The Bloodline System - Chapter 942: What Do You Suggest Team Leader?

Chapter 942: What Do You Suggest Team Leader?

Chapter 942: What Do You Suggest Team Leader?

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


A team member was behind him laying on the ground for cover while the other three team members were on the right side hiding for cover while also shooting occasionally.

"What do you suggest team leader?" The lady behind asked.

Gradier Xanatus looked up at the ceiling and asked, "How powerful is a neuron ballistic grade two?" He asked.

The lady looked up as well and was instantly able to tell what Gradier Xanatus was up to.

"Powerful enough to blast a hole in the ceiling for sure but the range might burn us to a crisp down here," She answered while moving her head out of cover and firing two shots forward.

Twhiii! Thwwii!

A shot slammed into one of the guards' chest tearing a hole in it while the second one missed a guard by the neck.

"On my mark, we're all charging forward... everyone uses your infrared Googles," Gradier Xanatus instructed while bringing out two tools from his storage device.

One was a circular baby palm-sized device with blue dots while the other was a flat top and bottom circular-shaped black device.

Gradier Xanatus threw the black device upwards.


It made contact with the ceiling and stuck to it. Immediately after doing that he flung out the other one as well towards the front.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

The guards who were pus.h.i.+ng from the front quickly ran backwards and took cover after seeing the device roll towards them.

Anyone would think it was a bomb with the way it was structured, however to their surprise when it activated...


A burst of smoke drifted across the surroundings reducing visibility significantly.

At this point, Gradier Xanatus gave the go-ahead and every one of them ran forward with speed.

Infrared goggles were strapped on their faces as they charged into the smoke, spotting Yung Jo minions who were taking cover clearly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Another round of shooting within the smoke rang out as Gradier Xanatus and his team opened fire on the guards while they distanced themselves from the area they were initially taking cover.

In the next three seconds...


An explosion rang out behind them but luckily they were out of range.

The entire place trembled immensely as sounds of wall collapsing rang out. As the smoke and debris cleared, a huge hole could be seen on the ceiling behind as well as a pile of dirt that had fallen from above.


Gradier Xanatus slammed the b.u.t.t of his weapon into a guard's head causing him to fall to the ground before he swung it downwards and fired it directly into his left eye.


The head of the guard exploded but at that same moment, another guard had aimed at Gradier Xanatus and was about to fire.

When Gradier Xanatus noticed it was already too late but before the guard could pull the trigger a pointy spear-like blade pierced into him from behind.


He vomited out blood before falling to the ground lifeless. The lady on the team nodded at Gradier Xanatus from behind the corpse and he nodded back at her.

"We have to go," Gradier Xanatus yelled out while turning around.

They all turned around too and from the far end of this floor which was like a factory, multiple more guards could be seen moving towards them.

On the other end, more guards were approaching as well.

Gradier Xanatus arrived beneath the hole and tapped on a b.u.t.ton on his left chest area.


A burst of small flames shot out from beneath his shoes and he ascended. The others too had the same luxury, activating their shoe thrusters and flying upwards into the hole created.

As the guards arrived beneath the hole, they spotted three black circular devices falling from up.

Their eyes widened as they turned around to run.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Multiple explosions rang out in the next instant creating another hole on this particular floor and causing lots of them to fall through.


"That's crazy," Gustav voiced out as he headed out of the spatial prison.

Hung Jo's body could be seen laying within the s.p.a.ce that was collapsing. It was unknown whether he was dead or alive but the moment the spatial prison collapsed completely, his body would be lost forever.

Gustav found himself within a building and could feel a strange energy in the air trying to suppress his bloodline.

"I can't believe he still managed to pull it off," Gustav voiced out with a surprised tone as he looked around.

("n.o.body expected him to have an extra bloodline disruptor installed in his father's industry,") The system responded.

The system seemed to have narrated everything that had happened during the time when he was unconscious.

Gustav couldn't believe that Hung Jo actually did it but instead of using the singularity, he wanted to hack into the world government security system and give the Mendologas access to earth so they wouldn't be restricted by anything.

The system had brought him to speed now on how everyone was powerless and lots of MBO officers who had lost their lives trying to end Yung Jo's ordeal.

Gustav looked to the left as he arrived at a conference room which had a gla.s.s wall on the left. He could see the part of Plankton City from here as well as two other buildings with similar appearances connected to each other with slanted pillars.

He noticed that these pillars also connected to the building he was currently in as well.

"The entire city looks like a ghost town," Gustav noticed the city looked lifeless without any vehicles moving around.

All he could see were the energy fields surrounding the building as well as the purplish beam shooting to the skies from the building in the middle.

There were also lots of MBO officers at the bottom as it seemed another round of trying to Infiltrate the building had started.

As Gustav spotted the corpses scattered all across the place below, a gut-wrenching feeling of anger began to rise within him.

"You never did tell me how Yung Jo Survived,"