The Bloodline System - Chapter 940: Slowly Regaining Abilities

Chapter 940: Slowly Regaining Abilities

Chapter 940: Slowly Regaining Abilities

"If they ever come here we will be ready. For now, we strengthen our defences and leave the spatial gateways locked. No one goes in and out of the camp," Commander Cilia voiced out.


Meanwhile within an unknown s.p.a.ce...

"What took you so long?" Gustav voiced out with a smirk.

("I had to shut down for this long so you could heal faster,") The system responded in his mind.

'I was that drained huh?' Gustav questioned internally.

("Yeah... using Cohilia's power to devour the singularity without taking on the form you took back then in the dungeon really drained you...") The system explained.

'Hmm I still wonder how I took on that form...' Gustav remembered the sun-like form he took when he devoured Cohilia.

("...Besides the devouring power is now way more powerful... you would have devoured the entire... you know what? Never mind about that, we should get out of here,") The system stated.

Gustav's face shone a suspicious look as he heard that. He wanted to question the system about what it wanted to say earlier but he knew the system would most likely not tell him.

("Can you feel it?") The system asked.

'Yeah I can... already started feeling it from the moment that idiot began hitting me... my powers returning,' Gustav said internally as his eyes narrowed.

("Even if I didn't come back today, your powers would have returned anyways so you didn't need me,") The system voiced.

'What was all that he said about sealing my bloodline,' Gustav nearly laughed out loud as he recalled this.

("Yeah this dimension was supposed to seal your bloodline but he has no idea that it won't work with you. They were only gone temporarily,") The system clarified.

'Something happened while I was pa.s.sed out though...' Gustav said as his mind went back to where he found himself after he thought he regained consciousness.

'I was somewhere else... it felt so real...' Gustav wanted to explain but the system cut him short.

("Yeah, I saw it. I maybe have deactivated but I still witnessed that,") The system voiced.

'So what was that? If it wasn't a dream, how could I be unconscious and also be in another place?' Gustav asked.

("That's what happens when you mess with a singularity... s.p.a.ce and time were so chaotic within the singularity that it sent your consciousness to an unknown place but it sent your consciousness I'm physical form.

The blue girl saved your life by sending you back, if you had died there you would have died here too,") The system explained.

'That's crazy... where did it send my consciousness to?' Gustav sounded quite amazed as he voiced out.

He was curious as to who the blue girl was referring to but he knew it had something to do with the ominous dark cloud. Despite Gustav being normal he could sense that whoever that person was they were immensely powerful.

("I was deactivated at the time I have no idea where or when you were sent to,") The system responded.

'I guess that makes sense... It could have been anywhere... a different time or planet or even a different dimension altogether... hopefully such a situation never repeats itself,' Gustav didn't know why but he just had a nagging feeling at the back of his mind recalling the unknown place his consciousness was sent.

("Anyways let's get out of here,") The system voiced once more.

'Wait you haven't told me how Yung Jo survived... I broke the b.a.s.t.a.r.d's windpipe... I heard his heartbeat stop... how did he come back to life?' Gustav asked.

("That was because...") Before the system could explain a sound of separation echoed in this s.p.a.ce.


The wall on the south side opened up and Hung Jo could be seen walking through. This time he wasn't alone, there was a person dressed in a black body suit following beside him.

The person was pus.h.i.+ng a table-like tray with wheels in. There were all sorts of oddly shaped tools on them.

"Hehehe are you glad to see my collection? I gathered all this for you," Hung Jo voiced out as the tray was pushed to Gustav's left side.

"Oh, interesting collection..." Gustav said with a playful tone.

"Keep acting like you're not scared yet... I hope you like hot electrical metal running through your insides," Hung Jo voiced out as he grabbed hold of one of the tools.

It was like a rod with a handle. The small finger-sized rod was only about two inches long but the moment Hung Jo tapped on a b.u.t.ton by the side, it grew in length.

It reached a length of two feet and turned completely red as it made sizzling sounds.


Blue electric arcs ran across the rod and one could also feel immense heat radiating from it.

A creepy smile appeared on Hung Jo's face as he stood in front of Gustav and pointed it at his bare belly.

Just as he wanted to stab it forward...

"Wait!" Gustav suddenly yelled out.

"Hmm?" Hung Jo paused and stared at Gustav.

"Wouldn't you like to know how..?" Gustav voiced out with a mischievous grin.

"How what?" Hung Jo questioned.

"How I got out of your restraints," Gustav answered as he slowly brought his hands down.

Hung Jo's eyes widened in shock as he quickly tried to drive the rod forward through Gustav's gut.


Gustav grabbed hold of the sizzling hot and electrifying rod with his bare hands.

Hung Jo's face shone with more confusion as he tried pulling it away from Gustav's grasp.

At this same moment, the minion in the black body suit dived forward while swinging out a baton he had suddenly armed himself with.

Gustav pulled the rod from Hung Jo's grasp and swung it towards the side.


It slammed into the left cheek of the minion, sending him flying towards the side.

Hung Jo threw out a punch at the same time thinking Gustav was distracted with dealing with his guard.

Gustav's reaction speed was starting to return as he swung his leg forward.


His leg slammed into Hung Jo's chest before his fist could connect, sending him flying backwards.

The entire s.p.a.ce began to tremble after Hung Jo landed on his back and slid a few feet backwards.