The Bloodline System - Chapter 948: Our Saviour

Chapter 948: Our Saviour

Chapter 948: Our Saviour

"Why was I even brought here?" Gustav asked as he looked around the place.

In the next instant, a few more people were brought in.


"Gradier Xanatus,"

They both voiced out at the same time as they saw each other. Gradier Xanatus smiled as he moved closer and sat down on the chair beside Gustav.

He was accompanied by his subordinates who joined him in infiltrating Jo technologies, including the one who was shot down earlier. Regaining her bloodline had helped her recover faster.

"We are really grateful to you for saving our over there," One of Gradier Xanatus's subordinates said with a look of appreciation.

"It's no issue," Gustav responded casually.

"But how were you able to use your bloodline despite the bloodline disruptor being activated?" One of them asked with a look of curiosity.

"I don't know." Gustav shrugged as he responded.

The subordinate was about to say something else when Gradier Xanatus cut him short.

"Officer Nathan I believe we're here for a more important reason," His statement caused the officer to keep quiet.

Of course, Gradier Xanatus was not going to let anyone question Gustav about his secrets.

"You all are here because you have saved the earth from an unprecedented doom and the grand commanders would like to thank you all in person but not today," Grand general Sourkrat voiced out.

Gradier Xanatus's subordinates had looks of astonishment and disbelief as they heard that. They stared at each other with looks of excitement. Meeting the grand commanders in their lifetime was something they never thought would happen.

"They don't need to thank us, we really didn't do anything," Yumi said with a logical tone.

"I agree with her, Gustav here is the one who deserves all the glory," Gradier Xanatus stated.

"Yeah the kid is great," Jack voiced out from the sidelines causing all of Gradier Xanatus's subordinates to turn around and stare in his direction.

"Oh my G.o.d! Is that Jack s.h.i.+rwin?"

"It is him!"

"Is he Mack or Jack right now? I Can't tell,"

"He's been there this whole time?"

They couldn't believe their eyes as they stared at Jack who had been proclaimed to be the most powerful Mixedblood for over a century now. He still looked no older than twenty-three to twenty-five years old with his black hair and mature looking six-foot stature.

"You guys didn't know he was here?" Gustav was wondering if they were blind since he had been here before they walked in.

"You can't blame them, Gustav, I have to keep my energy hidden and blend my presence with the environment when I am around people weaker than I am or you all will suffocate to death," Jack explained this was the reason they didn't notice him.

If he didn't suppress himself, the sheer force of his presence would kill them and even destroy the surroundings because he had become too powerful.

Gustav was just a monster which was why he could still easily spot Jack even if Jack refrain from speaking.

After their moments of fangirling over Jack pa.s.sed, Grand general Sourkrat began speaking again.

"I understand your words but since your team managed to infiltrate the building and give hope to the MBO. That's more than enough to get rewarded as part of the saviours of humanity and Sir Jack here will be handing you six of the medals, especially Gustav who played the most important role of saving us all," Grand general Sourkrat explained.

"The world government wants to also reward you all so they will be hosting a ceremonial event themselves that will be broadcasted worldwide where one of the seven world leaders will be granting Gustav a t.i.tle," He added.

"Looks like they're going all out," Gustav voiced with an unbothered tone.

"As they should the entire world order would have been thrown into chaos if not for you," Grand general Sourkrat stated.

"Alright, are we done here? I want to rest," Gustav asked.

"Pretty much so Officer Crimson but your report will be needed soon. It doesn't have to be so official because the world wants to hear about this tale but do make it detailed enough," Grand general Sourkrat replied.

"Make it detailed enough kid and don't hide anything," Grand general Darhil stated.

"Sure old man," Gustav voiced out before he stood up and began walking towards the entrance.

Everyone stared at his back with complex but respectful expressions on their face. No one doubted that Gustav was going to go down as one of the greatest Mixedbloods in history after continuous accomplishments despite just finis.h.i.+ng from the MBO.

To everyone's surprise, Gustav paused when he arrived at the entrance and slowly turned around.

"I no longer have an apartment in this city and the hotel room I booked has expired in the five days I was gone," Gustav voiced out.

"There are good rooms in the tower, you can use any of them," Grand general Sourkrat voiced out and proceeded to make a call.

In a few seconds, a lady in a brownish MBO uniform arrived. She seemed to be on the same MBO rank as Gustav.

"Officer Claudia, please make sure Officer Crimson here is seen to a room," General Sourkrat instructed.

The beautiful brunette officer nodded in response and directed Gustav out of the private room. She had a face full of smiles as they moved towards a teleportation elevator.

In a few seconds, they had arrived on one of the top floors that were practically in s.p.a.ce and she directed Gustav to a particular area before granting him access to an entrance that led to a room.

As Gustav wanted to go in she spoke, "If you need help relaxing, I could come in with you," She said with a sultry tone.

"Nah I'm good," Gustav responded as he walked past the entrance but then he felt a tug on his left sleeve.

"Let me show my appreciation to our saviouron my knees. I promise I have a great arch," She said while winking at Gustav.