The Bloodline System - Chapter 941: Bullying The Bully

Chapter 941: Bullying The Bully

Chapter 941: Bullying The Bully

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


The entire s.p.a.ce began to tremble after Hung Jo landed on his back and slid a few feet backwards.

Gustav began to walk toward Hung Jo while holding the rod out with the handle.

Hung Jo was about to pick himself up but Gustav charged forward and stomped on his chest.


Hung Jo was not strong enough to push Gustav's feet off his chest despite Gustav still being in a weakened state.

"Did you really think your dimensional prison is capable of sealing my bloodline? Pfft," Gustav laughed lightly after saying this and lowered the rod towards Hung Jo's neck.

"You monster! How? How?" Hung Jo kept asking with a look of fear as he coughed out blood.

"What did you think would happen? You'd come back from the dead and get your revenge? Remember you started it... I just finished it and yes you were already long dead and forgotten to me and to everyone too I'm sure of that," Gustav said as a smirk appeared on his face.

"No no I was not forgotten, my father did all he could to bring me back," Hung Jo voiced out with an aggravated tone as he wriggled underneath Gustav's feet.

"Oh believe me you were... Your poor father was just performing his obligation as a father and your brother tsk tsk Yung was just trying to get you out of the way so you wouldn't keep disturbing him. He doesn't actually give a d.a.m.n about you," Gustav voiced out.

"No my brother loves me! Shut up you lying tras.h.!.+" Hung Jo screamed out.

"Haha he knew I was responsible for turning you into a vegetable and what did he do? He asked me to become an ally and that he would help me climb to the highest rank. He said you were an idiot and tried to recruit me instead of avenging you..." Gustav smiled as he spoke while shaking his head in pity.

"Shut up! You're lying!" Hung Jo covered his ears as he yelled out.

He didn't want to listen to any more of Gustav's words.

[Mental Manipulation Has Been Activated]

"Do you remember Yuhiko? The same girl you were crus.h.i.+ng on so bad you beat me up every day because I asked her out?" Gustav began speaking and his words were also infiltrating Hung Jo's mind due to Mental Manipulation.

"Of course you remember... can't say the same for her though cos she asked me to become her boyfriend in camp about two years back," Gustav chuckled lightly as he got to this point.

"You had only been in a coma for like six months yet the girl you were doing all that tough man act for asked me to date her..."

At this point, Hung Jo's eyes were red and filled with tears. Gustav remained uncaring and moved the rod closer to his face.

"Poor little Hung so hung up on revenge, can't even get anything done right... Couldn't defeat me when I was weak and still can't even now that things were made easier for you,"

Gustav's words were breaking Hung Jo's mind as thoughts of negativity filled his head.

"You were definitely better off as a vegetable why did you come back? An irrelevant existence trying to give himself a little bit of relevance but on the bright side you..." Before Gustav could complete his sentence this time, the system interrupted.

("You might want to speed this up, I don't think you have time for this..") The system stated with a tone that depicted something was up.

'Why? I'm just getting started with him, what's wrong?' Gustav asked internally.

("Nothing much, just that Plankton City is on fire cos the earth is currently going through an invasion crisis,") The system responded sarcastically.

"What?" Gustav exclaimed out loud as he heard that.

("Yeah we gotta leave now, I'll give you the full gist of things,") The system added.

Gustav looked down to stare at Hung Jo again a little disappointed he wouldn't get to enjoy this like he wanted to. Who else gets the chance to bully their bully thrice in a lifetime?

"I'll be taking that bloodline... you don't need it anyways," Gustav voiced out as he flung the rod away and reached down.

"No! No! No!" Hung Jo screamed out in defiance as he tried ripping Gustav's hand off his neck but it was to no avail.


Gustav's fingers stabbed into Hung Jo's neck in the next instant causing him to scream out in pain as blood oozed down his neck.

[Requirement For Bloodline Acquisition Has Been Met]

[a.n.a.lysing B Grade Bloodline]




[a.n.a.lysis Complete]

[Does Host Wish To Acquire 'Spatial Construct Bloodline']




-Jo Technologies

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Within the one hundred and ninety-second floor, sounds of gun blasts could be heard.

One could tell that a fight was going down on that floor and it was intense.

Within a particular s.p.a.ce filled with all sorts of mechanical appliances, a group of five seemed to be going against multiple people in skin-tight black suits wearing masks.

This was Gradier Xanatus's team going against Hung Jo guards.

They had reached this far and were closing in on the area where the bloodline disruptor was located however they had been figured out.

Yung Jo currently knew of their presence in the tower and had sent out his guards to go after them and stop them.

Most of the CCTV had been disabled so they initially had no idea where they were currently until some of the guards stumbled into them on this part of the floor.

They were only five whereas Yung Jo's minions were over twelve but one of them recalled how others had been defeated on the lower floors and quickly called in, reporting on the general communication device about their current location.

At the moment, Gradier Xanatus and his subordinates were trying to fight their way forward and move to the next floor but it was proving difficult due to the numbers of the guards increasing by the minute.

"We might have to blast our way out of here," Gradier Xanatus voiced out as he squatted behind a metallic board protruding from the left side of the wall.