The Bloodline System - Chapter 951: Full Recovery

Chapter 951: Full Recovery

Chapter 951: Full Recovery

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


"It definitely isn't your typical morning in s.p.a.ce," He voiced out as he looked through it. All he could see here was that the direction of the sun had changed but everywhere still looked pretty dark.

One wouldn't know if it was morning or night in s.p.a.ce since there was no day or night but with the direction of the moon changing along with the sun Gustav could easily figure out what the time was currently.

The rooms had an anti gravitational field so despite being this high in the sky, the gravity would not be affected around here.

Gustav stared at the cl.u.s.ter of stars in different areas, small floating rocks in the distance and grey circular moon on the far east with a smile.

Dark matter could be seen endlessly but s.p.a.ce still gave off a mythical feeling that was hard to fathom.

Gustav was in shorts at the moment and as he moved towards the bathroom, he paused for a bit in front of the mirror.

"Hmm... I should be around 6'1 by now," He muttered as he stared at his buffed figure in the mirror.

Gustav wasn't looking extremely buffed like the bouncers of earth but he had a perfectly chiselled upper body with six outlined abs and broad chest.

His dirty blonde hair falling in front of his face and drapped around his shoulder made him look a particular charming way.

Gustav pulled his hair back and stared at the mirror with a little more intent, "It's getting too long again, I should cut it," He muttered before letting go of his hair again.

Gustav proceeded to brush his teeth and wear a black tank top before moving out of the room.

This was the first time he would be leaving his room since he got here and this was become he had completely recovered his strength.

Gustav felt whole again and even stronger than before, he was ready to test out some of his newly acquired abilities.

He arrived at the corridor that led to the elevator and tapped on a small watch that was given to him by one of the officers here.


A small holographic map was displayed and it showed the entire outline of the MBO tower.

Gustav used it to navigate his way towards one of the many training rooms within the tower. Taking the teleportation elevator he arrived at the 567th floor.

The training room covered nearly the entire floor and every floor within the tower was immensely ma.s.sive.

As Gustav arrived on this floor a few other MBO officers were moving towards this floor as well.

The instant Gustav was spotted he instantly became a topic as everyone began to glance in his direction with gazes of admiration.

Gustav walked in, ignoring all that and moved towards a private bunk where he could train by himself.

All the private bunks were like rooms and looked small from outside but upon getting in, they were twice the size of a stadium and even had the option of expanding beyond this if the person training within wanted that.

They were built using some expensive technologies that had to do with s.p.a.ce expansion. On the outside it would look small but on the inside it would be way larger.

Gustav moved towards the area where you could set the private training room to be however you wanted.


In the next instant it looked like he was in a desert area. It looked extremely realistic that one could even touch the sand.

"I should try Lightning Blitz first," Gustav thought out loud as he prepared to use it.

[Lightning Blitz Has Been Activated]

Gustav looked in a particular direction and in the next instant...


He turned into a bolt of lightning that streaked forward and appeared a hundred miles ahead his previous location.

"Wow," After Gustav arrived on a sand dune he looked around with an expression of amazement.

[-1000 EP]

"It takes a thousand energy points and I can activate it five times before it goes into cool down," Gustav noted.

He turned towards the west and activated it again.


He turned into a lightning bolt that streaked across a hundred miles instantly once more.

It was literally like teleportation since it was instantaneous.

Gustav was glad to have this new ability on his list but then he decided to try using it in a practical sense.

'Time to set a challenge,' Gustav said internally as he picked a training setting to spice things up.


Within a large boardroom a group of seven people could be seen sitting around a diamond colored table that was floating in mid air.

"Looks like its going well," One of them voiced out.

"Yes, so far the MBO has managed to fish out more of Yung Jo accomplices," Another one responded.

"Leader Seven, this kid Gustav Crimson, should we be worried about him being a future threat to earth or you have him under control?" Another questioned.

"We have nothing to worry about. As you can see Leader Two, he has shown he will always be on the side of earth despite having the power to take over us in that moment of earth's vulnerability. He didn't join sides with Yung Jo and try to conquer earth," Leader Seven responded.

"We still don't know how he was able to over come the bloodline disruptor and use his bloodlines. From what I heard, Yung Jo was able to do the same thing and that is understandable since he created the bloodline disruptors he would be able to find a loophole... so how did this kid find a loophole too?" Leader Two said with a logical tone causing the room to descend into silence for a bit.

"There are only two explanations for that, either he was smart enough to discover a way or he was secretly in league with Yung Jo which might make this all a facade," Leader Three stated.

"Exactly," Leader Two agreed.

"You all need to relax with the allegations and a.s.sumptions. This same kid just saved the entire earth, you shouldn't be having degrading thoughts about him," Leader Seven stated.