The Bloodline System - Chapter 944: Continuous Murder

Chapter 944: Continuous Murder

Chapter 944: Continuous Murder


The floor vibrated once more and the iro silk retracted.

Everyone's eyes widened as they saw corpses scattered across the place and the walls painted with blood.

"How? How do you still have your powers?" One of Gradier Xanatus's subordinates asked but Gradier Xanatus cut him off.

Gradier Xanatus knew Gustav was someone who couldn't be gauged with common sense anymore and there were more important things to take care of rather than asking how he was able to do this.

"Gustav, you need to stop him before he hacks into the world security system," Gradier Xanatus voiced out as he stared at Gustav.

"Once he does that the..."

"The Mendologas s.p.a.cecraft will have access to earth... I know," Gustav nodded before turning to the side and speeding forward.

Twwwooosshhh! Bang!

He blasted through the wall and was out of sight in an instant.

They all stared in the direction he disappeared in with looks of astonishment. All of them knew who Gustav was but they had definitely not expected this.


Within a large room filled with over a hundred holographic computers and screens with no less than forty people operating on these computers, a figure in a blue suit could be seen standing behind as he watched their activities.

"Sir we have a problem," One of them voiced out with a loud tone of wariness.

"What is it?" Yung Jo asked.


One of the largest holographic screens in front switched to footage and displayed a particular scene that had just happened on this last floor.

A figure was bolting across a room filled with guards and ripping them apart.

Yung Jo moved forward with a look of disbelief as he exclaimed, "What?"

The others in the room too were just as shocked seeing a person use abilities.

"He is headed..." Before the lady could complete her sentence.


A loud blast rang out at the left side of the wall.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Alarms began to go off as the entrance place vibrated intensely due to the sound of collisions.

Shooting sounds could faintly be heard for the next few moments.

"He's here," Yung Jo said as he quickly pulled out a tool from his storage device.

Just as he wanted to tap on it, another blast rang out and a ma.s.sive hole appeared in the wall.


Screams rang out as pieces of equipment were blasted across the air and some of them lost their balance.

One of them b.u.mped into Yung Jo due to the disturbance and the tool ended up falling from his hand.

"You idiot!" Yung Jo yelled with a frustrated tone as he grabbed the person by the collar and pushed them away.

He squatted while trying to pick up the rectangular-shaped tool that had just fallen to the ground.


A foot suddenly appeared in his line of sight just as he grabbed hold of the tool.

He stared at the feet standing in front of him and he slowly raised his head to look up.

His line of sight followed the white patient uniform on the body of this person before he arrived at the face area.

"Hey there,"

He heard this familiar person voice out in a detestable tone as a smirk appeared on their face.

Yung Jo wanted to tap a b.u.t.ton on this tool but Gustav was way faster than he was.


Gustav grabbed him by the neck and lifted him but then he tapped on the tool by mistake before giving it proper settings.


They both disappeared and appeared fifty feet above Jo technologies building.

Falling through the air, Gustav didn't let go of Yung Jo's neck instead he activated Hover.

[Hover Has Been Activated]

Their bodies paused in mid-fall as Gustav tightened his grip around Yung Jo's neck and stared into his eyes.

"Doesn't this bring about a feeling of Deja vu?" Gustav questioned as the smirk on his face turned into a grin.

For the first time, he could see fear in Yung Jo's eyes which was a lot different from the last time he encountered him.

Yung Jo was always having a haughty look like everything was beneath him and he couldn't be bested by anyone despite being physically powerless.

Gustav was the first person to ruin his plans over and over and over again.

"You... how did you... how are you able to...?" Yung Jo struggled with getting words out of his mouth as Gustav's grip on his throat turned even tighter.

"Oh, it's just like you a.s.sumed... I was never normal but one foolish move you made was placing me in the hands of your little brother," Gustav stated.

"That... idiot... hahaha..." Yung Jo laughed in defeat before starting to cough due to the increased pressure on his neck.

"You... have... me... no...w Gus...tav Cri..mson... what ar...e you gonna do?" Yung Jo stopped struggling at this point.

Gustav didn't answer, instead, he tightened his grip around Yung Jo's neck and in the next instant...


Yung Jo's neck got snapped like a stepped-on branch twig.

His heart stopped beating instantly and Gustav just waited for some time while still holding him in mid-air.


Bat wings grew out of his back and he flapped as he flew to a higher height.

After a few more seconds, Yung Jo began to twitch repeatedly causing Gustav's smirk to return.

'Looks like the b.a.s.t.a.r.d did find a way to retain his bloodline after all,' Gustav thought.

In the next moment, Yung Jo opened his eyes and saw that they were now way higher than before in the sky at the moment.

"I get to kill you over and over and over again and relish the feeling of rejuvenation it gives me," Gustav voiced out in response after Yung Jo returned to life.


-The MBO Tower

"Sir, you have to see this!" An MBO officer voiced out as she approached the grand general within one of the halls.

"What is it?" He asked as he noted the look of urgency on her face.