The Bloodline System - Chapter 947: Becoming Saviour Of Earth

Chapter 947: Becoming Saviour Of Earth

Chapter 947: Becoming Saviour Of Earth

Anyone else would have definitely listened despite the grudge they might bear with Yung Jo since they knew just how powerful Jack was. No one would want to disobey the most powerful mixedblood.


Gustav flew down from the air and landed in front of Jo technologies where tons of MBO officers were already moving in.

There was ma.s.sive debris from the last floor piled in front with multiple pieces of equipment that had been destroyed by the impact.

The bloodline disruptor generator had been bashed when Gustav used the jiko hakai katana so it was no longer functional.

At this time, every mixedblood worldwide was beginning to regain their abilities as the link to their bloodlines returned.

The panic the world felt as such a situation hadn't happened in the two thousand years mixedbloods had been existing slowly began to die down.

There was joyous celebration all across the world as the government issued a statement about the current situation, voicing out that the danger had pa.s.sed.

Every mixedblood had experienced what it felt like to be vulnerable in the last twenty-four hours and it gave them great fear. Now they understood how Gustav used to feel his whole life in the past even though it was just for a single day.

Some MBO officers escorted Gustav back to the MBO tower in an aircraft. Even while he sat within the aircraft silently he could feel stares of admiration from the escorts.

It only took a few minutes for them to arrive at the MBO tower.

Gustav stepped into the hall where the MBO officers were gathered and preparing to be sent out again had Gradier Xanatus and the other failed.

Cheers! Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

Loud cheers coming from MBO officers could be heard as many of them made way for Gustav to pa.s.s while applauding him.

-"Thank you Officer Crimson,"

-"We're grateful,"

-"You saved our lives,"

-"You have saved the entire mixedblood race,"

Voices of appreciation could be heard from the background as Gustav walked forward with a poker face.

Although Gustav currently wasn't showing any emotion, he couldn't deny that internally he felt a small spark of happiness.

The child in him had always wanted such a scenario to happen where he saved earth since he wanted to be a hero of mankind since small.

He had long outgrown this want after witnessing the unsavoury state of humanity which he considered to be a disappointment so he just did whatever was beneficial to him not caring if it benefited the earth as well.

He no longer felt the earth was worth it but a scene like this was almost reawakening the childish want of becoming a hero to mankind.

However, Gustav quickly took note of this feeling and suppressed it.

He felt if this was what he was looking for in trying to save humanity, the praises and cheers then being a hero of mankind would just be a sham since he was only doing it to be praised.

He decided he would just continue to do his own thing regardless of how it went or where such a path led him.

Gustav was brought to a private room with Jack and a few other important MBO officers.

"Gustav Crimson, the MBO and the entire earth as a whole are grateful to you for putting an end to this madness and the man behind it," The grand General, Sourkrart, who had been calling the shots here since the situation began, voiced out as he tried to shake Gustav's hand.

Gustav received his handshake and nodded before moving toward the seating area to grab a seat.

"Although it would have been way better if you could have left Yung Jo alive for interrogation," One of the other grand generals who was also in this room voiced out.

"You want me to leave that power l.u.s.ting psycho alive?" Gustav asked as he slumped on the chair with an unbothered but exhausted look.

"Yes, so we can interrogate him and find out if he has any endgame or what brought about all this in the first place. Now we won't even be able to dig out the rest of his accomplices within the MBO," Grand General Darhil voiced out with a slight look of dissatisfaction.

"That's left for y'all to figure out. I killed him cos I wanted to. He's dead and he's never coming back," Gustav responded with a laidback expression.

"Tch, Jack how could you let him kill Yung Jo just like that?" Grand General Darhil questioned with a disappointed look.

"It was unexpected," Jack replied while shrugging his shoulders.

Grand General Darhil's eyes squinted in suspicion as he wondered if it was possible for Jack to stop an unexpected situation. He was powerful enough after all so he wondered if Jack had just let it happen.

"That was irresponsible of you and now the MBO has to look for means to tie up your loose ends," Grand General Darhil voiced.

"It is sounding a lot to me like you might be one of the fellows under Yung Jo's jurisdiction in secret since you still wanted that swine alive," Gustav voiced out.

"How dare you accuse me of such? You're just a little brat who doesn't understand the complications behind his actions," Grand General Darhil argued back.

"Sure but this little brat saved your old a.s.s who couldn't do a thing when it mattered the most... weren't you cooped up in this place safely while your subordinates sent themselves to the grave trying to save the earth?" Gustav stated while masking a tsk sound.

"You little..." Grand General Darhil was about to speak again when the other grand generals who called the shots during the emergency interrupted.

"Grand General Darhil, that's enough. We should be thanking our saviour not chastising him," Grand General Sourkrart stated.

"I apologise on behalf of Grand General Darhil here. What is done is done and the only thing we can do next is move forward from here," Grand General Sourkrart said to Gustav with a respectful look.

"Why was I even brought here?" Gustav asked as he looked around the place.

In the next instant, a few more people were brought in.