The Bloodline System - Chapter 949: I'll Make Sure My Next Offspring Do Better

Chapter 949: I'll Make Sure My Next Offspring Do Better

Chapter 949: I'll Make Sure My Next Offspring Do Better

"I have a girlfriend," Gustav stated before pulling his sleeves from her grasp and walking into the room.


The door slammed shut, leaving the female officer standing there with a bewildered expression.

Gustav settled in afterwards and went to take his bath after five days since it was unknown whether they took care of his hygiene or not.

Now that he thought of it, he was in a different outfit than what he wore the other day.

"Oh well..." Gustav tried not to delve into it too deeply as he stood underneath the shower.


Within an unknown library, a man with spiky silvery hair and a horn underneath his jaw sat on a chair with a book placed in front of him.

This book was wide open but turned upside down so the pages were laying on the luxurious looking study table.

"So it has finally ended," He voiced out as he placed his right hand on his horn and stroked it repeatedly.

"Both my sons were bested by a single person... Gustav Crimson who was formerly an Oslov..." He voiced with an unreadable tone.

It is difficult to tell whether he felt happy or disheartened about this or maybe he was just feeling a kind of balance in-between.

"Well, I am still a fertile Slarkov I can create more male offspring," He voiced and reached out to grab the book on the table.

Just as he opened it to resume reading the figure kneeling behind him spoke.

"But sire, as your children they deserve to be avenged,"

"Oh Ark you're still there," Jo voiced as he slightly lowered his book.

"You cannot just let their death go by like this especially when it was orchestrated by a single person," The dark figure behind voiced out once more.

"They brought it upon themselves with their stupidity. I should have stuck to the family legacy and mated with a pure Slarkov like me but for once I decided to make things different and ended up creating two foolish mixedbloods," This time Jo's voice had a tone of regret mixed in.

"But sire, with the increasing rate of mixedbloods it's literally impossible to find pure Slarkovs in this age and regardless of how things went, they're your children... your blood... this is an insult on the entire Jo bloodline," The dark figure stated.

"Oh, it is not an insult to anything. I don't see those wastrels as my sons anymore. I will create new male offsprings that will be better than they ever were. To think I had such high hopes for Yung, what a disappointment," Jo shook his head slightly after he voiced out completely and proceeded to raise his book and continue reading.

"Sir it still doesn't change things that they were descendants of the Jo bloodline... It is a stain regardless and the culprit Gustav Crimson needs to be..." Before he could complete his statement this time, Jo interrupted.

"I do not care about this matter. Take your leave Ark," Jo stated without lowering his book this time.

The instant Ark heard the tone that Sir Jo used he knew the discussion had come to an end.

"Yes sir," He answered respectfully and slowly faded into the background.

After he had disappeared, Jo slowly lowered his book and stared into s.p.a.ce.

"Maybe I'm starting to turn senile in my old age," He voiced out with a low sigh.

"I'll make sure my next offsprings do better. Maybe they can avenge their fallen big brothers one day. An old man like me cannot be caught up in this play of revenge or plots. I'll let the young generation decide for themselves," He said before proceeding to continue reading his book.


Hours later after Gustav had settled in, he finally opened his eyes. He had been meditating all this time on his bed and now he could sense that he had almost recovered completely.

He was so drained that being unconscious for five days was not enough for a full recovery and now that he was even conscious he still hadn't completely recovered.

It was a good thing Yung Jo was not a physically powerful opponent or trying to take him down earlier would have been a c.u.mbersome task.

Gustav raised his right palm and peered right through it.

"Hmm it's still sealed," He voiced out with a low sigh. Cohilia was still sealed within him and he was unable to use it at will.

It seemed it only activated during the singularity crisis because he put himself in harm's way. Even with that, the side effects were just too much to bear, proving that Gustav was still too weak to wield such power.

He couldn't try anything like this again since pa.s.sing out for five days wasn't a sensible plan.

On the bright side, he was glad he got some spoils from this whole situation.

The new bloodline Hung Jo had acquired and Yung Jo's Reincarnation Bloodline were both great bloodlines to his new collection.

Gustav knew they would be of great help to him in the future. The best part about this was, that whenever Gustav acquired a new bloodline now, it got boosted straight to the Gilberk rank.

Hung Jo was only at the Gilberk rank with the Spatial Construct Bloodline before Gustav stole it so Gustav reckoned he could build a spatial prison-like Hung Jo did while the reincarnation Bloodline which was now in effect gave Gustav nine more lives.

When it increased in rank he would have way more reincarnation chances.

Channelling his original bloodline made the others get boosted as well so at the moment none of his bloodlines was below the Gilberk rank. The ones he made use of regularly were just one rank below his original bloodline.

This was where Gustav's Boost in strength mostly came from beside the system stats. More than twenty powerful bloodlines empower him at the same time.

Since he could defeat Kilo ranked mixedbloods with ease now, no one knew how powerful he would actually be when he channelled his bloodlines to such levels.

"System Interface," Gustav voiced out and proceeded to check his attributes.