The Bloodline System - Chapter 946: Admitting Defeat

Chapter 946: Admitting Defeat

Chapter 946: Admitting Defeat

She arrived in front of him and tapped severally on the holographic board in front of her.


A holographic screen appeared in front of him which displayed footage.

The grand general eyes widened as he watched the footage of a figure with ma.s.sive batwings killing another figure over and over and over again in the skies above Jo technologies.

"Is that..?" The grand General eyes widened even more as the footage zoomed in on both figures in the sky.

"Yes sir that's Officer Crimson who was reported missing four days ago," The lady officer responded.

At the same time, she was showing him this, a ma.s.sive holographic screen appeared on every floor within the MBO tower displaying this particular footage.

Everyone had looks of shock and disbelief on their faces as they watched.

-"How does he have his bloodline abilities?"

-"Isn't that Gustav Crimson?"

-"He got Yung Jo!"

-"Finally this will all be over

-"Our saviour is a new officer?"

There were all sorts of voices being heard in the background as they witnessed the unbelievable sight being displayed on the holographic screens.

"The kid... How?" Even Jack couldn't believe his eyes as he watched from the area where he was isolated.

The madness and terror that had lasted for over a day would finally be put to an end by the last person everyone expected it to be.


"Just one is left right?" Gustav asked as he held Yung Jo in mid-air.

("Yes, I can sense he only has one more reincarnation left out of everything he has cultivated so far,") The system responded.

"Good, it's about time I took this bloodline then," Gustav voiced as his nails lengthened and stabbed into Yung Jo's neck.

"If you... co-uld taken th...e bloo-dline sin...ce wh-y go through a-ll the tro...uble of me rep-eat-edly?" Yung Jo asked as he coughed out blood repeatedly.

This would have been the most logical option since taking away his bloodline would make it impossible for him to reincarnate after getting killed. Gustav would only have to kill him once to end things.

"Because I didn't want to grant you a swift death... I wanted you to watch everything you spent years to create crumble in a manner of moments," Gustav responded with a smile as he stretched his right hand towards the bottom.

"Watch what happens when I do this..." A katana with a reddish blade suddenly appeared in his hand and he swung it downwards.


A ma.s.sive plane-sized reddish arc travelled towards the top of Hung Jo Technologies.


A loud blast rang out after the entire last floor was separated from the rest of the building and sent cras.h.i.+ng down.

The purplish beam in the sky thinned out and disappeared altogether in a few moments.

Yung Jo's eyes turned bloodshot as the skies of the city began to return to normal.

"I know it must have taken you a lot of time to cultivate the reincarnations as well... It would be no fun if I didn't help you waste all those years you spent cultivating it," Gustav voiced out with a bigger grin as multiple system notifications popped up in his line of sight.


[Requirement For Bloodline Acquisition Has Been Met]

[a.n.a.lysing B Grade Bloodline]




[a.n.a.lysis Complete]

[Host Compatible With Reincarnation Bloodline is 100%]

[Does Host Wish To Acquire This Bloodline]



At this point, Yung Jo's facial expression was that of utter defeat. He had been defeated hands down by Gustav and he didn't see a way out of this predicament.

"You win Gustav Crimson," Yung Jo muttered weakly.

"I know," Gustav responded before focusing on the panel in front of him.

"Yes," He answered.

[Host Has Decided To Acquire This Bloodline]

[Bloodline Acquisition Process: 0/100%]



After a few seconds...


[Bloodline Acquisition Complete]

[Host Has Successfully Acquired Reincarnation Bloodline]


[Goal Complete: Acquire a total of eighty bloodlines]



[Host Has Leveled Up]

Gustav stared at the stats with a faint feeling of gratification within.

Although he had acquired up to eighty bloodlines in total he only had around twenty-one at the moment that was merged with him.

He did a lot of Combinations in the past and also didn't merge some of the bloodlines with himself which was why he only had twenty-one.

None of his current bloodlines was below the B Grade and every one of them was quite powerful.

Now he was at level 82 according to the system stats and he was really looking forward to what differences there would be once he reaches level 100.

"Now you are truly nothing but an ordinary man... Time for you to meet your end," Gustav voiced out as he tightened his left hand around Yung Jo's throat again.

"That's enough Gustav," A loud and familiar voice was heard from the far west.

Gustav turned to the side and spotted Jack floating in mid-air around there.

"Hand him over so he can be judged and sentenced by the world government," Jack added.

"Oh him?" Gustav asked as he stared at the choking face of Yung Jo.

Jack nodded and smiled as he began flying towards them.

"Nah he's already dead," Gustav stated before tightening his grip.

Krrryhhh! Bang!

A loud popping sound rang out as Gustav's fingers closed in and ended up ripping through Yung Jo's neck.

Yung Jo was decapitated from the violent grip.

Blood from Yung Jo's neck spilt onto Gustav's face as his headless body fell from the sky.

Gustav grabbed the head before it could fall and turned to the side to stare at Jack.

"You can have this instead," He flung Yung Jo's head towards Jack who caught it with a look of astonishment on his face.

'Such ruthlessness,' Jack said internally as he watched Gustav fly away.

Jack was supposed to be angry about Gustav disobeying but instead, he was astonished that even in the face of ultimate power, Gustav still did what he wanted to.