The Bloodline System - Chapter 939: Gradier Xanatus's Team Pushes Forward

Chapter 939: Gradier Xanatus's Team Pushes Forward

Chapter 939: Gradier Xanatus's Team Pushes Forward

After lots of MBO officers' corpses had piled up in front of Jo technologies, Gradier Xanatus finally managed to sneak into Jo technologies with a team.

After a few more hours of climbing through this tube-like area, they arrived in front of a small panel like dead end which they blasted open.

They climbed up and arrived in the hallway of a particular floor within Jo technologies.

Luckily no one was here when the team of five climbed out so they kept advancing stealthily.

"Remember we stay hidden as we head forward. It will make things a whole lot harder if they find out we're here before we close in on where the disruptor is installed," Gradier Xanatus voiced out as a reddish glowing four feet long gun appeared in his hand.

"Yes Team leader," The others behind voiced out as they followed him.

They were three male MBO officers and one Female. They all looked fierce as they moved forward.

"Watch out for CCTV... use the Static reboot when you spot one," Gradier Xanatus voiced in a low tone as they arrived at a turning point.

Everyone paused here and moved to the sides of the wall, planting their backs against it as they peeked towards the left.

Gradier Xanatus brought out a small cylindrical device and threw it towards the hallway that led to the left.


Several blue lines of light shot out of the device, causing the guards who were walking around there to be alerted.

"Who's there?" One of them yelled out while trying to bring out a weapon.

However, he was too slow. Gradier Xanatus had already charged forward while aiming his weapon.


He pressed the trigger repeatedly firing out red laser lights. The guard had both his arms blasted off and Gradier Xanatus went on to slam the b.u.t.t of the gun into his chest.

The others also charged forward and engaged the rest of the guards. The last one who was about to send a distress signal was taken out by the lady on the team.

She swung out her gun-like spear which stretched forward over several feet and stabbed into the chest of the guard.


she pulled it back in the next instant and his heart which was also embedded in the tip was pulled out along with it, leaving a hole in the guard's chest.

They had managed to take care of the guards here and disrupted the feed of the CCTV with the device Gradier Xanatus threw out earlier so they were in the clear.

There was no room for hesitation or mercy here because that would screw things up for them so everyone was ready to kill whoever they came into contact with her.

Luckily the Bloodline Disruptor affected everyone so even Yung Jo guards who would originally be very powerful were just ordinary people like them now.

This was no small situation as the fate of the earth was resting on their shoulders.

It had only been about a day since the whole incident started but lots had already died and it had turned into a great emergency situation.

The most powerful Mixedblood, Jack was now just an ordinary man just like the rest. He was currently being kept safe in the MBO tower.


"I should be out there joining the battle," Jack voiced out as he stared at a gla.s.s wall within the MBO.

He could see the entire Plankton City from this particular view.

Behind him was a man dressed in a Silver MBO outfit. It was obvious that this man was a grand Commander but according to reports, no grand Commander had shown themselves since the incident began.

What they didn't know was under the surface, they were still the ones making the decisions.

"You're going to be needed to put an end to all this the instant they get rid of that bloodline disruptor," The man voiced out with a powerful tone from behind.

"They're dying like ants down there," Jack voiced out while turning around to stare at the man whose face was not revealed.

"They're dying for a cause. Whether you like it or not, thousands of them dying will never be close to having the same damage as your demise. You're way more valuable to earth than they will ever be so stay here and remain safe," He voiced out bluntly.

"But..." Jack still wanted to speak but the grand Commander whose face was not revealed spoke once more.

"No buts. That's an order... prepare yourself to end this soon, we're already receiving reports from the team that Infiltrated," After he said this, his holographic projection disappeared.

Jack sighed after the call ended and turned around to stare at the city once more.

"I hope you're alright kid," Jack voiced underneath his breath.

He was just as worried as Gradier Xanatus but he was considered too valuable to be thrown into a battle with the situation of the world.


-The MBO Camp

Within a hall, the instructors were having a meeting with Commander Cilia.

"Is there any need for us to be worried?" Instructor Briant questioned.

"Even if we are, it's not our fight. We're not involved and we have to make sure we never are for the sake of the kids here," Commander Cilia voiced out.

"It might end up becoming our fight if earth loses," Instructor Mag said while crossing her arms with a slightly troubled look.

"Till then, let's make sure we keep the information away from them. We don't want to raise unnecessary panic... and if earth loses the fight, is there any better place for the last defence besides here?" Commander Cilia voiced with a solemn tone.

"Good point, after all, we still have our bloodlines here," Instructor Kora voiced out next and the other instructors nodded in agreement.

The MBO Camp was located in an in-between dimension so it wasn't affected by Yung Jo's bloodline disruptors.

The cadets were unaware of what was happening in the real world since they still had their bloodlines here and the instructors had agreed to keep the information from them.