The Bloodline System - Chapter 944: That Tickled

Chapter 944: That Tickled

Chapter 944: That Tickled

"Oh yes I do this for money but I also do this to better the sorry state of earth," The buff seven feet tall guard stated as he moved closer.

Gradier Xanatus was also giving his subordinate a weird sign too while chatting with this guard. No one was aware that he was asking something from his subordinate. His subordinate looked forward and stared at an arm-sized bracelet placed beside their guns.

After checking it from his kneeling position, the male subordinate with blonde hair nodded at Gradier Xanatus.

'Looks like it's ready... Well if I die today, it's for a good cause. Even if it gets disrupted for even a second, it's enough for Jack to put an end to all this,' Gradier Xanatus said internally as he steeled his mind.

The bracelet happened to be a kind of device that could tamper with the functionality of any machine it was in close proximity with.

They were tasked with taking out the bloodline disruptor but they did not necessarily need to get to it directly before they could tamper with its functionality.

This device just needed to be close enough and right now it was.

Even though it would only mess with it for a short period of time, it might be enough for them to free themselves or for the most powerful Mixedblood to destroy the entire building along with the bloodline disruptor.

"What would you know about humanity when you've never even been human," Gradier Xanatus was still arguing with the guard who had gotten so caught up in the argument he was starting to get a little annoyed.

All of a sudden Gradier Xanatus lunged forward and grabbed an arm-sized bracelet.


The projection of a green b.u.t.ton which read 'initiate,' appeared on it the instant he activated it.

'Yes,' Gradier Xanatus's hand lowered with speed as he pointed his index finger towards the initiate b.u.t.ton.

Just as he was about to make contact...


A foot swung forward and kicked the bracelet from his grasp.

Gradier Xanatus ended up tapping his palm.

"No!" He yelled out as he turned his face to the left to stare at the device.

He tried to lunge forward to get it again but the next kick that was sent out came flying at his face.


Gradier Xanatus's nose made a loud cracking sound as blood flew out of his nostrils.

He got knocked several feet backwards and slid across the floor for a few more inches.

"Team leader!" They all yelled out.

"What did you think you were going to do with this?" The guard he was arguing with earlier voiced out as he picked up the bracelet.

"Oh? Initiate?" He scoffed before deactivating it and throwing it on the floor.


He stomped on it, causing the entire thing to crack to pieces.

Gradier Xanatus's felt like he watched the world end right before his very eyes as the device was destroyed.

"As their leader, I should use you as an example so the others don't try to follow in your footsteps," The head guard voiced out as he retrieved a revolver-like gun from his back and pointed it at Gradier Xanatus.

"Die," He voiced out before pulling the trigger.


A loud gunshot rang out in the next instant and Gradier Xanatus closed his eyes.

He was surprised he didn't feel any pain and opened his eyes back.

"Yumi!!!" The other subordinates yelled out as they stared at their female teammate who had just leapt forward.

Gradier Xanatus's eyes widened as his mouth slightly opened while staring at this lady with black hair kneeling in front of him with a hole in her chest.

She slowly turned her head to the side and smiled at Gradier Xanatus while blood flowed out the side of her mouth.


She fell limply to the floor in the next instant.

"You won't be so lucky next time," The guard voiced out as he pointed the gun at Gradier Xanatus without any shred of pity for the one he had just shot down in cold blood.

Just as he was about to pull the trigger...


A loud blasting sound rang out from the roof area as a hole was blasted through it.

Everyone looked up with expressions of shock as they spotted a masculine figure falling through the hole.


He landed right in front of Gradier Xanatus.


"Gradier Xanatus?" Gustav voiced out as he perceived some forces surrounded by a group of more than eighty on the last floor.

("He's in trouble,") The system stated.


Gustav leapt forward in the next moment.


His body blasted through the wall of this building as he travelled across the air in an arc format.


His body began to descend as he closed in on the roof of the next building.


His legs broke through the roofing instantly upon making contact and he landed right in front of Gradier Xanatus.


"Gradier Xanatus are you okay?" Gustav asked as he stared at the dumbstruck guard in front of him.

"I'm fine," Gradier Xanatus answered while reaching toward the lady who was bleeding out on the floor.


Out of shock and panic, the guard fired the weapon again but the projectile it shot out bounced off Gustav's face after making contact.

"That tickled," Gustav voiced.


The entirety of the guards instantly became frightened as they realised that Gustav still had powers.

"Open fire!" The guard yelled out.


Gustav stomped on the floor, causing the entire place to tremble as they all lost their balance.

But at the same time, Iro silk shot out of the floor and formed a protective wall around Gradier Xanatus and the rest.

"I need a recovery pill," Gradier Xanatus yelled to the others as he held Yumi's head up and placed it on his laps.

They were barricaded by the iro silk but they could hear the screams in the vicinity accompanied by flesh-ripping sounds.

Gradier Xanatus was able to feed Yumi a recovery pill which began to work instantly since she was not dead yet.

He sighed in relief but then he noticed the entire vicinity had turned silent.