with them," Gradier Xanatus responded.

"Interesting... And I can pick any officer so long as they are below me in terms of rank?" Gustav asked.

"Yes, except they are in other squads in that case the officer in question would have to write an application to get transferred to your squad. There are special situations when officers from different squads are brought together to go on a mission. In that case, after they undergo the mission they return to their squad," Gradier Xanatus explained in length.

This made Gustav recall his past missions with Darkly and the others. Turned out they were probably in other squads before they were sent on a mission with him.

The new officers were not deployed into squads the instant they finished from the MBO instead they were sent on solo or group missions first with others. Then after some time, they would be placed in squads.

The squad leader who is at the captain or Major rank would decide the entire squad missions or people to send on solo missions.

Squad members could still go on solo missions if they wanted to but that was as far as the Captain didn't have any mission for them during that time.

"It is not necessary I have up to thirty officers in my squad is it?" Gustav asked.

"No you can take your time in scouting for members but there are certain missions you won't be able to undergo if you don't have up to the necessary numbers needed," Gradier Xanatus responded.

Gustav could more or less understand that in a war-like mission they most likely wouldn't let him partic.i.p.ate if he didn't have enough numbers underneath him.

The numbers were a bit of a problem since he didn't like people who he didn't trust to be in his squad but on the bright side this brought about a feeling of antic.i.p.ation.

He knew exactly the people he wanted on his squad even though there were not many of them.

After a few more minutes of talking about the MBO both of them moved out of the training room to go and grab lunch.

Tomorrow was the day of the ceremony and they were both headed there together with Gradier Xanatus's subordinates who joined him in infiltrating Jo technologies.

"I'll have to stop calling you Gradier Xanatus soon," Gustav voiced out as they ate.

Gradier Xanatus chuckled before responding, "I probably won't be promoted much so Gradier is definitely still what you will refer to me as,"

"Looks to me like you might be promoted to the commander rank," Gustav added.

"Probably not, I am not the star of tomorrow's event, you are," Gradier Xanatus said with a reminding tone.

"Meh, I just want it to end quickly so I can go back to my quiet and normal life..." Gustav wanted to go back to dealing with his issues as soon as possible.

"It will all die down after some time, my popularity too. I'm just what is trending at the moment," Gustav didn't sound excited about the whole thing even though he was supposed to.

"Still, it's your moment of glory... Try to enjoy it," Gradier Xanatus stated.


The day went by quickly and the next day arrived. Gustav was awake through the night channelling his bloodline despite knowing today was the D day.

He went on to perform his daily task within the training room and came back to his room to prepare himself.

Gustav took his bath and moved towards the wardrobe area where a wine-colored suit with sparking designs could be seen on it.

Gustav had initially wanted to go dressed in his MBO outfit since he didn't really know what to wear but this outfit was sent by one of the grand generals.

Just staring at it, Gustav could tell it was very expensive.

"I just hope he doesn't want me to marry his daughter or something," Gustav muttered as he took a look at the suit again.

The recent days had been funny with people proposing to him here and there.

Females wanted his hand in marriage and males wanted to give their daughters' hand in marriage to him on social media.

Gustav had gotten millions of DMs already and went through some of them. Some felt heartwarming and some made his belly churn in disgust.

Gustav put on the clothes and looked himself in the mirror. He had cut his hair a little so he was looking well kept and extremely charming.

His figure in the suit was just so exquisite, there was no doubt he would attract a lot of attention to himself even if people did not know he was Gustav Crimson.

Kom! Kom! Kom!

While he was still checking himself out, Gustav heard a knock at the door.

Without even checking he already knew who was there. Gustav turned around and moved to open the door.

"Ready?" Gradier Xanatus asked on the other side of the door.

"I think so," Gustav responded.

"Just look at you... You must be the brother of the devil you divine looking mixedblood," Gradier Xanatus said as he scrutinized Gustav from head to toe.

"You're looking like a fine chipmunk yourself... I mean chap," Gustav voiced out in response.

"Just don't steal my woman," Gradier Xanatus stated sarcastically while moving to the side for Gustav to come out.

"You mean Yumi?" Gustav asked.

He seemed to have taken Gradier Xanatus's words seriously.

"Hmm well we're not a thing," Gradier Xanatus said in response.

"Not yet... but I saw the spark between you two on that day. You should really take the shot Gradier Xanatus," Gustav advised before patting him on the shoulder twice.