The Bloodline System - Chapter 957: Interesting Offer From The World Leaders

Chapter 957: Interesting Offer From The World Leaders

Chapter 957: Interesting Offer From The World Leaders

Gustav's father was a whole lot soberer than his wife and realised his wrongdoing but even though doctors have seen he was better they still couldn't release him.

They were going to spend all of eternity within this mental asylum because a higher authority had stated that those two were never to be released.

It was like a prison for them and they would spend all their time watching Gustav thrive without being able to bask in his glory.

"Let's just watch," Gustav's father voiced out as he kept staring forward.

At this point on the screen, people could be seen going on the podium one after the other.

These were Gradier Xanatus's subordinates who had a.s.sisted in infiltrating Jo technologies.


"Yumi Xiotih,"

A lady in a beautiful red gown stood up from Gradier Xanatus's side after hearing her name.

She moved towards the podium and the world leader stretched out his hand to shake her before handing her a badge of honour.

She received the badge of honour and took a picture with the world leader before moving to the side to stand with her other colleagues.

"The man who led the team himself, Gradier Xanatus," World leader five voiced out.

Gradier Xanatus stood to his feet and moved towards the podium as well while applause could be heard from the spectators.

He shook the world leader's hand and received his honorary badge before moving to stand with the others.

The honorary badges they were all receiving were a world-standing token that meant they would no longer have to pay if they made use of business placed belonging to the government.

It also meant they would no longer need to pay taxes and were world-cla.s.s citizens now. It was a world-standing recognition.

At this point, only Gustav was the only one left while the others had received their honorary badges.

"Finally our man of honour here, the one known as the saviour who had brought down the evil mastermind behind the whole incident, Officer Crimson," The world leader voiced out with a tone of enthusiasm.

Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

Loud cheers rocked the entire city and the world as a whole as people who were also viewing live stood to their feet and applauded as they watched Gustav walk towards the podium.

Gustav felt the entire world was watching him as he elegantly walked toward the podium.

He wasn't in any way nervous instead he was glad this whole thing was one step closer to coming to an end.

The world leader shook his hand and pa.s.sed him the honorary bad that had three golden stars on it, unlike the others.

The world leader began explaining that not only does Gustav get the same benefits as the others but he also gets a fully furnished house in any city he desires and a hover car with a couple of millions in a new bank account.

His material rewards were way higher than the others and it seemed like it hadn't finished there.

"Officer Crimson also gets to visit the oasis to do a one-week channelling session within,"

The entire spectating crowd were astonished as they heard this. The oasis was well known but it was like a myth since it hadn't been mentioned in over a hundred years.

People knew it existed but it had been said that no one was allowed to go near it again but it looked like Gustav would be given that chance.

"Not only this but on behalf of the seven leaders, we are inviting officer Crimson to take the spot of a chancellor and become a part of the world government," The world leader voiced out.


Despite this being a large and unbelievable offer the people understood why Gustav was given such an opportunity.However, they wondered if he would take it.

The two grand commanders had a slight look of surprise on their faces and stared at World leader seven for confirmation.

"So it's true? Gustav belongs on the field not in some office wearing a suit," Great commander s.h.i.+on voiced out.

World leader seven slightly shrugged and voiced out, "The kid should say no if he doesn't want it,"

It seemed like both of them were surprised the world leader seven would allow such a thing to happen.

They could only hope Gustav would turn down the offer but they knew how tempting it looked.

Gustav didn't need to answer right away according to the world leader so he could think about it.

That decision looked like it was taken so the world government wouldn't lose face before the world if Gustav decided to reject them. They knew he didn't care about anyone's position and would always do whatever was on his mind.

After the world leader said a few more things, Grand commander s.h.i.+on who was well known than even the world leaders walked onto the podium.

Grand Commander s.h.i.+on was known for his multiple accomplishments in the past as he had so saved the earth on many occasions before reaching the very top.

Everyone clapped as he arrived on stage and also said a few things.

"All of the officers here are receiving a promotion today and we hope that as you watch their stories unfold you can take motivation from them and become a saviour of earth too one day..." Commander s.h.i.+on voiced out with a strong tone.

The MBO was also rewarding them as this wasn't just a reward ceremony hosted by the world government.


The ceremony went on for an hour more with a few well-known musical artists gracing the podium before it came to an end.

They had told Gustav he was going to make a speech initially but he told them to keep all that bulls.h.i.+t to themselves since he wasn't the type of person to come up and motivate others.

During the other times when the ceremony was seeming a bit boring to Gustav, he checked his DMs on social media and noticed something interesting and decided he would act on that later.