The Bloodline System - Chapter 938: The Situation Of The World

Chapter 938: The Situation Of The World

Chapter 938: The Situation Of The World

Within a floor on the MBO tower, officers were gathered together as large screens popped up in the air.

"A team has managed to successfully Infiltrate, we can only hope they achieve good results," A Grand General stood on the podium and voiced out.

"Meanwhile we will try attacking the Jo technologies buildings a few more times to erase any form of suspicion so the officers that infiltrated will be able to do their jobs properly and successfully complete the mission.

I ask that you all risk your lives once more to protect our planet from invasion!

Even if death comes our Children, our spouses and our loved ones as a whole will be safe after the mission is complete!" He voiced out with a strong tone causing the MBO officers to yell out in agreement.

They sounded fired up as the grand general voiced this.

"We may be powerless at the moment but it is this moment that we can truly prove just how powerful we are!" After saying this he got off the podium and carried a gun too.

Everyone was ready to head out there once more as they held their guns as well, awaiting the command.

"Sir, the grand commanders have sent word that more Mechs are on the way along with fifty thousand troops," An officer voiced out after the grand general got off the podium.

"Good, we need as much power as we can gather. Tell them to make sure their jets don't come close to Hung Technologies or they will be blasted down," He instructed.

The MBO officer nodded and ran off.

'Now it's just a matter of time... He must not take over the world government defensive systems before the team gets there,' He said Internally with a look of urgency.


"Be careful, there are tons of defensive systems active so we have to tread softly till we arrive on the last floor," Gradier Xanatus voiced out to a group climbing through a tube-like s.p.a.ce with him.

"Yes Team leader," They said with low voices as they followed after him.

There were about four other MBO officers behind Gradier Xanatus and currently they were within the second Jo technology building. The one precisely in the middle.

Gradier Xanatus had a focused gaze as he climbed through this tube-like structure.

"This would have been way easier if we had our bloodlines," One of them below complained as he climbed.

"As you can see we don't have our bloodlines so suck it up and move," The other officer beneath stated.

It turned out no MBO officer had their abilities which were why they were getting dropped like flies earlier.

Something crazy had happened during the five days Gustav was MIA.

Gradier Xanatus had tried looking for Gustav and even employing the help of the most powerful Mixedblood as well as using the MBO life sign tracking.

All this had proved to be abortive and Gradier Xanatus had no option but to report to the higher-ups that Yung Jo was up to something.

He mentioned what he had done with Gustav earlier but he couldn't give full details of what was happening because Gustav didn't tell him much of anything.

The higher-ups scrubbed the matter to the side because Gradier Xanatus did not have enough information and also didn't have any proof that Yung Jo was involved.

However, they did send search parties after Gustav. It would be a shame for someone with such talent to be missing forever.

It wasn't until days later that Gradier Xanatus found a message in Scientist Merkil's apartment where Gustav had listed the names of the other scientists involved in creating the other bloodline disruptors.

Initially, when Gradier Xanatus headed there, he left instantly after sensing there was no one in the apartment since he was urgently trying to find Gustav.

He didn't do a thorough check of the apartment which was why he didn't see the message earlier.

After he saw the list, he gathered a team to go after the scientists and luckily every one of them was caught and forced to confess their collaboration with Yung Jo and some of his plans that they were aware of.

This was more than enough proof for Gradier Xanatus to use but it was too late. There was something Gustav and Gradier Xanatus didn't know...

Yung Jo had an extra bloodline disruptor installed in the Jo technologies building.

For the entire earth to be stripped of its bloodline, four disruptors had to be activated at the same. However, with them getting rid of the one within the MBO tower they had practically ruined the chances of making things work out as planned for Yung Jo but no one knew Yung Jo had an extra bloodline disruptor.

By the time Gradier Xanatus was uncovering this, Gustav had already been missing for four days. Revealing all of Yung Jo's plans and showing pieces of evidence to the higher-ups also came late as Yung Jo was already activating his backup plan.

When troops were sent to apprehend Yung Jo and get rid of the other bloodline disruptors, he activated all four of them.

The entirety of Mixedbloods on earth instantly lost the link to their bloodlines. Both powerful and weak were at the mercy of the bloodline disruptor.

They thought destroying one of the disruptors would help in fixing the situation but they were wrong. Even after destroying all three planted in the other locations, they didn't regain the link to their bloodlines.

The last one left to destroy was the one in Jo technologies. However, it was practically impossible to get to.

There was a forcefield covering the entirety of the structure and high-level defence systems. Aircraft would be blasted down upon entering a particular proximity and the troops would be shot down by the beams they had encountered in the earlier confrontation.

This made getting there impossible without their abilities since the technology was way more high grade than what the MBO could handle.

They believed the link to their bloodlines would return once they managed to destroy Jo technology buildings.

However, even after bombarding it with all sorts of destructiveness, it had proven to be impenetrable.

The entire Plankton City had been evacuated after this incident began and it had brought about a worldwide panic.

The world had never experienced something like this before so the world government was practically on fire. They had issued a worldwide state of emergency for everyone to remain indoors till the whole issue was settled.

MBO troops in the tens of thousands were being deployed to Plankton City to help.

Gradier Xanatus also had reason to believe Gustav was being held in Jo technologies and could only hope he was still alive.

Yung Jo's plans had been revealed so it was known that he was trying to hack into the government network defence system and leave a hole in the forcefield surrounding earth so the aliens he was working with could get in.

There were reports of some s.p.a.cecraft hovering over the earth so they knew the moment Yung Jo succeed it would practically spell invasion without the MBO being able to battle with their bloodlines.

After lots of MBO officers' corpses had piled up in front of Jo technologies, Gradier Xanatus finally managed to sneak into Jo technologies with a team.