The Bloodline System - Chapter 950: Skill Evolution Complete

Chapter 950: Skill Evolution Complete

Chapter 950: Skill Evolution Complete


[Host Attributes]

-Name: Gustav Crimson

-Level: 81

-Cla.s.s: Metamorphic Sub Parallel Being

-Exp: 1,235,000/42,900,000

-Hp: 92,000/92,000

-Energy: 49,500/49,500


Strength: 331

Perception: 330

Mental Fort.i.tude: 327

Agility: 329

Speed: 360

Bravery: 334

Intelligence: 327

Charm: 118

Defence: 325

Vitality: 328

Endurance: 331

{Attributes points: 67}


Gustav stared at his stats with a slight look of gratification as he recalled something.

"I have a skill evolution card... I'm guessing I can evolve a skill that has gotten to max level," Gustav muttered.

("Yes that is correct,") The system responded.

Gustav proceeded to check skills and abilities next so he could decide on which skill to pick.


[Skills and Abilities]

Dash (Level max)

Sprint (Level max)

Chop (Level 14)

Slash (Level 16)

G.o.d Eyes (Level 11)

Hover (Level 7)

Combination (Level 5)

Super Jump (Level 13)

Strength Boost (Level 3)

Bloodline Acquisition (Level max)

Bloodline hold (Level 2)

Bloodline Transfer (Level 2)

Palm Strike (Level Max)

Silent Advancement (Level 10)

Energy Discharge (Level 11)

Miniature Blackhole (Level 1)

Recreation (Level 8)

Toxin Immunity (Level Max)



Gustav stared at the system skills and abilities available one after the other trying to make a pick. His bloodlines related abilities were never inputted amongst the skill and abilities.

They were under the category of bloodlines.

"If a skill evolves, there's a possibility it becomes an entirely different skill or a lot of properties from before disappears..." Gustav thought as he stared at the list and brought his eyes back to the top.

"Sprint and Dash are pretty much speed based abilities... If I evolve one of them I'll still have a speed based skill," At this point, Gustav decided on which skill he was going to use the skill evolution card.


A projection of the skill evolution card appeared by the side like a panel of its own. It looked reddish with one blueish dot in the middle.

"Use skill evolution card on Dash," Gustav voiced out.

[Host Has Decided To Use Skill Evolution Card]

[Evolving Dash: 1/100%]




After a few minutes, a new notification popped up in Gustav's line of sight.

[Evolution Complete]

[Dash Skill Has Been Evolved Into Lightning Blitz]

Gustav stared at the new name and decided to open skills and abilities to check on it again.

Lightning Blitz (Level 1)

[Fast teleportation movement that turns you into a lightning streak. Allowing you to travel in a particular direction, disappearing and reappearing 100 miles away instantly. Can be activated continuously five times before cooldown]

Gustav stared at the new information concerning the Lightning Blitz and was really astonished.

It wasn't actually a running skill like Dash or Sprint but it was still a speed related skill.

Gustav didn't need to make use of the skill before he knew he only had to think of the direction he wanted to move in and he would move a hundred miles forward in that direction instantly.

He didn't need to take a step forward nor would his movement speed be affected but this ability would really help if he was fighting an intense battle and he needed to withdraw.

"Good, I only need to use it repeatedly for it to increase in level and get even more powerful," Gustav thought out loud with a look of gratification.

He then recalled he also unlocked a new skill besides this.

Miniature Blackhole (Level 1)

[Create a mini blackhole that can swallow everything within a particular proximity]

Gustav stared at the description which was pretty vague but very understandable. He didn't expect any less.

He really wanted to test out these new abilities but at the moment he was more focused on recovering all of his strength.

He decided he would visit one of the training/exercise facilities within the tower later.


Just like that, a few more days had gone by and the entire world was still reeling in shock after finding out they had been saved by a new MBO officer who had just finished his MBO camp training.

Some of them already knew of Gustav from the MBO entrance test. They didn't think he would be accomplis.h.i.+ng such a feat this soon.

The media were singing praises of Gustav being the leader of the next generation after saving the entire world.

His face was in every media outlet and he was now known even more worldwide.

Debates were going on about him here and there about how he might become the next Jack or maybe even stronger.

There were also some controversies here and there about how he might be an alien since he was accomplis.h.i.+ng feats here and there that many officers weaker couldn't.

The biggest debate was about how he was able to use his bloodline despite everyone on earth losing theirs.

It had also been revealed that before this Gustav was reported missing for almost a week and earlier he was said to be in the MBO second base which was on the other side of the earth.

Reporters wanted to crack how he suddenly reappeared in Plankton City and defeated the villain.

Anything regarding Gustav was a hot topic so the media outlets were looking for any type of exclusive news they could find on him.

The date for the reward ceremony had been announced and it was going to hold in two days.

Only important people would be invited but it was also revealed that there would be a live broadcast across the world so everyone would get to see Gustav.

Since the whole incident, Gustav had not been spotted by anyone so reporters didn't really have anything to report about his current location.

The ceremony holding would be the first time Gustav was revealing himself after the whole incident since he was still hiding within the MBO tower in the meantime.

Lots of fans and citizens all across Plankton city had gathered around the MBO tower with all sorts of gifts begging for them to be permitted to see Gustav but of course, they were walked off the premises.

Gustav stood up from his bed after a night of good sleep and moved toward the window area.

"It definitely isn't your typical morning in s.p.a.ce," He voiced out as he looked through it.