The Bloodline System - Chapter 953: Erasing Some Details

Chapter 953: Erasing Some Details

Chapter 953: Erasing Some Details

The black matter ripped right through the asteroid which began tobreak down in a manner of seconds as parts of it got pulled into the dark matter.

In a few seconds, it was completely swallowed up and disappeared right after.

At this point, Gustav began to fall back down from the sky and activated an energy discharge.


Reddish energy blasted across the vicinity destroying multiple smaller asteroids.


Gustav landed on the ground as the sky began clearing up.

"So the miniature black hole is pretty similar to what Cohilia can do?" Gustav questioned.

("Yes but not quite... Cohilia can devour anything including a black hole but the miniature Black Hole doesn't have the power to do that,") The system explained.

"Interesting... it will work well with physical attacks and projectiles but it won't work against something like the singularity I dealt with underground," Gustav noted.

Besides that, Gustav knew that two black holes colliding or the miniature black hole colliding with the singularity would just make things worse.

It might end up creating something more catastrophic so he understood the situations where he could use the miniature blackhole.

Ko! Ko! Ko!

While Gustav was making his a.n.a.lysis he heard a knock. He proceeded to deactivate the private training room settings and moved towards the entrance.


The door slid open and Gustav spotted Gradier Xanatus standing on the other side.

"Gradier Xanatus,"


Both of them voiced out at the same time as he walked in.

"I went looking for you in your room but you weren't there... had to trace your steps to this place," Gradier Xanatus stated.

"Oh yeah, I just fully recovered my strength so it was about time to get into training again," Gustav replied.

"No wonder there are dents everywhere, you're really going to give this place irrecoverable damage," Gradier Xanatus laughed lightly as he voiced out.

"I even restrained myself," Gustav responded with a look of innocence.

"You know I'm a Delta ranked mixedblood but sometimes I feel like I talking with someone of equal strength when I'm around you," Gradier Xanatus said with a look of suspicion.

"Gee I wonder why when I'm just a mere step two Echo ranked Mixedblood," Gustav said with a light chuckle.

"Mere my a.s.s," Gradier Xanatus stated before they both burst into laughter.

"Why were you looking for me anyways?" Gustav asked after a brief silence.

"Just needed to check on you and also remind you about the report. I've written most of it but there are still some things that elude me on the whole issue," Gradier Xanatus voiced out.

"Oh I'm guessing you wanna ask where I was for the last five days," Gustav said.

"That and we also found out that there was a singularity underground according to Yung Jo moles within the MBO that we caught," Gradier Xanatus said with a look of interest.

"Yeah that's why I disappeared for five days," Gustav stated and proceeded to explain to Gradier Xanatus in detail.

"So you closed the singularity all by yourself?" Gradier Xanatus asked.

"Yeah, I had to act fast or they would have found a pathway to earth and I would have been caught for nothing," Gustav responded.

Gradier Xanatus had a look of astonishment as he heard that.

He still couldn't fathom how Gustav went about it but since Gustav avoided this particular detail he knew Gustav wasn't going to reveal it to him.

"And then you were unconscious for almost a week and woke up in a place where you were restrained," Gradier Xanatus pointed all these out again to be sure he got Gustav's narration correctly.

"Yeah, they probably had no idea that I wouldn't be affected by the bloodline disruptor so they just restrained me normally," Gustav stated.

He decided to keep the whole issue about Hung Jo a secret.

Hung Jo was practically a ghost coming back and no one had an idea about his involvement so Gustav wanted it to remain that way.

"How did you find a way to counter the bloodline disruptor though?" Gradier Xanatus asked.

"I didn't... but I see now that it might be unwise for me to reveal my Immunity to the bloodline disruptor," Gustav said with a look of contemplation.

"Yeah, it would be better if we edited some info out and tell them you found a way to counter it," Gradier Xanatus agreed.

However, Gustav felt if he wanted to change the story he would have to add Hung Jo's involvement and how being in a different s.p.a.ce was what helped him recover his bloodline at first.

The MBO was well aware that being in a different s.p.a.ce, one would be unaffected like the MBO camp but the moment they came out it would take effect but Hung Jo had been going in and out without being affected.

So he was using the same instrument or device Yung Jo made use of. The best way to make it look like Gustav wasn't immune was by saying he stole it off Hung Jo.

To make the story believable Hung Jo would have to be included which would date back to their story from back then when Gustav turned him into a vegetable. Gustav didn't want this to happen.

"You know what, just add that I was unaffected by the bloodline disruptor," Gustav stated.

He wanted Hung Jo's involvement to remain hidden so he decided not to hide the fact that he was immune to the bloodline disruptor.

"Are you sure?" Gradier Xanatus asked.

"Yeah, it's fine. The MBO is already suspicious of my abilities anyways but make sure to add that I have no idea why I was unaffected," Gustav voiced out.

Gustav would rather have them know this than dig back to the past where it might get unveiled that he can steal bloodlines.

Gradier Xanatus proceeded to ask about a few more things and Gustav answered while he jotted down some things.

"People have been coming here every day and we've been chasing them away. Do you plan on meeting any reporters or addressing the general public?" Gradier Xanatus asked.