The Bloodline System - Chapter 954: Making Use Of Popularity

Chapter 954: Making Use Of Popularity

Chapter 954: Making Use Of Popularity

"Nah, I am not interested in anything like that," Gustav responded.

"You're the most popular person on planet earth right now, you could use that to your advantage. Lots of endors.e.m.e.nt deals are coming in with lots of companies wis.h.i.+ng to use you to pull in customers. Artists want to feature you in their music videos and even movie directors are willing to spend huge amounts to bring you into a scene in their movies," Gradier Xanatus stated with a tone of fascination.

"Nah I'll still turn all of them down... but I could really use this fame for something else," Gustav said with a contemplative look.

"Which is?" Gradier Xanatus asked.

A wide grin appeared on Gustav's face at this point.


"We bring to you trending articles on social media..."

"Officer Gustav Crimson has announced his business affiliates on his social media account with over two hundred million followers,"

"He seems to have a created a mixedbreed hunting organisation named the Crimson Hunting Agency for about a year now,"

"They deliver the best and a.s.sorted type of Mixedbreed meat according to his recent post on social media...."


No one had heard from Gustav since the whole incident and Plankton City which was initially evacuated had been filled with people again.

Now that Gustav was just coming out with his first statement on social media, his post was trending worldwide.

Gustav opened this social media account about two years back and barely made use of it. Now that he was checking it after a long time, he noticed tons of new followers.

He had over two hundred million followers at the moment which made his social media account one of the most followed in the world.

He decided to use this to promote his business affiliates and hunting agency and his post was currently trending worldwide with multiple media channels reporting about it.

Gustav couldn't help but feel gratified as he received calls from his subordinates about how tons of deals were coming in left and right.

-"Gustav that was a brilliant choice, now the agency can expand to other cities,"

"That's the plan, sorry for troubling you with more workload," Gustav apologised.

-"No need for apologies, I'm always gonna be here to help out. My only request is you take care of my daughter very well,"

"No worries sir... Angy will always be safe with me," Gustav replied with a smile.

After a few more seconds he ended the call with Angy's father and went back to training.

It had only been a few hours since he posted that on social media and he was already getting gains.

Being popular really had its merits if one made use of it properly.


Another day went by and only one day was left till the reward ceremony that would be broadcasted worldwide.

At this point in every part of the world, Jo technologies were being brought down. Some angry mobs had already set fire to their buildings in a few cities.

The public was well aware that Yung Jo was the culprit of the past situation so they were no longer tolerating any building that Jo technologies owned in their cities.

Jo technologies stocks had fallen to a point of no return and what once used to be the most powerful technological-based industry in the world was no longer among the greats.

Now the technology industries that were behind were climbing their way up and trying to take the spot as number one since Jo technologies had fallen.

Mr Jo just stayed out of public sight and never did a press conference or anything like that to try and clear his name.

He was making plans of rebuilding and was barely disturbed because he was still stinking rich regardless of everything that was happening.

Gustav was currently in the training room doing more training but this time with Gradier Xanatus.

Gradier Xanatus had taken Miss Aimee's place for now. Gustav was sparring with him but he was barely able to handle Gustav as Miss Aimee could.

Miss Aimee would not remove her limiters which would place her at the Kilo rank yet she would still be able to handle him with ease. The same couldn't be said for Gradier Xanatus who was at the Delta rank.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sounds of collision rang out as they exchanged attacks repeatedly.

They were both not using their full strengths but the intensity of their attacks was causing the entire s.p.a.ce to tremble despite how much it had been fortified.


One of Gustav's attacks. .h.i.t Gradier Xanatus in his gut causing both of them to separate again.

"That's 5 to 4," Gradier Xanatus voiced out as he landed a few feet away and slid backwards.

"Yeah I win," Gustav said with a smile while his palm was stretched forward.

"Young miss really trained you well... I can't be anything other than a sparring partner to you," Gradier Xanatus voiced out with a praiseful tone.

Gustav really did deserve the praise as he had only been training for less than three years yet he was already this good in combat.

"And maybe I can teach you a few more things about the MBO as well," Gradier Xanatus added.

"That's interesting, sounds like you have something to tell me," Gustav voiced out with a look of interest.

"Nothing relating to a conspiracy but I'm pretty sure you don't know how to properly use the power of your current rank," Gradier Xanatus responded.

"The captain rank?" Gustav asked.

"Yes... Do you know you're ent.i.tled to a squad of thirty MBO officers underneath you," Gradier Xanatus began explaining.

"Usually you would have been placed under a squad after getting out of training within the MBO camp. The squad leader which would be a captain would handle your missions within the squad as well as training and so many other things.

You would literally be answering to whoever the captain was but you're a special case. You practically jumped rank a few times after completing those missions so you're already beyond that stage," Gradier Xanatus paused at this point.