The Bloodline System - Chapter 943: Forced To Surrender

Chapter 943: Forced To Surrender

Chapter 943: Forced To Surrender

As Gustav spotted the corpses scattered all across the place below, a gut-wrenching feeling of anger began to rise within him.

"You never did tell me how Yung Jo Survived," Gustav voiced out as his eyes squinted.

("Yung Jo's bloodline... I was able to scan it after you snapped his neck.") The system began explaining.

("It's not an active or aggressive type of bloodline... it's more pa.s.sive which is why Yung Jo is never seen in a physical brawl since he doesn't have the strength other mixedbloods have... His bloodline is called reincarnation.He has channelled it to the point where he has a particular number of times he can come back to life after he gets killed,") The system explained.

"That makes sense... so he just came back to life after I killed him," Gustav muttered with a look of understanding.

("That's why I told you to wait... Do you realise that no one knows what his bloodline is? n.o.body has ever figured out that he has such a bloodline which was why we had no idea. Yung Jo probably murdered anyone who found out about it to make sure it remains hidden which will in turn surprise an enemy like you,") The system added.

Gustav knew how cunning Yung Jo was so he wondered just how many he had managed to kill by surprising them in such a way. An would think they had completed their job only for a corpse to rise and rip them apart unknowingly.

"How many more lives does he have?" Gustav asked.

("Somewhere around twenty and twenty-five,") The system responded.

"So I have to kill him over twenty times to end him... Even more lives than a cat..." Gustav voiced out and then suddenly recalled something.

"Hold up the bloodline disruptor should affect everyone right?" Gustav asked.

("Yeah except you of course,") The system responded.

"Then Yung Jo should be affected as well," Gustav said but then the system reminded him of something as well.

("Hung Jo was using his bloodline abilities... we can't underestimate Yung Jo's cunningness and readiness, he might have found a way to bypa.s.s the whole situation and leave himself with bloodline abilities,") The system said with a tone of warning.

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d is sure smart... anyways it doesn't matter..." Gustav muttered under his breath as he closed his eyes.

"Time to end this," He suddenly opened his eyes while spreading his perception across the entire vicinity.

He could feel his bloodlines fighting the weird energy trying to seal them and winning.

As Gustav was about to move further he sensed something from the building in the middle.

"Gradier Xanatus?" Gustav muttered as he activated G.o.d Eyes while staring at the building in the middle.


-Few Minutes Earlier

On the other side of the building,Gradier Xanatus and his teammates had managed to make it past the second to the last floor.

At this moment they were flying upwards after destroying another hole through the ceiling and leaving a bunch of guards below intensely injured or dead.

They arrived on the last floor and headed in a particular direction with speed. Reaching an intersection, they turned left but just as they did a blaring alarm rang out.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Sounds of multiple footsteps could be heard from behind.

"They're coming, let's go!" Gradier Xanatus yelled out as he ran forward while repeatedly shooting at the mult.i.tude of guards chasing them from behind.

They kept running and arrived at another intersection but upon looking to the left, over ten guards were headed in their direction. They had no choice but to turn right.

This hallway was leading to another small manufacturing room within Jo technologies.

They had no choice but to keep running in that direction while trying to pinpoint the exact area on this floor where the bloodline disruptor was located.

"Any luck jamming the frequency?" Gradier Xanatus voiced out as they ran through the entrance of the manufacturing room and slammed it shut.

"No luck yet, it's still reading," One of the team members who was tapping on a holographic tab responded.

"Team leader," The only lady in their group voiced out with an odd tone, causing Gradier Xanatus to turn to the side and look forward.

"Don't move!"

A guard voiced out from up ahead.

Unfortunately, as they arrived here a bunch of guards were already awaiting them.

Up ahead there were no less than thirty of them all pointing their weapons at them.

"Drop it!" One of them voiced out with a strong tone.

Thhiiizzh! Thhiizzhh! Thiiizzhhh!

Along with this, there were no less than twenty-seven cannon weapons protruding from the walls.

At the same moment, over thirty guards arrived from behind and pointed their weapons at them as well.

Another set of guards moved in from another entry point. The guards were increasing by the second, leaving no s.p.a.ce in between themselves and surrounding them from every direction.

There was no place to escape to.

Gradier Xanatus gritted his teeth as he backed away.


His back made contact with that of his teammates who had also been stepping back. The others had the same looks of hopelessness on their faces as they stared at the sheer number of guards in dark outfits surrounding them.

"What do we do team leader?" One of them asked.

"Drop your weapons or we open fire!" One of the guards yelled out again.

Gradier Xanatus stared at his subordinates and gave a loud sigh, "Drop your weapons," He commanded.

In a few seconds, Gradier Xanatus and his subordinates were on their knees with their weapons in front of them while the guards had closed in on them and were searching their bodies.

"Sir Yung knew exactly how you lots would move and instructed us on how to catch you. He is a genius, no one else deserves to rule the world besides him," One of the guards in front voiced out.

"Like you ain't just doing this for money," Gradier Xanatus scoffed in response.