The Bloodline System - Chapter 952: Retrieval Mission

Chapter 952: Retrieval Mission

Chapter 952: Retrieval Mission

"We let down our guard once with Yung Jo thinking he was on our side when all this time he had been plotting a takeover. It would be unwise to make the same mistake twice," Leader Two voiced out in response.

"As I said earlier, he had every opportunity to work with Yung Jo and take over the earth but he saved us instead. That is more than enough proof that he will always be on our side," Leader Seven stated.

"Always? People change you know? Who is to say that he won't become a big threat in the future with the potential he has? If he becomes as powerful or even more powerful than Jack, how are we sure we can control him?" Leader Two questioned.

"We don't need to have control over him, the kid is on our side, you don't know him as much as I do," Leader Seven stated once more.

"Or you're just letting sentimentality cloud your reasoning since he is a part of the MBO the same way you advocated for Aimee back then," Leader Two argued.

"Is there anything wrong with Aimee? She may not be completely under control but she has never done against the interest of earth," Leader Seven said with a strong tone.

"Enough of the quibbling between you two," Leader one suddenly voiced out.

"We are not going to neutralize someone who has just saved the earth. That makes us no better than savage old men and we might just be destroying a future powerful ally since he might become the most powerful protector of the earth with his current potential..." Leader one added.

Leader seven nodded in agreement as they heard this.

"However we cannot overrule his potential danger as well since a lot of things Gustav Crimson is a mystery... So we will just keep watch over his actions in the meantime and eliminate him in the future if he proves to be a threat... he still has a long way to go before becoming as powerful as our number one, Jack," Leader One stated lengthily.

"You're right Leader one," Everyone agreed with this idea to keep watching Gustav.

Since it would still take a long time before he could stand toe to toe with the most powerful Mixedbloods on the planet, Gustav could still be eliminated in the future if they saw him as a danger to earth.

"In the meantime why don't we all prepare for the upcoming ceremony to reward our saviour,"


-The MBO Camp

"Did you hear?"

"Hear what?"

"Everyone's talking about it, Gustav..."

"What about Gustav?"

Angy and Matilda sat in Angy's room as they discussed.

"I can't believe you haven't heard about it," Matilda voiced out with a tone of disbelief.

"Just tell me already," Angy sat up with a look of interest as she voiced out.

"Okay okay, so this is what happened..."


While both of them were discussing about the recent situation, the entire camp had heard about Gustav's recent accomplishment.

The cadets were not usually given access to communicate with anyone outside of the MBO but the ones who were related to science were not heavily restricted like the others.

They could call the outside world every once in a while and one of them heard about what happened from their family members.

From there the person told others and now it had spread all across the camp like wildfire.

n.o.body knew the full details since calling the outside world had limited time but they understood that Gustav had accomplished something phenomenal once again.

E.E, Aildris and Falco who were training together at the moment had also heard about it.

They had decided they wouldn't slack off so they can catch up as soon as possible with Gustav and also let the world know their name.


In a area, Endric sat crossed-legged above a slightly exalted area with a greenish crystal floating in front of him.

"The first point has been pa.s.sed, are you ready to go on the retrieval mission," Husarius asked.

"Yeah I think so," Endric responded with a slightly wary tone.

"Your brother is going to need it also you need to master your jumps as well because you need to build your strength," Husaruis pointed out.

"Hmm true... I am about to break through to the Echo rank, I should get there after this," Endric said as he opened his eyes which were lit with a blue and silvery glow.

"Are you sure no one will notice I'm gone?" Endric asked.

"That's what we have the s.p.a.ce clone for... he will mimic your activities till you get back," Husarius replied.

Endric nodded and stood to his feet as a line began to form in front of him. Endric moved forward a bit but a replica of himself stood behind him.

The line turned into a purplish tear that seemed to be ripping apart the fabric of reality. It grew in length till it was long enough to fit a person through.

Endric jumped forward at this point and went through the rift.


It closed up in the next instant and the entire vicinity returned to tranquillity. The replica of Endric behind turned around and walked away.


-The MBO Tower


A streak of lightning bolt, zapped across the vicinity multiple times as a rain of asteroids decimated the entire environment.

Despite the entire sky getting filled with asteroids, the streak dodged every one of them appearing far above the sky in front of a ma.s.sive asteroid that was at least the size of a street.

[Miniature Black Hole Has Been Activated]

The figure in the sky's hand was stretched to the side as a black round matter began to form above his palm.

It was radiating with intense chaotic energy as reddish and purplish streaks ran amok within the matter that kept increasing in size.

In a few moments it became as large as a human head and the figure flying towards the asteroid swung his palm forward.

The instant collision was made, and a huge suction force came from the circular black matter.